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    Been battling weight problems for years. I lose weight then gain it back. I could never get to a maintenance weight because my weight quickly shoots back up.
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Been in this weight problem for years. I lose the weight then quickly gain back. I am no newbie to working out hard at the gym. Strength training and cardio and Interval training. I know that life lived it but still weight would eventually get too hard to come off and too easy to put on. I have done the Atkins low carb. Lost 18lbs in two months but got so dehydrated on the program I looked for another program which is called the warrior diet. Did it still did not keep me in a place where I was taking off the weight successfully. I always try my best in what I do but my body does not follow along. I have PCOS. Does not help and adds to my problem. I have sleep apnea. Before I got my cpap machine my weight got to its highest and when you dont sleep weight creeps up on you and so sleep apnea adds to the problem too. I have a borderline thyroid problem and so they cant treat me. I have seen 4 different Endocrinologists to see if they would help but they ALL classified me as borderline. They prescribed phentermine. Mind you I been off and on diet pills since 1997 and only in my youth did they work. When I got over 30 they stopped working and they began to give me heart palpitations. I started looking into gastic bypass in 2011. Had a consultation but was not ready nor convinced it was the right thing for me to do. I didnt do any research and was not motivated to. Fast forward to December 2016. I have been researching,studying and reading materials mainly on the gastric bypass and I am ready. I also watch videos on youtube to get a full range of experiences from others. I have my consultation on Friday February 24 with Dr Joyce at BMI.  I have been preparing for the visit by writing down my questions and concerns. This is my first step. I am anxious and excited. I need to get this weight off. My eating has been bipolar. I can eat right for periods of time then boom my portions get too big. I have knee issues so my weight since last year has caused me to restrict my physical activity. Even daily activities have been affected. I need help. I am ready. I have been writing down notes and researching the pre op liquid diet and post op diet and soft diet and lifestyle choices. I am ready