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  1. The worst dumping episode

    On Friday night I had the worst dumping episode to date. I have had nothing like it so far, just mildly and immediately after I have eaten, this was a case of late dumping.

    I didn't eat much or as regularly as I would normally do, as I had the day off, and things are never how they usually are. I also donated plasma in the morning, not that I have ever had problems with that before.
    In the afternoon I had a few reeses covered pretzels (Yes, I know) and didn't think anything of it. I was playing with my dog on the floor, was a little tired, but nothing unusual, and then woke up over and hour later. I was shaking, heart racing, sweating, legs like logs, stomach not too happy.

    I knew I had to eat, so managed to get some food in me, forced myself to walk my dog half a block and then went to bed and stayed there for 12 h. On Saturday I still wasn't back to normal, a friend also telling me that I was extremely pale. As the day progressed I got better, and Sunday was no problem, went and worked out as normal.

    But what a horrible experience. Guess who has another intensive to stay away from sugar.

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    2. Meryline


      @Berry78 I have only been donating for a week, they won't allow you until at least 4 months post op, and that is only of your full blood work comes back perfect. It is very heavily regulated. Also, I don't think I have been working out as hard as you think I have. 2 weight training a week, and walking/nordic walking and some swimming. I'm not going back to full swimming until after Christmas because I know it drains me of calories, and walking and weight training I was used to from before the surgery, so not something new for the body, just less calories.

      I'll talk to my NUT this week and see what she says. They didn't say anything against it when I mentioned it at my check up, but I'll ask again.

      The incident was a late dumping because of too much sugar, nothing else. I will take make sure it doesn't happen in the future though, for sure.

    3. Apple1


      That sounds scary too me almost similar symptoms to low blood sugar with the sweating and shaking.

      Glad you felt better on Sunday.

    4. Meryline


      @Apple1 Late dumping syndrome happens because of an increase in starches and sugars in your intestines. At first, the extra sugar causes your blood sugar level to rise. Your pancreas then releases the hormone insulin to move sugar (glucose) from your blood into your cells. This extra rise in insulin causes your blood sugar to drop too low. Low blood sugar is called hypoglycemia. And for us the food moves very rapidly from our stomach to our small bowls, meaning there is no food for the insulin to work on. Something like that.

      And thank you!