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  1. Thanks hon! Starting those 40’s in a couple of days here...gonna be much better than my 30’s (overweight years)!!!!
  2. IP...you’ve always manage to crack me up. Lol. Oh boy. I won’t be of much help with how much I can eat or what I now weigh or anything to do with a scale. Lol. Never was one to measure foods or my weight. So I can’t honestly tell you. BUT, I can eat a chopped salad with black beans, (eyeballing here) maybe 1-1.5 cups? I have just given up on numbers all together, but WHEN I eat is still on my mind. I still deal with mindless eating, so I need to be restricted to timing and of course drinking more water. 😉
  3. Newme17

    how often were you told to eat

    Thus you choose the right nutrient foods and take your supplements. Our bodies can do a whole lot more than what we give it credit for, and besides it’s not forever that you won’t get your calories in. IN MY OPINION....eating just because it’s time is setting yourself back up for overeating, mindless eating. So I stand by the instructions I was given and I’ve been successful. I don’t have a lack of anything, vitamins nor protein (shocking!!! And I don’t eat meat!!! Gasp!!! Close your mouths). So, I must be an exception. Smh. to each your own
  4. Newme17


    Probably best to ask a nurse/doctor, but I take Benadryl, but I’m also a year and 4 months out though. Hope you can, those pesky mosquitos are a pain! benadryl also has a topical gel for itches. I use that too. 😊
  5. Newme17

    how often were you told to eat

    My surgeon says “Only when you’re truly hungry”. Just because it’s “breakfast” time doesn’t mean you should eat. Eat when your body says you’re hungry. Your breakfast (breaking your fast) might be at 1pm. Who knows? Why eat more than your body is requiring? This is mindless eating, I know, because I struggle with it even now.
  6. @FluffyChix wow wee lady, I’m happy to see you’re going strong! Been a long time since I’ve logged in. Glad to see an IF thread that is pretty active too. Based on how much I can eat (which is way more now that I’m 1 yr and 4mo out), doing IF is definitely easier. Trick for me is a cup of coffee in the mornings and lots of water. I’ll do my utmost best to chime in and share, but I won’t promise I’ll be by most everyday like I used to. 😂 Blessings to all of you doing IF. It’s a great lifestyle to adapt. Not about what you eat (which of course we need to be mindful) but of when to eat. Happy IF-ing!!!
  7. Research....good for you! I’m happy you’ve found successes.
  8. Newme17

    I ate at Burger King yesterday

    And have better breath. Lol
  9. Newme17

    I ate at Burger King yesterday

    And SUSTAINABLE! 😊👍🏽
  10. @proudgrammy thank you hon! You crack me up about the age. Yes, I had to do something before all the problems started...unfortunately my mother’s obesity and her load of issues is what got me going, so I took something good out of it, for me. Anyway, thanks again hon.
  11. Yay! I’m happy to report someone thought I was in my late 20’s not too long ago. I’ll take that!!! (Will be 40 this year!)
  12. Thank you! Just had a haircut too, so that was nice. Lol
  13. You’re welcome hon. I hope you are doing fabulous and well these first days. It gets easier!
  14. Thanks. I’m happy I stumbled on to Dr Garth Davis, and others whom shared Dr Weiner, and Dr McGregor with me, to go this way. Totally sustainable for me and I highly advise it. 😊