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    Size 12

    From the album: 12-Month Post Op

  2. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Face 2 Face

    From the album: 12-Month Post Op

  3. I had a huge NSV moment. I can now fit into a size 12. A size 12. I am soo hype. Also, I decided to try that hair wax stuff and I made my hair purple. 

    Also, I forgot to post on Face 2 Face Friday. 


    IMG-1340 (1).JPG

    1. blizair09
    2. Newme17


      Awesome!!!!! I love the purple too. Funny...I was just thinking of adding purple to my hair today. Lol. We shall see!

    3. Sleeve1stFitNext


      @Newme17 I bought the purple hair wax that you can wash out. I actually like having it and will buy more colors. It allows me to be versatile with my hair colors.

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  4. Since this journey, even people at work are treating me differently. People used to never ask me to do physical activities and in the last 2 days, I have been asked to the following:

    1) Join the companies 5K marathon team for next year

    2) Join the companies Friday Night Bike Ride through Prospect Park

    3) Even joining a kickboxing class with another employee

    It just blows my mind that people invite me to things like this. I am soo excited to try new things that I would have been afraid to do. 

    1. Sleeve1stFitNext


      @Newme17 I am sooo excited about this. My co-worker made me a training schedule to prepare for a 5K. I am over the moon excited about it. He told me that my journey has inspired even the “Skinny” employees to get up off their butts and workout. I just laughed. He said, that though they are small, they aren’t healthy neither and could use the inspiration.

    2. Sleeve1stFitNext


      @blizair09 Thank you!!

      @FluffyChix Thank you as well. This is a huge NSV moment. Little me invited to workout with people. They actually want to workout with me.

    3. Newme17


      That's exactly it...so many people are unhealthy on the inside and they too need to work on that. My husband is one that doesn't gain weight, eats whatever he wants, and has always been small. But since he's adopted the plant based lifestyle with me, well...he's still small, BUT he says he feels better and he knows he's healthier inside now too.

      Go you! Be the inspiration to all!!!

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  5. Sleeve1stFitNext


    I would suggest speaking with your surgeon. My pre-op diet allowed for non-starchy vegetables. I ate cucumbers, spinach, and pickles with a little vinegar and black pepper. Just see if they would provide a snack schedule.
  6. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Is it possible to do this for the "wrong" reasons?

    Yes, it is possible to get the surgery for the wrong reasons. However, doing this to get better, to change your health and to provide them with your presence for a longer life is a good reason. I did this surgery for me. I did it because I wanted to live longer to and to maybe someday start my own family. It does not matter the reason, as long as it is the reason that will make you successful in the long-run.
  7. I was taking a look at my weight loss sheet. 7lbs loss for the month of February!! I am soo hype about it now.

    1. Newme17


      Yay! That’s awesome.

    2. FluffyChix


      Yay! Super great!!

  8. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Halo top ice cream

    I love Halo Top. It is the only ice cream I can eat. I have the chocolate and chocolate mocha chip. Those two are my favorite. I do not care for the other flavors though.
  9. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Psych Eval

    Do not be nervous. Remember to be positive during your evaluation. They will ask the following: 1) Family support or personal support. (Even if you do not have support. Say that you do. They want to make sure that you will not fail because of enablers or stress from family at home.) 2) What are your plans for long-term success? 3) Why do you want the surgery? (Say things like, to get back my life and to be healthy) There are other questions that they may ask: 1) About your childhood 2) Reason for gaining weight It depends on the type of psychologist you get. Some can be really critical, some of supportive and then some are in the middle that your answers will determine if they support or become critical of you. Just remember, the goal is to prove that you need this to better your life. No one can tell you what can make your life better but you.
  10. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Dumping syndrome

    I just found out yesterday that there is a thing called Late Dumping. This happens 2 - 3 hours after eating. Fatigue or weakness Flushing or sweating Shakiness, dizziness, fainting, or passing out Hypoglycemia Loss of concentration or mental confusion Feelings of hunger Rapid heartbeat
  11. This wonderful, amazing woman has guided me, encouraged me, prevented me from giving up and from looking stupid at the gym (ex. decline sit-ups)🤣😹😂. The saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well it takes a village to achieve the hardest goals ever. I am so blessed to have so many people like her in my life. 


    1. blizair09


      Aww. What a nice message to read! :)

    2. Newme17


      This is awesome! I’m so happy for you to have her hon.

    3. FluffyChix


      Fantastic. What a great pic!

  12. Sleeve1stFitNext

    April/May 2018 Support Group Link

    Sorry if I posted this twice. I cannot find the original post anywhere.
  13. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Short and Lower 200's

    Remember, no matter how slow you think you are losing. Progress is still progress. Also, you can try dividing your weight loss. So you lost 20lbs a month average, 5lbs a week average. That is a great amount of loss.
  14. For All April/May WLS members, I have created a page for support for you guys. The link is below: https://www.facebook.com/groups/341461593034430/
  15. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Short and Lower 200's

    Sorry, this was something a lady in my support group posted. I do not think her doctor had an idea for patients under 200 lbs starting.
  16. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Panni surgery

    Each plan is different. In fact with my mines through my job, I do not have requirements for weight but I must keep a stable weight or lose More weight after my 1 year post op for 6 months.
  17. I am in the same position. 26 years old and no children. I am considering reconstructive surgery on my tummy and I don’t plan on having children at all but I am still concerned. You hear that you are young and your mind may change when it comes to children. I just don’t want my tummy tuck to be in vain if I decided later on I want a baby.
  18. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Tom Cruise

    I am with you on thatX
  19. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Tom Cruise

    Lol makeup and Scientology lol. Sorry if I offend anyone.
  20. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Dumping what does it feel like?

    All of the above explains dumping. Not always will you have diarrhea or other symptoms of dumping. I get hot sweats and stomach cramps whenever I try to eat milk chocolate or regular ice cream. I didn’t get diarrhea but I still had the sensation of dumping as I wanted to throw up.
  21. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Dumping syndrome

    Well, I had meat sauce from my moms spaghetti. The sauce was too much. Ice Cream, anything that is not Yasso or Halo Top.
  22. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Short and Lower 200's

    Weight loss is personalized to you, your body, how well you follow the program and willingness not to fail. Someone in my support group had posted this.
  23. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Bleeding during bowel movement

    My suggestion is to contact your surgeon. They would be better able to assist you and find a remedy for this matter.
  24. Sleeve1stFitNext


    Congratulations. It feels good to be on this side of the 100's. It only gets better as you keep working towards your goal.
  25. Sleeve1stFitNext

    Is this a PLOM ?

    Well said. Well said. We tend to stress over the smallest of things that are normal or soo small compared to the changes we are going through. It is best to relax. It took me over 8 months to figure that out.