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    Single mom to a wonderful little girl. I teach biology full time at a high school. In my spare time I try to hike, read, do yoga, and sketch
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    reading, hiking, swimming, ren faires, photography, sketching
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  1. Is it even possible to get a date without having finished all steps? I am so worried I have my hopes up and next week they will be crushed... guess I'll ask tomorrow at the orientation. :(

    1. BayougirlMrsS


      Prob. not. but, what my dr did was have me do all my appt.'s and he compiled all the results and sent as one packet along with a surgery date. At the time i had UHC i was approved first letter.

    2. Armygalbonnie


      Not with my surgeon. I had to finish the 3 months of requirements before my paperwork was submitted to insurance. After insurance approval, I had a 1/2 prep class and was given my surgery date. It took 4 months for the entire process.

    3. kplumlee1205


      Everything is finished except the NUT. I had two prior NUT appts but they fell outside of the time frame for the 6 months and they just told me. I am hoping that what Bayougirl said is what they will do. My insurance is already aware I am going through the process so they are just waiting for the packet and a date. :(