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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. goshesgaunt

    I'm upset...

    I was in the same boat. I wanted it to come off faster. Hang in there and keep it up, it’ll come off. The sleeve is a slower weight loss method b/c we don’t have the malnutrition aspect (rerouting intestines). Keep up proper diet and drinking 64oz water daily. It’ll come off.
  2. I feel ya, I'm in the same boat. I can't complain about a 20 lb weight loss. And I had a super easy time of it post-op BUT it's no fun! I look forward to a meal only to be able to eat 3 bites. And gosh I'm sick of water.
  3. goshesgaunt

    June 2017 Sleevers

    I'm also a June 8 sleever. I just got back from beach vacation and weighed myself:( ive only lost 20 lbs overall. I feel like I should be shedding lbs quicker. I'm kind of depressed about it.
  4. goshesgaunt

    Calorie (and macro) goals?

    Eat protein first always. No carbs. Ever. Period.
  5. You'll be fine to go. I'm almost 4 weeks out and feel fine. I've been gardening, painting, shopping. Just remember to take snacks with you so you don't make bad food choices.
  6. goshesgaunt

    Feeling good

    Great work, beauty!
  7. goshesgaunt

    Real Good Pizza

    Its also a lot of fat.
  8. goshesgaunt

    So tired

    After the first week it gets better.
  9. goshesgaunt

    Pre and Post of IV treatment

    Wow, that sounds great but they don't offer that here.
  10. goshesgaunt

    Pre and Post of IV treatment

    I have no idea what that is. Can you explain a bit.
  11. goshesgaunt

    1 week post op dreaming about food

    This is good to hear. I was just sleeved 3 days ago and frequently think of food.
  12. This is terrible advice. What's done is done, isn't comforting or supportive. It a little mean in fact. Secondly, depression can be exogenous on endogenous and both forms absolutely benefit from medication.