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  1. 2 weeks post op today and down 17lbs. I started myself on purees for dinner on Christmas Eve! So far I have tolerated everything well! Yesterday morning I even had some scrambled eggs. Last night I tried some turkey breast (not puréed) with mashed potatoes. About 15 minutes after I was a little nauseas but it went away after another 15 min or so.

    It definitely gets better after that first weeks and a half!

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  2. I tried Greek yogurt for the first time this morning since it is listed on my full liquid list. I was so worried about how it would settle that it took me over an hour to eat it but oh my god it was sooo goood! And I didn't have a single stomach cramp like I do with liquids. Of course now I'm behind on my liquids since I spent over an hour working on my yogurt. I'm glad to be able to add something else that I can eat!

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  3. Leslie - No girl you aren't bringing anyone down! Or at least not me. My head hunger is completely messing with me because I am hungry too! I honestly think its the whole you can't have it so you want it more. My stomach grumbles and mumbles too so I just try to drink Water. It doesn't do a damn thing but I feel like I'm doing something. I've been living off Trader Joe's Tomato and Red Pepper Soup. I hated broth! The struggle is real! I know in two weeks we will look back and laugh at how miserable we were. But right now in the moment, it sucks! We just have to make through the first 2-3 weeks! We got this!

  4. Yes! Those freaking pizza commercials! And I was never a big pizza eater but now I see the commercial and I want a damn bite of pizza! I am so jealous of those who could care less about food after surgery. It is seriously a shock to see how much it bothers me to not be able to eat something. I also think not being allowed to have something is making me want it that much more. I still have 10 days to go before I can start pureed and its going to be a super long 10 days.

  5. I am finally able to start cream Soups today. Had my first 4 oz of Protein shake with no problems yesterday evening. I went to Trader Joe's yesterday and stocked up on soups! Little does my husband know he's also going to be eating Soup for a while! Yesterday was a rough day for me with the head hunger and some depression. I think today will be much better since it will have some sort of structure with my meals!


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  6. Hi all! I am new to this site and forum. I've found so many different December groups already, its confusing! I had RNY two days ago on the 12th. So far so good. I only spent one overnight in the hospital and that was miserable. Between all the alarms going off (oxygen levels, fluids or Tylenol drip running out etc), hospital noises, coming in to check vital signs, and being extremely uncomfortable in the hospital bed I got no sleep. I got home yesterday afternoon and yesterday evening was my worst pain wise. I have horrible pain across the top part of my back, where your bra sits. My surgeon said its from the surgery being so close to the spine and since I already have back issues it just aggravated it. So it makes sitting in the recliner, and laying down even more uncomfortable. I actually feel better standing and walking around. After getting 10 hours of sleep last night however I feel so much better today. Pain today is tolerable and I haven't had to take any pain medication. I've got helluva some gas in my lower abdomen but I can't seem to fart to save my life. I've never wished for a fart so bad ever! I've been sipping on Water all day with some diluted juice and broth thrown in. Tomorrow evening I get to try the Protein shakes and I'm pretty excited about that because I am over the clear liquids! Since being home its been weird seeing food on the TV or watching my husband eat. I'm not hungry but I feel like I should be eating. My husband is cooking dinner tonight for himself and my son so that will be interesting.. I feel like it will be slightly torturous!

  7. I am only two days post op but that is where my pain is as well. Also in my back, which is worse than my left side. My surgeon said some people get it due to the surgery being so close to the spine. Lucky me! But it makes me move more often because standing is more comfortable then sitting. I was told multiple times by multiple people that the pain would be similar to when I had my lap gallbladder removal. Not at all, definitely worse. I want to slap those people now! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  8. Hallejillyah - Is the taste bad or just noticeable? I got the go ahead to add it to my diet on Friday.

    dmw - I kept waking up every 3 hours or so last night and I would sip Water each time I woke up. My surgeon claims they pumped me with enough Fluid so it would be impossible to get dehydrated in the next couple of days but I still am worried about getting behind the eight ball on that!

    I am 2 days post op and so far ok. Being home and being able to sleep in my own bed made a huge difference! I felt great when I got up this morning but halfway through my shower started feeling bad. I've learned I'm not a fan of broth. Because my blood sugar was running on the low end in the hospital I'm allowed watered down juice once an hour so I've been switching between that and Water. Once I start on the Protein shakes though no more juice. Yesterday evening the pain was the worst. Today its much better. I'm sure getting a decent nights sleep made a huge difference. Most of my pain today is in my upper left quadrant of my abdomen and my back, across the area your bra would sit. The back pain is what has really bothered me and what I was not expecting! My surgeon said some people have it and some people don't but its from the surgery being so close to the spine.

    Psychologically seeing food on TV or when my husband eats (I swear it feels like he's eating every five minutes) is messing with me. I'm not hungry but I feel like I want to eat or should be eating if that makes any sense. I am looking forward to tomorrow evening when I can try the Protein shake!

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