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    WLS and TKR

    I had an ORIF in 2016 and WLS in 2017. I can admit without a doubt. My ankle does not hurt since losing most of the weight. However, I have noticed that as I increase my running, my ankle is starting to hurt more but its an ache. Like an ache you feel from a good workout. Try doing exercises that are less stress on your joint. I did not start running until I had strengthened my ankle and was below the 200's.
  2. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Hottest social scene in town...

    Omg!!! This is too much. I love it. I once ran into a man at the Whole Foods. We were in the Fruit Aisle. I was looking for a platter of the best picked assorted, exotic fruit they had to offer. I found that platter and I reached out ever so gently to retrieve it. Our hands touched and for a second we stared deeply into each other eyes. A look of longing, as we both desired those delicious fruits. For a moment we could not look away. Then some chick came she took the damn fruit. Oh it was about to go down. She almost caught all my hands . but I let it slide as the employee brought out a freshly made platter.
  3. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Where are my 5ft tall peeps at?

    I have packed on a lot of muscle over the months of training. I have stopped trying to be in the 140's. I am going for strong now. I love how my body looks currently and I am focusing on the inches. I just cannot wait to have the fat removed from stomach because that baby is not trying to go anywhere and I am sure I have at least one Ab underneath it lol. HW: 278 SW: 244 GW: 180 I hope everyone reaches their goals.
  4. Sleeve1stFitNext

    A Good Insurance?

    Honestly, it all depends on your insurance plan, state and benefits. Some plans are relaxed and easy while others are strict and difficult. I have United Healthcare through my Job in NYC. Due to my employer, my plan is very easy to navigate and what is covered. I do not have any issues with them and getting approval for any type of surgery. Actually I reached out (just to see the process) for a Panniculectomy and received pre-approval. I do not have a weight goal that I have to reach. I just have to wait 6 months from my surgery date to get it. I call them all the time to inquire about information and they are always so kind and compassionate to me.
  5. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Eating a ton pre-surgery

    You need to stop this behavior immediately. This can affect you getting your surgery. If there is too much fat around your liver, your surgery will be post-oped for a later date. Lets be honest, we all have done our food funeral. I did mines the day before I started my 2 week liquid diet. I ate Burger King, Red Lobster, Applebees. Then I went at it on my diet. I think you should really buckle down now and get serious.
  6. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Regain while traveling for work

    If your hotel has a gym or a pool. I would suggest increasing your cardio.
  7. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Getting there!

    Congratulation!!! Keep it going. I love naked burritos.
  8. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Time off work

    I took off from work for 10 days.
  9. Idk what happened yesterday. It was just an odd day for me. I stayed home and only ate Oreos. I ate 24 of them. Just Oreos. 1,280 calories worth. Idk why I did it. I was not stressed, upset or even sad. It was like an anomaly. I can’t explain it. The crazy thing is, I am not stressing it. I meal prepped healthy for the week and do not have any desire for any more junk food. Has anyone had this happen?

  10. Sleeve1stFitNext


    You are correct. It is the same steps that are were taken when getting the sleeve.
  11. I have experienced this. I lost a lot of weight in my face, breast, and stomach at first. Now I am focusing on toning and lifting. I had a saggy a$$ at first but after months of training, I got myself a little lift. I keep losing in my face though. I am hoping to keep my cute cheeks still but my dimples are coming back.
  12. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Foods that make you feel full

    Everything that is high in fiber and protein, make me feel full quickly and immediately. Anything with high amounts of carbs, I can suck down like air. So I try to stay away from high carb items.
  13. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Just for fun

    I am with you. I would have to be 7 feet for my starting weight to match my height.
  14. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Insurance coverage changing on last month of diet.

    So your plan has a $500 deductible and 10% co-insurance and you use $25,000 in services, you'll pay the $500 plus 10% of the remaining $24,500, up to your out-of-pocket maximum. You should not owe them any additional. So you should be paying $2,500 max out of pocket. Your surgical co-pay should be included in your out-of-pocket maximum. However, you should contact your insurance company as they may have different rules regarding this part of your medical. My insurance did not have a surgical co-pay. I have a $500 deductible with a $2,000 out-of-pocket maximum.
  15. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Women** 290lbs 5'0 SHARE photos

    Thank you. I have stopped worrying about the scale and just about getting stronger. My trouble areas are my stomach and back. I workout hard. I have a lot of fat in my tummy. So here is a side view. I like people to see my whole body.
  16. Me and the 190's have been playing hopscotch for the last few months. I am like damn can I get some stability, please.
  17. Sleeve1stFitNext

    I hate eating out now!

    Listen, there is nothing wrong with ordering from the kid's menu. I go full out with the Apple Juice and Apple Slices. I have no shame. My friends crack up. They love it. Then I will keep my fork moving and have a full-blown conversation. By the end of the night, no one would have realized that I did not finish my meal.
  18. Sleeve1stFitNext

    I hate eating out now!

    Oh this is some BS. You mean to tell me that I could have avoided all that damn small talk and extra tip money by dropping this baby on the table? SMH
  19. Sleeve1stFitNext

    I hate eating out now!

    Oh wow. WTH!! I never heard of this card. Well, I was allowed to purchase from the kid's menu because I was adorable. Applebees and Red Lobster waiters/waitress would allow me and I would just give them a side tip. I did not care. Then they would ask questions for their family members and I would answer every one of them.
  20. Not a problem. I had a date prior to my authorization.
  21. It happens when the surgeon is confident that you will be approved. Also, surgeons need to have your information passed on so that the anesthesiologist and nurses can make a plan for your surgery.
  22. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Women** 290lbs 5'0 SHARE photos

    278lbs in August of 2016 my first Bariatric Appt. 260lbs in March of 2017 starting my 2-week pre-op diet. 189lbs in February of 2018. I all almost 16 months. I had huge stalls due to gaining muscle from weight lifting.
  23. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Women** 290lbs 5'0 SHARE photos

    The left is me at 278lbs 5’3. The right is me at 189lbs.
  24. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Unsupportive spouse

    Oh well damn. That just hurt my feelings. Honestly, I think he may be dealing with some issues regarding your smaller frame. He isn’t used to you being smaller so he is acting out in either jealous, insecurity or both. I am sorry you have to hear that but if losing the weight makes you happy, that’s all the matter. Sometimes we have to cut the dead root to really blossom.
  25. I wish I would have taken more before pictures and measured my inches. Those are the only 2 things I can think of. Other than that, I was okay.