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  1. Jill_Me

    Ready to start dating

    I have had a great time on dates. The hardest thing is not drinking. I had 3 beers one night and blacked out (true story)! Any man who cares about your rolls or cellulite or tummy apron hanging doesn't deserve you. Sex-wise they really don't care. Emotional intimacy wise or just as a companion I have told everyone about it because I'm still in the midst of this massive change -- a transitioning period. I've had the best experience with people who don't mind talking freely about things. I went on Bumble and on OkCupid and the volume of men wanting to talk to me was overwhelming. I felt like The Bachelorette with dates 3-4 nights per week and meeting lots of new people. I kissed a few frogs and I'm pretty over it now.
  2. I hope you're feeling better now. I was looking for threads in the forum on this subject because I've lost almost 100 lbs and I feel like I'm going crazy. Maybe it's hormones. A few weeks ago I felt like I wanted to have sex with anyone and everyone and a week later felt like I didn't want to be around anyone. A few days later reflecting on this rapid change in emotions and moods I got extremely weepy and became dehydrated from crying so much. I felt like I was absolutely crazy and luckily my friend talked me down. I was weepy and also beating up on myself and feeling helpless for my future as a sane person. My therapist wants me to talk to the surgeon's nurse about hormonal changes and see if maybe I need a referral to someone for treatment of the hormonal effects. I literally have no idea what's going to happen to make me either mad or very sad and crying on any given day. Lord help me!
  3. Dulcolax is your friend -- I pooped on postop day 1! Lol
  4. Jill_Me

    Gas pains!

    I'm 9 months postop and recently had 2 episodes of what I think may be gas pain ... the discomfort is in the suprapubic area and is absolutely f&@#% bananas. I was literally rolling on the floor. It went away after 30-40 min ... I even pooped and passed gas during the episode without relief of the cramping feeling. What did I eat? Both times I had drank a gose beer (fancy type of sour beer with low alcohol content) and eaten a KIND bar. I won't be consuming that combination again. Anyone else almost go to the ER with his maddening type of pain? It is so odd, because the pain is unlike anything prior to surgery -- given that things were moved around in there. Any body with a quick fix to share is appreciated.
  5. Jill_Me

    What exactly is the preop diet?

    Your answer comes from your surgeon. I was surprised to find out no earlier than the preop dietary class/group that we only needed to follow 1 day of clear liquids after 1 day of full liquids and 5 days of a liver shrinkage diet before that.
  6. Jill_Me

    I am so happy!!!!

    Hooray! It's an amazing feeling.
  7. Jill_Me

    6 months in the hospital

    I follow hospital stays for members of a large insurance company and have seen some nightmare complications of WL surgeries in various locations. Sometimes reading the questions that people ask in message boards is concerning for a naive and/or ethically irresponsible weight loss surgery clinic/program. There is a large body of basic information every patient should know, and it's not easy to run this kind of program. Some places have so much room for improvement. Many insurance companies require heavy vetting of outcomes statistics for providers and provider groups leading to a potential required certification agreement to be in-network. I cannot stress enough how important it is that you research and stay in network if you have an insurance company smart enough to take such precautions on their and your behalf. I'm saddened by this story. I wish that the ACLU or some other patient advocacy/legal organization could successfully put together the case for a federal mandate on standards, operations, and reporting in bariatric surgery practice. Sending my version of prayer to your brother-in-law and the family.
  8. I'm surprised that nobody has responded to this post. All I can do is tell you that as a registered nurse and gastric bypass patient I've been very happy with the program at Duke University, specifically Dr. Chan Park and his staff. I had been told by some colleagues that the preop and postop program of care is impressive. Based on what I have heard from others in discussion about the presurgery experience, Duke Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery is likely to involve a more comprehensive and sometimes complicated process of assessment and training. I'm very happy with the results but wasn't totally thrilled while I was waiting to be approved for surgery. They did the right thing for me by forcing me to challenge myself prior to the surgery. Be wary of a surgeon that rushes you into surgery if there's a a big psychological reason underlying your disordered eating and/or self-care deficit (I said "if" -- not everyone is as hot a mess as I was/am still-sorta). People do travel from afar to have their surgery with Duke, I've noticed. It was out of the way for me but still no farther than my old work commute.
  9. I'm 6 months postop RNY and I no longer get itching and hives in/around my mouth from eating apples or pears. Has anyone else noticed this kind of mysterious change to your body's response to certain foods?
  10. If it is fat, then something is VERY wrong. I'd get it looked at asap.
  11. Jill_Me

    December bypass buddies

    Congrats on your success!! Surgery was 12/8 for me. I had a month where I sat within a 5 lb range, right above a major milestone that I wanted to hit. I just stayed patient. Being able to move more is my favorite part. My least favorite is the skin already hanging, but it's not a horrible tradeoff.
  12. Hope you're doing better now Justagirl45.
  13. Jill_Me

    Any tips on chewing slowly?

    Feeling sick as hell after eating should help you remember to chew slowly. That's what did it for me. Also with the not drinking until after 30 min.
  14. I say this with utmost respect for nicotine addiction. I smoked for 15 years and tried to quit multiple times. You never smoke again after weight loss surgery because the risk to your new stomach is terrifying. Don't be an idiot and ever smoke again. Just don't.
  15. Jill_Me

    December bypass buddies

    I make a big pot of beef chili (with 90% lean grass fed beef, pinto beans, tomatoes, and McCormick seasoning packet) every week and store in 4oz portions with some room left. I eat this chili almost every day with about 3tbsp of Greek yogurt and Sargento reduced fat cheese melted in it. I got the cutest little miniature Dutch oven from home goods and I use that to heat up the chili on the stove. I mentioned tilapia in another post. I was told to choose salmon instead, but the dryness of salmon makes it less tolerable and desirable to eat for me. I like how soft tilapia is and for now that's what I'll eat. I don't like most things, so if I like it I'm sticking to it for now. I don't enjoy any meat except for the ground beef in the chili. I'm also having genoa salami with provolone cheese snacks which I found at Costco and little cheese cubes with nuts and a few grapes as snack. I just added baked ricotta into the routine as well -- I'd never had it before the other day.

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