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  1. ddflinn

    4 months post op ..Infection?

    well now that i'm not on pain meds. I'm starting to put things together. The first week of December I kept screwing up everytime I ate . I would eat white chicken and rice vomit. white chicken and noodles vomit. hard boiled egg vomit. And each time this happened I would fill pressure at my port site. My port scar became red, hot, swollen , peeling shortly after. Now Dr. Billy says it was a stitch with a knot that pulled through to my stomach. acting like a candle wick and gastric fluids built up at the port site. I wonder if I am to blame for my condition. If so , I hope it's not that easy to mess up this bad. Surgery weight 247 Now 204 Lapband placed 8/26/05 Dr Lopez Corvala Mexico 1st fill 9/30/05 1.6cc port removed 1/6/06 Dr. Billy Ventura
  2. ddflinn

    Port infection!!

    I was banded 8/26/05 by Dr. Juan Antonio Lopez Corvala:dead starting weight 247:p now as of 1/9/06 205;-) lbs lost.doc
  3. ddflinn

    Port infection!!

    well I saw my mexico Dr. a week ago and he said I did not have an infected port but prescribed antibiotics.(huh) I did not believe him because of the post I have read here on this website. So i drove for 3 hours to see Dr Billy of Ventura ( no San Diego Drs. will see mexico patients). He looked at my stomach and sent me to emergency right away. Dr Billy used a camera to see inside my stomach and found that a suture with a knot had pulled threw the lining of my stomach and pulled gastric fluid into my abdomen. at the portsite there was a softball size void filled with gastric fluids(smelly stuff). So my port is gone along with my fill ,but I have my band. Dr Billy wants me to make better food choices and continue to lose they weight. That's my plan.1200 calories only.:Bunny
  4. <p>if port infection symptoms are redness and heat can they go away? i had these symptoms for 2 weeks on my port site scar. the day i went to my doctor they were gone. he prescribed 750mg Elquine 1 pill 7 days. he said i had trama to the area and fluid built up.(gym equipment caused a bruise 3 weeks ago). i still have some itching in that area. should i seek a second opinion or i'm i freaked out by the other stories i've read.</p>
  5. Of course today my redness at my port scar is gone.because my appointment to see the doctor is today. well i made myself sound like a hysterical woman this week when i called my doctor with what i thought was a port infection. i had redness and swelling just above my port at the port site scar. i had bruised my portsite about 3 weeks ago on exercise equipment and the this all started a week later. i was looking quite infected (no open wound) for 2 weeks straight an the the day i see him nothing. im glad it looks ok but if there is something really wrong he wasn't going to admit it to me. i got antibotics that cost $76.00 for 7 pills. and i go back in 2 weeks. then he re-eval and poss. fill.
  6. i was banded by Dr. Jose Corvala in Tj Mexico 8/26/05. everthing seemed fine i lost 37lbs with hard work and exercise. now the port site scar has turned red and hot. Dr. Corvala wants to see me this week on Fri. I'm worried he will say it's nothing but really i feel it is something. i read one of the other bandster had this problem and it was a port infection that had to be removed. did i mention she had the same Dr. as me. well i will see how it goes. i have been feeling depressed worried about this. i don't think my weight loss would have been as good without my band nor would i have kept up for this long (4 months). pray for me
  7. ddflinn

    First Fill? 2.7cc

    i had my first fill 1 month after band placed. 1.9 was put in at first and i almost passed out the we finshed at 1.6cc. i'm ready for my 2nd fill now. it has been 4 months today. lost 37lbs. hard work on my part exercising alot and taking supplements.
  8. ddflinn

    my symptoms

    i had my lap band placed by the same dr. it has been 4 months today. i lost 40lbs but have hit a plateau. i'm having pain and minor swelling at the port site with redness where my scar is. i have been rubbing the area with vitamin E to stop the flaking of my skin down. does this sound like any of your symtems? i did have redness and swelling of the port about a month after the surgery for about a week.when i went back for my fill at that time of course there was no sign of redness and they said my body was just trying to get used to the foreign object. now with it happening again i'm trying not to worry but i don't want ignore something potentially bad.

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