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    Tiale got a reaction from Syaniya in Hot Cheetos! What did I do?!!   
    We all have our guilty moments....for me it's Mexican food and tuna subs, I'm craving them so bad and the struggle is real. It may just be my bc pills or hormones

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    Tiale reacted to Grerchen57 in I did not know about all the extra appointments!   
    After my 6 months of nutritional​ eating and being weighted.I did lose some weight. All paper work in. Waiting and Waiting. Approved
    Surgery April 26!(excited)
    But I still have 5 more MUST appointments that need to done. But no clear liquid diet!
    Until after! I guess I thought it then would be boot camp and endoscopy and surgery. Im not excited about all the travel. But I am excited about the wealth of knowledge I will walk away with. Happy Spring everyone!
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    Tiale reacted to FAT TWO FABULOUS in 9 more days until I'm sleeved   
    I know y'all jealous
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    Tiale reacted to ThickGirl5683 in 9 more days until I'm sleeved   
    My surgery is Monday the 20th.. Man it came quick... I'm excited and a little nervous at the same time

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    Tiale reacted to BayougirlMrsS in Had Sleeve 3 yrs ago and now being offered DS - What to do?   
    @@peijeremy You wife has a point... areeeeee you working as hard as you can at losing the weight? Think long.... are you really watching what you eat and are you exercising as much and as hard as you should be? If your answer is no, then i say.... no, don't do it. Work harder to make what you have work..... Don't misunderstand... Im not accusing you of not working hard.. im simply asking the questions you should be asking yourself.
    On the other hand....... if your answer is yes and you think there is nothing else you can do to increase your weightloss....and he is offering you the DS free of charge..... I would go for it.
    PorkChopExpress..... I still drink a soda a day, eat when i feel hungry (which is about 3x a day) and i have never counted a single calorie...... but what i did do.... i busted my ass in the gym 5 days a week for no less than a hour or two..... for me its a matter of Eating less and moving more
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    Tiale reacted to James Marusek in Rny? Or sleeve?   
    Here is my before and 6 month post-op photo.

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