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  1. So the ex-bf is completely out of the picture. I could not handle the uncertainty of his behaviors. One day he likes the way I dressed, the next day I was begging for attention. Once he started with the insecurities, I had to let it go. Truthfully, it did not hurt me as much as I thought it would. And that is because I had falling in love with someone else. 

    I fell in love with a woman. She is the most funny, beautiful and caring person I have ever met. She is strong, confident and dorky at the same time. She is everything I ever wanted in a person and she is ME!! I FELL IN LOVE with MYSELF again. I forgot the person I used to be and went searching for her and I found her. I never want to lose her again. If that meant giving up someone else for the sack of myself, then I would do what is necessary to keep me as a I am.

    I guess sometimes you have to be selfish. I cannot sacrifice my success to make someone else fell secure in themselves. I cannot sacrifice my peace of mind to give some one a peace of mind. I just could not keep living my life through other peoples wants, hopes and desires. I want to live my life for me. I have wants, hopes and desires and I plan on making them happen. 

    "Like a Phoenix, out of the Ashes comes NEW LIFE!"


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    2. Apple1


      Amazing transformation!!

      As women we tend to take care of others and always place our needs and wants last. That only works for so long and then we get to the point where we have nothing left to give. I am preaching to myself here as much as any one else.

      You keep on loving yourself girl!!

    3. Sleeve1stFitNext


      Thank you everyone. I used to put everything aside for my significant others and now I have not patience for it. I have been living in a shell of myself and as I slowly break out of it, I want more independence and I want to spend more time with myself. I want to buy nicer things. I now have pride in myself more than ever and I cannot bottle that up for anyone.

    4. MSinger


      This is beautiful! :455_rosette:

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