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  1. From the album: 9-Month Post Op

    My first out of the year. 10-Month Post Op still going strong,
  2. From the album: 9-Month Post Op

    My first out of the year. 10-Month Post Op still going strong,
  3. Sleeve1stFitNext

    First workout of the Year

    From the album: 9-Month Post Op

    My first out of the year. 10-Month Post Op still going strong,
  4. Happy New Year!!! Just remember how far you have come. I hope to have another great year with all of you and watching everyone reach their goals. 

    As a reminder, it is not how fast that you finish the race but that you finished it. Let's keep this going into 2018!!!

    From 2016 me and beyond!!!


    1. Sleeve1stFitNext


      Happy New Years!!!

    2. jls99660


      Wow - you look wonderful! Congratulations!

    3. Sleeve1stFitNext


      @jls99660 Thank you very much!! Hope to see your progress as well.

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  5. The left was me just doing cardio. I was losing weight and was down to 189 lbs in this picture. The right is mainly weight lifting and HIIT. In this picture I weigh 195 lbs. I have come to the conclusion that I may not reach my weight goal but I am definitely reaching my body goals.


    1. Sleeve1stFitNext


      @Newme17 Thank you!!! I had to fight the urge to over indulge. Thanks to the gym, it did not affect me too much.

    2. Sleeve1stFitNext


      @FluffyChix Keep up the good work with doing your PT. It took over a year to get back mobility in the my ankle. Unfortunately, I will never have full mobility but I am 80% there and that is okay. Using their gym works because you have trained and certified staff members.

    3. Newme17


      I didn’t pay any attention to my diet over the holidays, nor have I worked out and I managed to lose about 5lbs. I’m still not paying too close (strict) attention, but I will be working out again once the kiddos are back in school. So, I’m quite sure, I’ll see a fluctuated scale number (if I actually checked). My goal, change my physique. I’ve gotten a bit jelly here. Lol you posting your pics is inspiring to me. I love seeing the transformation. I will do the same in the near future and hopefully it’ll help someone else out.

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  6. So I had a Kanye West moment recently. I went off on a rant. I got my scale it said that I had gained 8lbs in 1 day. How Sway!! How!!

    I finally got the courage to video myself doing a workout. I am proud. 



    1. Sleeve1stFitNext


      FYI please excuse the language in my post. I was very upset that day and my feelings was really hurt.

      *Also it was in one week...not one day!!

    2. Sosewsue61


      Muscles holding onto water....but yeah that would be a ****** to see on the scale!!! Drink some milk right after your workout, and maybe part of a protein shake and up your water.

    3. Newme17


      Not cool, but it’s not fat. So be encouraged that an 8lb gain in one week is most likely water, unless you decided to eat 5 cheesecakes all week long. 😊 it’ll come off as fast as it went on.

  7. Ya'll I took the sexist selfie at the gym yesterday. I messed around and cat-fished myself lol. I was like damn girl I would date all of that lol. Picture had me forgetting about my loose skin and that was amazing. I never thought I would have the confidence to take a picture like this or ever thought I would look like this. My body is coming together nicely. I will take loose skin and smile over being obese and unhealthy any day!!


    IMG-0253 (1).JPG

    1. Sleeve1stFitNext


      Thank you both. I feel really strong and sexy. It is days like these that make me push forward when I do not have the motivation.

    2. FluffyChix


      You go girl! And while you're going, don't forget to stop by either the Mars and Venus colliding board or the Girls Room to open a new post discussing your sexiness. :D We need a new thread about how great this surgery is on our self esteem and libido. :D bahahahahaha! Not being salacious. Just begging for new material to read that catches fire and goes for 58 pages. Those kinds of threads always bring in a crowd. :460_circus_tent:

    3. Newme17


      Oh yeah...meow! Lol. You are looking pretty good hon. Good job in keeping it going!

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  8. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Toning Legs

    I prefer free weights. I feel like keeping myself stable while trying to hold the weights, leaves me with a better workout feel. I have attached my leg training below. I would say to start off with lighter weights and slowly increase. I started off with these weights because I was doing HIIT prior to this to gain the muscle memory. Each week try increasing the weight by 2.5 - 5 lbs. I hope this helps and gives you some ideas. Note the weekly increase for myself: Week 1 Week 2 Goblet Squats: 25 lbs 30 lbs Walking Lunges: 10 lbs (5e) 15 lbs (7.5e) Leg Press: 90 lbs (45e Side) 100 lbs (50e Side) Reverse Lunges: 10 lbs 15 lbs Cable Abduction: 5 lbs 10 lbs Remember to take your time and slowly increase the weights.
  9. Some before and afters. 



    1. Apple1


      Big change! You are looking great!!!

    2. Newme17


      Wow!!! Amazing. 😉

  10. Sleeve1stFitNext

    post op sweats

    Have you both tried checking your temperature? I we sent home with the breathing machine and a thermometer to check my temperature twice a day for the first 2 weeks to ensure that I didn’t get a fever or infection.
  11. Sleeve1stFitNext


    Leaks are rare. I have met many people with the sleeve and they have never had a leak. As long as your surgeon has great stats, you will be fine.
  12. I cannot tolerate bread. Past and rice has been to be in small amount (1/4 cup)
  13. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Lost of weight

    Congratulations!!! That is wonderful, keep up the good work.
  14. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Post op complications

    Thank you very much. Lol I am still on the fact that I am going to buy more bras. That pain really changed my idea of surgery across the board. I still remember the pain and the sleepless nights. I use that as a reminder every time I might fall off of the wagon. My heart is like, "You better put those donuts down!! Gurl do you not remember the pain you went through? Oh well let me remind you." (cramps in stomach immediately). I know that it is hard to get through the first month. The first month is always the toughest. I had pain in my stomach, back and legs whenever I walked. The first week out, I almost licked a Donut. I at the following: 1 - Red lobster commercial 2 - Applebees commercials (I LOVE APPLEBEES) 4 - Taco Bell commercials (I used to live for Taco Bell) 8 - Burger King commercials (Let's just say the delivery guy knew me on a first name basis) The second week, I had to be put on fluids because I was dehydrated. I had to buy baby food (bananas) because I was lacking potassium. I was miserable but looking back at it. I would do it again to have the ability to do what I do now.
  15. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Post op complications

    I understand the regret stage. I made a video on it. I just had to get how I was feeling out then. Being 8 months out, I would not take it back for anything. I love how active I am now. Its the first month but it gets easier. Things do get better.
  16. Sleeve1stFitNext


    Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, GNC, BJ’s. I shop all over because each store offers something that the other may not. Also I try a lot of new and different recipes, so I like seeing who has the best fruits and vegetables. I also buy my meat from a Butcher and Fish from the Market.
  17. Sleeve1stFitNext

    3 days out and hungry

    Try increasing your protein shakes from 1 to 2. Also try increasing your water. I noticed that when I drink more water, I am less hungry.
  18. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Tired of the stall

    It happens. The stalls suck but they pass. I had to increase my calorie intake by 100 calories and continue to exercising but increasing the intensity. I was fluctuating between 196 and 194 for 1 month. This month already I am down to 192. I currently intake 1,000 calories a day with an additional 100 - 200 calories on HIIT and weight lifting days.
  19. It has been awhile since my last status update. Sorry. I have been busy with work and working out. I am now up to 6 days a week. 2 Cardio Days, 1 extremely light cardio day, 2 strength training days and 1 HIIT day. 

    I know it seems like a lot however, my light cardio day is just me riding a bike around without trying to break a sweat lol. 

    Sunday: Light Cardio (Ride Bike to Work)

    Monday: Strength Training - Lower Body & Core

    Tuesday: Cardio - 30/30 Medium Intensity 

    Wednesday: Strength Training - Upper Body & Core

    Thursday: 30/30 Medium Intensity

    Friday: HIIT

    Saturday: Rest

    I have made some smalls workout gains. I can do lunges with 10lbs weights in each hand. I am do reverse lunges with bar using 20lbs of weight. I can leg press 90lbs (which is shocking. I thought since I was heavier and my legs had to move more weight, I would be able to leg press more weight<_<). I can do squats with 25lbs now. 

    My booty is lifting and firming up too!!!



    1. Sleeve1stFitNext


      @Berry78 Thank you very much.

    2. Sleeve1stFitNext


      @Newme17 Lol I hope so. I my goal is adding more weight to my workouts each week. I want to get progressively better and I do not want to get comfortable with my workouts.

      We all have that phase when we do not want to go to the gym. We are either way too busy, tired or just burnt out. I usually take a 2 day break and then go back at it again.

      I will post as a reminder but I do not think your slacking. I your tired. You have a lot to take care of and some times you need a break. Also, you are working out by doing the challenge. That still counts.

    3. Newme17


      I am tired and stressed about some other things. That’s probably why I should get my butt in gear and work out my stress. Lol. Thanks for your words...I guess I’m quite normal then. 😁 The squats are keeping me sane for now. Haha!

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  20. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Need typical day menu

    These are two hours between. Within that two hours, I was focusing on liquids.
  21. Sleeve1stFitNext

    What are your purée faves ?

    Panera Bread's broccoli cheddar soup.
  22. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Surgery t-minus 5 hrs

    @chica320 First thing. Good luck!! Second, do not worry about Aunt Flo. She does not affect your surgery. She may make the recovery a little bit more uncomfortable but hey!! That is what pain killers are for.
  23. It is only during that time of the month to do I crave or even have an appetite. Most times, I am having to remember if I ate or not.
  24. Sleeve1stFitNext


    Congratulations and Good luck!!!