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    I had the opposite done the day of my surgery. I had an issue with scar tissue from chronic heartburn tightening my esophagus until it was difficult for me to swallow when I ate. The day of surgery, they stretched my esophagus and haven't had an issue since.

    RNY 12/20/16 32YO 5'9" HW- 408 SW- 388 CW- 247 current BMI- 27

    Sweat is just fat crying!

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    Try fasting. I lost 17lbs during my 5 day fast.

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    Hey I am also scheduled with Dr Q at Pompeii. They don't require a deposit so I am still open to other decisions. But as of right now I am pretty satisfied with my decision. I, like yourself couldn't afford the surgery without their in house financing. I just wasn't ready to spend everything at once especially when I have other obligations as well. I'm pretty familiar with the procedure as I did all pre op testing only to find out that bariatric procedures are an exclusion in my plan.
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    As of right now i am looking to have surgery with Dr Q at Pompeii Surgical. I've seen some amazing results and reviews from the Bariatric Pal Team MX but Dr Q offers in-house financing and that's the only way i can afford the surgery. Does dr illan offer any in-house financing? Sent from my SM-N910T using the BariatricPal App
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    Yes I'm going to Mexico my dr is Dr. Luis Enrique Montaño
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