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  1. tahoegirl96118

    Tomorrow is my sleeve!!

    I've had a few surgeries and I'm always sooooo nervous. I've been given something to calm me down in the past and it knocks me out (I'm a true light weight). I'll for sure be asking for something before my surgery. I don't think we would be normal if we all weren't a little nervous. Let us all know how it goes for you!
  2. Oh my gosh.....Costco has the best bone broth ever! It's got some "volume" to it. Almost like sipping a thin gravy. So yummy and full of protein and very satisfying. I bring it to work and my boss, who weighs 140 soaking wet, can't keep her hands off of it. I had to postpone my surgery in December 2017 because I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease a month before my surgery and needed to get that under control first. I'm back on schedule for surgery in October and working pre and post op meal into my daily routine. Bone broth has been a lifesaver. Try a few different brands to find the one that works best for you. Good luck
  3. My VSG is scheduled for December 5th. I'm excited for sure but I'm also nervous. I'm doing this alone. I don't have the support of my sister or my son. My daughter is on the fence and my daughter-in-law has said she won't support me if I have the surgery. I've told my few friends and they are supportive but the all have jobs and home life and not able to help out the first few days I'm home. I'll be alone at the hospital and that has me nervous because I'm a bit of a basket case before surgery. Just wondering if anyone else flew solo on this journey and what your experience was. Thanks so much!
  4. Well, I was just diagnosed with this yesterday.....I've been having some serious aches and pains in my hips, knees and shoulders that I thought was just weight related..... Turns out I have an autoimmune disease called Polymyalgia Rheumatica. It's a form of arthritis. Treatment is prednisone. I had an intermuscular injection yesterday to start working on the inflammation. Not a fan at all of prednisone. It can and does increase hunger and can cause swelling and weight gain. Yay! I sort of had a feeling that something wasn't right but I didn't think is was something like this. My Rheumatologist (yes, I have one of those now) says I need to postpone my surgery until we can get this in remission. I cried all night. I have come so far, listened to people say I was taking the easy way out, have had very little support from my family but I continued on the journey to get healthy. Now my own body is fighting against me and telling me I can't have the surgery........
  5. tahoegirl96118

    Polymyalgia Rheumatica

    My surgeon got back to me and I am definitely in a holding patern for at least a year. He said that the risk of complications is too high for me to have surgery. I'm heart broken.
  6. tahoegirl96118

    Polymyalgia Rheumatica

    Because I'm in an "active" flare up she would like me to wait a while for the surgery. Her reasoning is that my body is fighting my body and that could make for a difficult surgery and recovery. I've messaged my surgeon for his thoughts and waiting to hear back from him. Part of the problem with Prednisone is that it's really hard on the stomach, which is why we are doing the injections to start. This kinda falls under the category of when life gives you lemons........
  7. Just wondering if I'm too old to have VSG.....This all part of the "freak-out" before surgery.... I'll be 59 in February. Any others in this age bracket that had the surgery and did well?
  8. Has anyone tried the all in one vitamins and had good results? I'm taking them now but I still have several weeks to go before surgery. Just trying to give myself time to get into the habit of taking them. Thanks
  9. tahoegirl96118

    All in One vitamins

    They are called Bariatric Fusion. Sold as an all in one for Bariatric patients....4 pills a day.
  10. tahoegirl96118

    I haven't told anyone

    My kids already talked me out of the surgery in 2016. Said I was taking the easy way out and that they wouldn't support me.......why have a life changing surgery when you can just do it yourself, blah blah blah..... I'm having surgery in 5 weeks.....Just my friends know and my job...... I don't need the added stress and worry.
  11. tahoegirl96118

    Petrified and indecisive

    I'm just under 5 weeks out and I'm feeling some of the same things you are, as are and were so many others. If you weren't having some of these thoughts you wouldn't be normal. Life is full of "what if's". Only you can know for sure if this is the best path for you. This is my surgeons take on things and I tend to agree. What ever I have been trying in the past has gotten me where I am today. What I choose to do for me and my future will get me where I want to be. He also brings up Oprah......He says "she has all the money in the world and all the resources available to her and she still struggles with losing weight on her own". I wish you all the best on your journey and that you make the best decision for you.
  12. Hi all, My surgery is 5 weeks away and I'm getting pretty nervous and I'm not sure why..... I've had a few major surgeries in the belly region, with big incisions and I did really good. I think the 2 things I'm most nervous about is the drug induced nap (me and anesthesia don't get along). I throw up every time and they give me way to much, based on my weight.....And getting all my water in..... I'm pretty sure I'll be asking for a nice cocktail of something to calm my nerves the day of..
  13. tahoegirl96118

    Getting nervous

    Good luck to you. I'm sure I'll be losing my sh_t 3 days before surgery.
  14. tahoegirl96118

    How long were you out

    My surgery is in 5 weeks and my plan is to be back to work in a week.
  15. tahoegirl96118

    Surgery on December 5th

    My surgeon doesn't do a liquid pre-op diet. With that being said I have to stay at goal weight for the next 6 weeks which could be hard. My weight fluctuates based on sodium content. Today my feet look like little pillows but it is warmer than usual for this time of year. I'll be doing a self imposed liquid diet for 1 week pre-op. I did find out today that I'll have to do a bowel prep the night before. Not pleasant at all.
  16. tahoegirl96118

    Surgery on December 5th

    We'll do exceptional. From what I've read it's totally normal to be nervous. I'm not one for drugs but I'm pretty sure I'll be asking for something to settle my nerves the day of surgery.
  17. tahoegirl96118

    Surgery on December 5th

    Thanks! That would be great. I'm in Northern California, having surgery at Kaiser Fremont.
  18. tahoegirl96118

    October 18 2017

    Hi There, I'm new too and my surgery date is December 5th. Feeling all the things you are and then some. I think the biggest fear for me is getting in all my fluids. I'm doing this alone and setting a goal to get back to work in a week. I hope you get some good replies to your post as I am sure they will help me too. Sending happy thought your way.
  19. tahoegirl96118

    Today is the day

    Congratulations on the new you! Sending happy thoughts your way.
  20. This may sound weird but I'm really glad that I'm not the only one who will not be telling my family. I was starting to feel a bit guilty about it. My kids have talked me out of it once already, telling me I'm taking the easy way out and if I have to change my lifestyle after the surgery then why not just do this without the surgery. My daughter-in-law has told me she will not support me if I get WLS. I'll tell them when I'm ready, and not a minute before. My surgery is sometime in December. I still have 5 lbs to go before my Dr. will schedule my pre-op and there's an 8 week wait to see him, then another 2 weeks for surgery. Hopefully my family will understand that I did this for me and my health.....
  21. tahoegirl96118

    2 days post op

    Congrats to all that have been sleeved and made it through the first week. I am still 10 weeks out or so due to my surgeons busy schedule and getting in for my pre-op appointment. I'm with Kaiser in Northern California and I must say that their Bariatric Department is wonderful. I'm not too worried about the pain as I have had 2 MAJOR abdominal surgeries and did pretty dang good with the pain. I did it with very little narcotic pain meds, mostly Tylenol. For me my biggest concern is getting in all the water that is needed the first week. Any suggestions on how you all accomplished that. Again, congratulations to everyone!
  22. tahoegirl96118

    2017 sleevers?

    Mine will probably be in late January or early February. I just found out I have sleep apnea and Kaiser requires that I use a cpap for 2 months. I go today to pick mine up but I'm only 16 pounds from my surgery weight so I could potentially have my surgery sooner! Yay. Excited and nervous!
  23. tahoegirl96118

    Researching doctors in Mexico

    There are so many DR's in mexico.....How do you find the best Dr. I'd be going to TJ since I live neat San Jose, CA.....I want to get this done soon but I'm really uncertain about mexico.