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  1. I have 5 incisions and compared to my loose skin, it is nothing. Once I have my stomach fixed, I may be left with just 2 or 3. I have no complaints here.
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    From the album: 11-Month Post Op

    Gave my back sweat a smiley face 😊. Isn’t she adorable? Her name is Sweatie. Lol, I am annoying. Lol
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    From the album: 11-Month Post Op

    I am finally moving on the scale again. Increased the cardio with my weight lifting.
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    Working on my Abs All Month

    From the album: 11-Month Post Op

    Keeping it up with my Abs month workout. 2/5/2018 - 2/15/2018
  5. Gave my back sweat a smiley face 😊. Isn’t she adorable? Her name is Sweatie. Lol, I am annoying. Lol

    I got back down to 189.6 lbs. I have increased my cardio with weight lifting, as well as consistently worked on my Abs. 




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      Lol, I use sweet sweat and a neoprene to help me sweat. I honestly have a hard time sweating to it makes my tummy pour down. That's where I hold most of my water and feel bloated.

      Since upping my cardio, the weight has been coming down. I think the key for me is equilibrium lol. That is the the key to everything. Also my diet has equaled out. I have no more than 40g of carbs with 120g of Protein. Limiting the fats a bit to no more than 20g. Also increasing my water intake by another 10 oz getting me up to 74 oz. This has been working and I see and feel the change.

      Yayy for being strong.

    2. Newme17


      Never had an issue of not sweating! Lol. Yes, I’m glad you upped your water intake for using the sweat gear. I’m glad it’s all working out for you too!

      Soooo....weights are on hold. Goodness even holding my phone is hurting. I slipped and fell on a grape at the grocery store! Hahahaha. Lol. It was quite comical. I can even hear the cartoon like noise when I went down. Well I tried catching myself and landed on my left hand. Feels sprained. I had it documented with the store as well, for the just in case. But I think it’ll blow over in a day or two, I hope!!! So, just cardio for me. My doc will be happy about that part...wants me to focus on cardio more. Haha.

      I was a victim but I choose to not stay the victim!!! What a glorious day!!! 😊

      ...some guy ran in to my car yesterday as well. Haha. My house alarm goes off and have to dispatch the police, all at the same time!!!! What chaos...but it’s all good. Funny too.

    3. Sleeve1stFitNext


      I hope your wrist gets better. While I was reading your post, I couldn’t help but imagine the fall and the cartoon sound. I would hold off on weights for a little too.

      Nope there are no victims here. Just strong people reclaiming their lives each and everyday.

      You had such an eventful week. Oh man, someone hit your car, police get called. I am sure you were like what else could possibly happen. Whop Whop!! PoPo knocking at the door. It’s crazy how so much can happen in a short period of time.

      The amazing thing is how we can laugh about the craziness now instead of turn to food.

      Yeah that stuff has my tummy looking like a waterfall when all is said and done.

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    Safe to sleep on stomach?

    My surgeon suggests I could sleep on my stomach when I was about 2 weeks out or when the pain in my incisions stopped hurting.
  7. Sleeve1stFitNext

    My kids eat more than me!

    I can't even look at other people eat anymore lol. I am just like, "how can you eat all of that?"
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    My suggestion, a small amount once a week as a treat for not giving in all week. You may need to start bringing your own snacks to work to help keep you pre-occupied. Also, try increasing your water intake. When I feel full, I do not feel the need to eat.
  9. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Hey everyone just wondering...

    Oh, I was terrified. If I ate too much I would get sick and be like, "I'm gonna die. I am greedy. This is what I get. My life is over and a lie" lol I am extra dramatic. It was not until maybe my 6th month, did I start to not worry as much. However, it is still something that concerns me when I eat too much.
  10. Sleeve1stFitNext

    I love FluffyChix with a sense of humor!

    lol I cannot with you two. Hilarious!!!
  11. Sleeve1stFitNext

    I’m Getting IUD-2months before Surgery

    I had the IUD after I had my surgery. Prior to my Pre-op, I was advised to get off my hormonal birth control (At the time was on Depot for Endometriosis). I do not believe that the Mirena affects weight loss or weight gain like other birth controls do. I did not see any difference in my weight or it affecting my weight. However, everyone is different and it could affect your weight.
  12. Sleeve1stFitNext

    6 month wait

    It's best to talk with your surgeon in regards to that. If you lose too much, many insurance companies may think you can do it on your own and if you don't lose enough, they may deny it and think you are not trying hard enough. It also depends on what your BMI is. For example, someone I know was over 5'5 and almost 385 lbs. She lost 50 lbs during her 6 month wait period and was still approved because her BMI was too high and the surgeon justified it by saying that the fat around her organs needed to decrease to do the surgery successfully. It is really up to your surgeon and his team and how he feels comfortable too with doing the surgery. As a reminder, they are the ones that can word it in a way in which can convince the insurance company to cover it.
  13. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Depression and feelings of giving up

    I agree with @blizair09 the only way to succeed, is to change your mindset. This is not easy. No one said it was or would be. Just like dieting and exercising before the surgery, it is hard. The surgery only helps with portions but it cannot change what you eat. Another thing is, increase your exercise. That is the key. This tool will not work without calories burned in workouts. My scale did not move from September until February. I had to resort to depending on workouts, losing inches and before and after photos to keep me going. At least you are self-aware. I had issues with food and I found myself snacking all the time. Once I was realized that I was not really giving it my all, I decided to make a change and to really create a plan that worked for me. Remember you have been given an opportunity to take your life back. To take control of this food addiction and really be the person you always wanted to be. This is your time to succeed when others may have thought you wouldn't. For you to do that one thing that you always wanted to do with your kids or significant other. Find those reasons for why you decided to get the surgery and hold onto to them. They are your anchor when you feel like you are drowning.
  14. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Eating slowly and your full feeling

    Something I do while eating to get the 30 minutes and this works for me, it may not work for you. I will watch something on TV that is interesting. I will chew put everything down and watch a show until a commercial. Then I will pause, take a bike and resume watching. This gets me about 30 minutes of eating time. Once the show is over, I do not eat anymore.
  15. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Regretting it

    It's buyer's remorse. We all have been there in that first month. Honestly, it gets better. I can drink more now. I have a small plate. I eat in small sections and I pace myself. When I look at how much I could eat my first month versus now. I am still in shock. Granted I cannot eat like a normal person anymore but the portion size has increased. 1 Cup of low starchy vegetables and 3 oz of meat is what I can eat in 30 minutes. I made a video about it back then: https://youtu.be/CTpNC77HeXU
  16. A great game plan is to get at least 8 oz before starting your day. I have to be to work at 6 am. I live in NYC so I have to be up way earlier than necessary. I wake up early and drink an 8 oz cup while getting ready for work. As I am traveling to work, I have a 20 oz bottle (I usually try to drink half in the hour it takes me to get to work). Then I spend the first hour finishing my 20 oz. I will eat something small, like boiled egg whites. 30 minutes later, I am drinking 10 oz. Halfway through my work day, I am 38 oz. Then I spend the remainder, getting a 10 oz cup of tea and 10 oz cold water. I drink the tea first. Then I drink the water (warmer temperatures go down easier for me). I drink my 20 oz bottle on the way home or at the gym. After that, it is drinking when I feel thirsty. This is what I do. When I work the night shift, it is the same just the times change.
  17. My Foods were: Chicken - I could not wait to have baked chicken that was not in broth. Tomatoes - I did not like tomatoes before surgery and then all of a sudden, I was craving them. Pears - I love pears Corn - I do not know why but I wanted corn on a cob with some butter. Watermelon - I love them but the seeds were a no go. I did not have watermelon until I was about 3 - 4 months out. Turkey - I missed having a turkey sandwich Less Healthy: Pork Bacon and Red Meat. I have not been one for bacon and red meat in general but after surgery, I wanted it like crazy. I got my fill when I tried Keto and now I am back to barely eating it.
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    From the album: 11-Month Post Op

    Even though I look amazing. I am still dealing with my stomach and it is the hardest part because it will not let go of the fat that is left.
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    From the album: 11-Month Post Op

    Before and After. Before I needed a trainer to hold in the tummy, now I do not need it all the time. I use a sweat band instead.
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    From the album: 11-Month Post Op

    New Month...New workouts.
  21. Me in my Pokemon's lol. I had a killer HIIT workout on 2/9. 

    Also made a delicious Tuna Salad for Lunch. Each side is portioned lettuce and a slice of tomatoes. 




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    Can’t drink protein shakes! Post op

    Try using the proteins mixture that you would place in water. Premier protein makes water now. I had the same issue. I spent the first 2 weeks not getting enough protein. However, my surgeon advised me to go to Phase 2. https://www.samsclub.com/sams/premier-clear-rtd-12ct/prod21030708.ip?&source=ifpla&CAWELAID=730010300001268773&pid=_CSE_Google_PLA_1013571991&wl0=&wl1=g&wl2=c&wl3=239353267573&wl4=pla-296145862202&wl5=9004367&wl6=&wl7=&wl8=&wl9=pla&wl10=1247713&wl11=online&wl12=3866&wl13=&wl15=55345805172&wl17=1o1&veh=sem&source=ifpla
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    Vitamin patches

    I do not use vitamin patches. I prefer the gummy versions.
  24. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Body image

    I only have like 1 when I first went to see my surgeon. 1 when I started my pre-op diet and then all after. Now that I lift, I take pictures after every workout because I like to see the gradual changes. You can reshape your body with weight training. The picture to the Right, I was 189lbs in August. The picture to the Left, I was 195lbs. These pictures give me renewed hope when my scale has stopped moving.
  25. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Body image

    Honestly, you will struggle on both sides. I struggled with how I looked before because I felt like I was dying in my body. I avoided mirrors. However, after surgery, I became way more confident and I started looking at myself in the mirror. I have days where I feel like the old me and look like the old me. The best way to judge your progress is in photos. Take full body before pre-op diet, then the day before surgery. Take one every week to track your progress. Then do a side by side comparison. It literally helps you put things into perspective when you are having bad days or having a stall.