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  1. tahoegirl96118

    What was/is your greatest fear?

    Mine are: The surgery not working Vomiting right after surgery Complications My age Not telling my kids about the surgery
  2. tahoegirl96118

    Harbor City Kaiser process length

    I'm Kaiser Northern California, Fremont to be exact. After my referral from my PCP I had my appointment with the Surgeon, the Nutritionist and the Coordinator all on the same day. A few weeks later I had my Physic evaluation. I had to get to goal weight, which I did and was scheduled for surgery at that time. All in about 2 months. Did I mention I chickened out the first time? No? Well, I vomit when I go under, like really, really bad for hours and hours after. I'm back in the program but have told my Dr. I need a pre-op appointment with Anesthesia weeks before surgery so they can plan my after care accordingly....... Best of luck to you on your journey.
  3. Hello, What are some of your recommendations for vitamins? My Doctor has a list as long as my arm but I know there have got to be some good combination vitamins out there that we can take that include most, if not all of what we need after surgery. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm having my surgery in a few months. I'm at my goal weight for surgery but a few co-workers are either out or about to start maternity leave and I can't leave my boss high and dry to manage my job too......I'd like to use these next few month honing my vitamin taking skills. Thanks
  4. Have you tried a protein broth? Bariatric Eating has a lovely broth, mostly clear, with 25g of protein per serving. It's yummy, salty, savory with no "protein shake" smell or taste. Sipping a nice warm beverage might help you get in the protein required.
  5. Hi everyone, Just wondering if there is anyone here that was 60+ in years when they had their surgery. Wondering how it went and how you are doing. Thanks so much and have a great day☺️
  6. I'm 61......I have to do this for me, "f" the fear of vomiting.
  7. You said what I've been thinking for years.....I'm terrified of not so much the surgery but the vomiting after anesthesia. It is so bad that I've been admitted after out patient surgery because they can't get control of it. Freaks me out. I was going to have gastric bypass 15 or more years ago. I was at the hospital in pre-op and I panicked and left. Two years ago I had a surgery date but I cancelled. I'm so afraid of puking my guts up after having this surgery. I'm also afraid of not having good results. And my age is worrisome to me as well. To say I know exactly what you are feeling is an understatement. Though our issues may not be the same, the feelings are. You got this. I got this. We can do this!
  8. tahoegirl96118

    How long out of you or for Sleevers?

    I'm hoping to take a short time off of work when I have my surgery. I can work from home so that's an option to be able to stay home but still earn a living.....
  9. tahoegirl96118

    Holy cow... comparison pictures, 3 months

    You look fantastic!
  10. tahoegirl96118


    Does warm/room temperature water help with the pain?
  11. tahoegirl96118

    The nerves are setting in

    So I am the biggest chicken ever to walk the planet. I had a surgery date 1 1/2 years ago and I totally let my nerves get to me. I cancelled about a month prior to surgery. I kept in contact with my Dr. and the program but I have to start all over again. I could have been so much healthier if I had just gone through with the surgery. This time around I will need some sort of mild sedative a few days before so I don't freak myself out again. Hope everyone is happy and healthy and adjusting to the new normal we live in now.
  12. Hi all, This has probably been asked a gazillion times. Just wondering how everyone did with the post op pain. I'm not too worried about the gas pain but more the incision pain. I'm not a fan of pain meds, they make me vomit..... How did everyone do? The good, the bad and the ugly..... Also, I'm doing this alone. Will I be okay by myself or should I aske the surgeon to keep me an extra day. Thanks
  13. tahoegirl96118

    Side by Side

    Just WOW
  14. So, surgery date is 10/23 and the anxiety is already overwhelming me..... I'm 59 and worried that I'm too old to have the surgery. I have autoimmune arthritis and my doctor tells me that losing weight will help with the joint pain (already sort of knew that) but also will help with the inflammation..... Anyone else feel like they were making a mistake to have the surgery. Thought that this one last time a diet would work? I feel like my brain is doing cartwheels......Maybe I should be in a medically induced coma until the surgery so I stop fretting about every little thing (that was a joke) Feed back needed and appreciated.... Thanks
  15. tahoegirl96118

    Scared about the unknown

    Leebick, I love your post to this topic. You have encouraged me more than you'll ever know.....Thank you so much and thanks to all that have posted on this topic. What I see as I scroll through the topics and reply's is that we are all the same. Most of us have the same concerns and some of us (I'm talking about me) have more than one concern. I'm grateful to have found this site!
  16. There's not a day that goes by that I don't fret about the pain and nausea from the surgery. Like CrankyMagpie I too have autoimmune arthritis. Let me must say that the joint pain form that is horrible on good days, and when it's cold or it rains it's 10x worse. So I say to myself, "self, you handle that pain from the Arthritis without taking any heavy duty pain meds, what makes you think you can't handle a few little cuts on you tummy and some gas like you ate a whole pot of beans without chewing". The answer is I can. I can do this. All of us preop folks, we got this. Post op champions, you guys are awesome. You all made it, we all can make it. Fear is just False Expectations Appearing Real. Kick fear in the a__
  17. tahoegirl96118

    The day is here!

    You got this!
  18. tahoegirl96118

    Liquid Vitamins

    Has anyone heard of or used Liquid Bariatric Vitamins? Thinking they might go down easier
  19. tahoegirl96118

    October 2018 Sleevers

    October 23rd for me and I too am scared stupid about the surgery. I have 6 weeks to go so at the 1 month mark I'm going to switch to something like Medifast or Diet Direct liquid foods. Their stuff isn't too bad and it will get me in the "groove" for post op. I'm not a fan of pain meds and from what I've heard it's not horrible. I just broke my wrist a few months ago and was fine. I broke my right had 6 years ago and had to have surgery on it and only took Motrin so I think I got this.... The nickname my dad gave me when I was a kid was "big chief chicken heart". So true.
  20. tahoegirl96118

    For all who need a kick up the butt!

  21. Hi all, Any SF Bay Area Sleevers out there? Would love to hear from you and how you are all doing, whether you're pre or post op. Thanks
  22. tahoegirl96118


    Which are the best vitamins to use? Surgery is in October but I want to get the vitamins now and try them out..... Anyone use an "all in one" and if so, what brand. Thanks
  23. Congrats on your surgery date! Mine is October 23rd and I'm as nervous as can be. I'm older, 59, and terrified I'm going to screw things up. Any sleevers in the San Francisco Bay Area? I'd love to talk to you.
  24. Hi all, Wondering about the 50+ sleevers success. How was your recovery? Weight lose?
  25. tahoegirl96118

    I have 2 fears

    So, I'm getting near my surgery. I don't have the exact date but it is in October. I have 2 fears: 1. Vomiting after surgery like I have the stomach flu.....I've had several surgeries in the past and I get REALLY sick after. I've been known to vomit for 8 or more hours after surgery. I've talked to my surgeon about this and he says there are some really good medications for nausea. I guess my biggest fear is bursting out the staple line. 2. Going through this life changing/saving surgery and NOT losing weight. I've been able to lose weight in the past but at about the 2 or 3 month mark it just stops...... Any and all comments are appreciated.