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  1. After a week of keeping my mind on the goal, I got down from 196.2lbs to 193.9lbs. I am soo happy. I have not words to describe it. It gave my a renewed hope that I can come down a bit more. I personally don't like being so close to the 200lbs because it is soo easy to get back up to that amount. 

    This weekend, I spent time looking at my older workout videos and that the one that gets me is the pull up. My first time, I did 3 and 1/2. I struggled soo much to do that. Then the next week, I was doing 6 and I was not struggling as much. It just reminded how far I had come.

    Sometimes we focus on the finish line soo much, we do not take time to look back and see how far we have come from the starting line. I have come to the conclusion that I may not get to my weight goal due to my love of weight lifting and strength training but I will take being able to do a pull up and one day hopefully as push up any time. 

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    2. Sleeve1stFitNext


      @karen_marie Thank you. I wanted to be around the 150lbs with muscle but the build of my body allows a lot more muscle. I have packed on soo much of it. My coworker who has been weight training since his early 20's says I annoy him because I can easily gain muscle but he has to struggle to gain. I advised him that while I can gain muscle easier, he burns fat extremely quickly. So we are both **** out of luck lol.

      I am sure you will be able to do more than just one pull up down the road.

    3. Sleeve1stFitNext


      @Newme17 It has taken awhile for me to get used to the whole sculpting the body then losing the weight on the scale. I am just happy that changes are happening. Although they maybe slow, it has been a fun journey and I want to be strong.

    4. Newme17


      It’ll pay off!! 😁