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  1. Meryline

    A possible solution?

    My problem is that I don't do soy, legumes or tofu. I have tried so many variations, but nope. And so I wouldn't get enough protein. Here in Austria we don't have honey stinger gummies, would love to try them though. Nor do we have uncrustables. I'll just keep experimenting, especially if I want to try for a full marathon.
  2. Meryline

    Protein and Weight Loss (unrelated)

    @Midnightsun not sure what you are trying to point out with quoting those two posts.
  3. Meryline

    Protein and Weight Loss (unrelated)

    @Midnightsun but that is different from what you first said. That they told you that it's only the liquid protein that counts towards your protein count. And that is just not true. That yes, we might absorbe liquid protein (first I have ever heared that though) easier in the beginning, sure, It's easier to get down than food, but all protein counts. I still drink a shake every singel day, and I'm 2.5 years post op. It is to make sure I get the 120-150g of protein that my body needs. The food I eat, counts equally to the shake. It's not like you push a button when you reach goal, that suddenly turns the absortion from food on. It's there all the time. In the beginning you just get more protein from liquids because it's easier to get down. And especially for Gastric bypass, they have discovered that the malabsortion is less than they thought in the beginning.
  4. Meryline

    Food Before and After Photos

    You and a whole lot more. Even in the huge instant pot groups I'm in on facebook, like 1 mil people, people call them instapot.
  5. That is awesome @AZhiker Nutrition makes such a difference.
  6. Meryline

    Food Before and After Photos

    Yes, it is. It was the first time I tried them, so easy, so yummy. Black friday should have some amazing instant pot deals. Also, btw, It's instant pot, not instapot 😉 Although most people in the US thinks the brand name is Instapot. The molds I used are these. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=instant+pot+egg+bites+silicone&crid=4B67JEENVEBD&sprefix=instant+pot+egg+%2Caps%2C224&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_3_16 There are so many options, just be aware that you get the right size. The first ones I got was too small.
  7. Meryline

    Food Before and After Photos

    @GreenTealael and it has no startches or any of the other stuff they put in. So easy to make with those moldes. And you can put anything in them.
  8. I didn't find one, so I made this one, hoping it could become one.
  9. Lot's of yummy stuff. I need to take stock of my freezer, right now, when I take a box, it's a wild guess until I heat it up at work hehe
  10. Meryline

    Food Before and After Photos

    Here is a before picture of my egg bites. There is no after as I eat the two on my plate with some salsa. So yummy. Only eggs, bacon bites, feta cheese and a mix of some cheese I needed to use.
  11. I tried to find a thread where people share their meal prep, but didn't find a dedicated one, so hopefully this can become one. Meal prep has been the key for me, so I thought I would share here as I meal prep throughout the week. I'll post recipes if anyone want particular ones. And feel free to share your meal prep Today I had some eggs that needed to be used, so today I made crust less quiche and instant pot egg bites
  12. Meryline

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    Ice cream is the devil. Sorbet it easier. Halo top is fine. But regular ice cream is the 👿
  13. Meryline

    A possible solution?

    If anyone is a bad ass, it's you. I'm sorry to hear about about you. I said I would do a full marathon, but I'm slowly changing my mind. I'll come to you for advice when I get there
  14. Meryline

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    Let's try tracking today 250ml iced Latte macchiato light - 79 cal, 1.3g fat, 9.8g carbs, 7.3g protein 330ml protein shake - 165 cal, 3.6g fat, 7.6g of carbs, 25.4g protein 180g yogurt with müsli combo - 261 cal, 12.4 fat, 22.1 carbs, 13.5 protein 505 calories - 17.3g fat - 39.5 carbs - 46.2 protein And it's noon. In Austria we don't do net carbs, so this is like all the carbs lol I have 30min run in a little bit, but I also have to think about my 90min run tomorrow, and the fact that I have 5 days of heavy workouts behind me. A little more than normal this week. So more eating later on hehe
  15. Meryline

    Daily Menus for Maintenance

    Yay, happy to see other runners and high cal people. I actually haven't done a proper tracking in a while, maybe today I should try. Let me know if you have any questions. I started at 0 in February and this week it will probably be around 45km.