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  1. Everyone here had/will have/strongly considering wls.
    That means your weight is something that you think about.
    A lot.
    Let's take that out of the equation.
    So minus talking about weight, briefly describe/pitch yourself...
    I'm a 24 year old Mom of 3(4,3&2 Y/O). Been happily married for 6 years next month. I have a skill and love for Baking and I know I'm a strong woman. I've overcome Crazy Health things for someone my age (Like a Massive Stroke) And I want my kids to know that You can overcome anything. One day I'd love to be able to go back to school to be a L&D RN. I'm an Extrovert Turned Introvert yet I still have a way of Making friends with even the most self proclaimed "socially Awkward" people. I read CONSTANTLY, and Love pretty much any Genre. I'm bad about picking out flaws in movies that I watch yet amazing at Judging outcomes and endings. I'm also terrible with being "Short And to the Point". Sorry. Lol. Also, I have a Mini backyard farm and 99% of what I eat and Feed my family, We grow or raise. (Avacados take wayyy too long.)[emoji23]

  2. I am in the process of scheduling my VSG with Dr. Sergio Quinones in Mexico for May 1st....... I am scared and nerves and excited. As anyone had their sleeve done with him? Paz share ur experience in Mexico.< /p>

    Hey I am also scheduled with Dr Q at Pompeii. They don't require a deposit so I am still open to other decisions. But as of right now I am pretty satisfied with my decision. I, like yourself couldn't afford the surgery without their in house financing. I just wasn't ready to spend everything at once especially when I have other obligations as well. I'm pretty familiar with the procedure as I did all pre op testing only to find out that bariatric procedures are an exclusion in my plan.

    For me they do require a deposit. The finance company does anyway. And it has to be paid 3 weeks before the surgery. Plus you have to buy you tickets and send the confirmation to them.

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  3. Recently I was able to get Medicaid (I'm in GA) due to my husband being laid off. And today I found out that it covers Bariatric Surgery. I have my first consult with the Surgeon on Thursday. What should I expect? This surgeon is in a hospital and their website says they are sometimes able to "rush the process" because they have all of the specialists in one Building. Anyone familiar with the GA Medicaid Requirements?

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  4. I was sleaved by Dr. Q on 1/18/17 along with my friend that had a band to sleave revision. Everyone was really nice. Dr. Q is great. I would do it again. Good luck in your journey.

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    That's awesome to hear! I was approved for the surgery yesterday and just got the contract for the financing. Medical Tourism Scares me but not as much as dying from being so overweight.

  5. @@vbrewer82

    You might want to take a few thing into consideration:

    1) Do you want to have your surgery in a surgical center or a full service hospital.

    2) How many days will you spend at the hotel once you have surgery.

    3) Will you have follow-up visits at the hotel by a physician after your surgery.

    4) Will you have a medical evaluation by a cardiologist before your surgery.

    5) Will you have a chest X-ray and EKG performed before your surgery.

    6) Are your post-op medications included in your surgery package.

    7) Will you have nutritional support from a certified nutritionist and a registered dietitian once you are back home.

    8) Can you schedule a Skype, Face Time or phone consultation with your surgeon before scheduling your surgery.

    9) Can you have a Skype, Face Time or phone consultation with your surgeon once you are back home.

    10) Will you be supplied with a nutritional package while you are at the hotel after surgery.

    If you schedule your surgery with Dr. Jalil Illan and BariatricPal Team MX the answer to all the above questions is YES!

    I would love the opportunity to discuss our surgeon Dr. Jalil Illan and BariatricPal Team MX services with you.

    You can read about Dr. Illan here


    Watch what our patients have to say about Dr. Jalil Illan, Oasis of Hope Hospital and BariatricPal Team MX


    Tour the Oasis Hospital


    Please feel free calling me 619-900-7808 when you have a free minute.

    As of right now i am looking to have surgery with Dr Q at Pompeii Surgical. I've seen some amazing results and reviews from the Bariatric Pal Team MX but Dr Q offers in-house financing and that's the only way i can afford the surgery. Does dr illan offer any in-house financing?

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  6. This is my first post here. So try stick with with me and my rambles. First off, I'm a 22 year old female with a BMI of 46 plus multiple health issues. Those include Pre Diabetes, Multiple Strokes, Hypertension, Severe Iron Anemia, High Cholesterol, And Kidney Disease. My doctor has mentioned that I get gastric surgery previously. (The Sleeve)

    Up until recently i was unable to afford it and my Healthcare Marketplace insurance didn't cover it. (I'm in Georgia)

    As of a few weeks ago, my husband was laid off so we were able to get Medicaid through the state. Does anyone know the steps to get approved the fastest with Amerigroup? I will probably only have the insurance for 4ish months. Can my doctor go ahead and sign off on the supervised diet? Since I've been trying with their consent and help for over a year? Any help or suggestions on how to get the ball going as fast as possible would truly be appreciated.