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  1. roleypoley

    Im exhausted 11 days post-op need advice

    i had that problem as well...instead of letting it get really bad and possibly ending up at hospital i got myself a myers cocktail iv. there are places everywhere nowadays that do it for a reasonable price and even come to your home and do it right there. felt so much better after. getting one of those now every 4 weeks and it makes all the difference to me
  2. https://bmoreorganic.com/
  3. roleypoley

    I am SO tired of sweet things!

    I started hating all the sweet stuff/shakes pretty much right after surgery. 9 weeks out now and also wanted more savory from the get go. still having a hard time with most animal protein( slimies) , but what i found i tolerate well from about 4 weeks out was scallops and shrimp. edamame are a real life saver, and great to get protein in. also lean cuisine has a high protein ravioli dish that i tolerate very well. also you can find all kinds of protein chips on amazon at a good price.
  4. I hate the protein shakes. all of them , too sweet and chalky. just gross...luckily i found these at the local grocety store which is more like flavored buttermilk . a lil sweet but mainly tart. plus 25- 30 g of protein per bottle. costly yes but then again i barely eat..so whatever i have no problems drinking 2 of those a day had my surgery june 25, ,today down 23 pound since surgery so i think they work https://bmoreorganic.com/
  5. roleypoley

    Best way to introduce eggs into the diet

    Thanks, the eggs still work fine however i have a huge problem now with any animal protein besides dairy and eggs it seems. i can do some seafood though
  6. I hate the shakes with a passion...can't do em anymore at all....but luckily i found those.... pricey but well worth it to me. i like the vanilla and strawberry best https://bmoreorganic.com/
  7. roleypoley

    Best way to introduce eggs into the diet

    I'm 3.5 weeks post op and i find poached eggs work the best for me.
  8. roleypoley

    Scheduled for sleeve July 10th may back out

    You're very welcome. Go easy on the shopping prior to surgery though..i stocked up a lot and can't stand the taste of the shakes now after surgery.. a lot of things taste different. shakes are now chalky and way too sweet. The one thing that tastes and feels good is bonebroth. And from what i understand it also helps with the healing and is high in protein
  9. roleypoley

    Scheduled for sleeve July 10th may back out

    I had my vsg on june 25th and zero complications. The first week is rough from a soreness point of view but i pretty much feel back to normal. my only regret is not doing this years ago
  10. roleypoley


    i bought mine shortly before surgery and used him for the first time today. Best purchase i made in a long time
  11. roleypoley

    June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!

    i do get nausea sometimes , found that emetrol helps that fast, over counter at cvs
  12. roleypoley

    June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!

    I'm one week post op now, and down a whopping 12 pound, i'm drinking enough and getting enough protein in, is this normal?
  13. So, i'm having a really hard time with these protein shakes..everything is just too damn sweet/ tastes wrong... this evening i went to wholefoods and grabbed myself a bunch of those organic babyfood pouches they sell...found a good amount that is low sugar/carb had the organic pumpkin and spinach puree, watered down with some low fat buttermilk and added a scoop of unflavored protein powder it worked fine and i had zero issues after was careful though and ate it in 2 sittings
  14. roleypoley

    One Month Post Op-Is it just me?

    I just got sleeved on monday 25th. still pretty sore but doing alright otherwise. i'm having issues with the protein shakes / most beverages now as well, everything just tastes too sweet and somehow off. however luckily, through experimenting i found this beverage, it goes down very well for me, and today i actually managed to hit the 64 oz by basically constantly sipping.i like the cucumber kiwi, dark cherry and the watermelon raspberry best. also bone broth and campells soup, watered down and strained works quite well. https://www.amazon.com/WANU-Water-Nutrient-Infused-Strawberry-Watermelon/dp/B00V0XPNJE/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1530285747&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=wanu%2Bwater&th=1
  15. roleypoley

    June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!

    Had surgery this morning. Slept most of the day, now awake and doing some work on computer. Morphium pump made feel queasy/drowsy, much better now after toradol and anti nausea med injection feel pretty ok actually

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