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  1. OhHeyMarina

    Do you use this?

    Yea I'm the same as all of you, I do still order off the normal menu most of the time and take the left overs home, but there is this one place by me that me and my family love but they are just so extremely expensive that I don't wanna pay $40 anymore for a dish that now I can't finish, so I use the card there to order off the kids menu haha because they aren't very nice when I just ask so I do gotta use the card there to get them to let me, so I do think the card is great for certain situations and I've talked to about 5 people whose team didn't give them a card! So I was curious who has one and who doesn't and how often you actually use it
  2. I didn't have to ask for one, mine came in my surgery booklet, but if your bariatric team hasn't given you one, I highly recommend you asking for one. Especially if you are at the beginning of your journey and worrying about eating out. This has come in handy many times, does anyone else use theirs if you do have something like this?
  3. OhHeyMarina


    @@Lucky2Lose for me yes, i love christmas, way more than thanksgiving lol
  4. OhHeyMarina

    pureed food ideas

    @@jtraub12 no problem!!! yes the ricotta bake is a classic puree stage food I was told so had to make it! lol its one of those great things thats already soft and doesn't need to be pureed so it doesn't go from being a solid to mush which makes me nauseous looking at lol
  5. OhHeyMarina

    pureed food ideas

    No problem! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  6. OhHeyMarina

    pureed food ideas

    if you like spicy a can of chicken, 1 tbsp mozzarella, 2 tbsp ranch dressing, 1 tsp buffalo sauce and a little salt and pepper, then puree it all, makes a buffalo chicken puree, also the famous ricotta bake, 8 oz of ricotta, 1/2 cup of grated parmesan, 1 large egg, a bit of garlic powder and italian seasoning, 1/2 cup marinara sauce, and 1/2 cup mozzarella. mix ricotta, parm, egg and seasonings, put in an oven dish, pour marinara on top, and top with the mozzarella bake at 450 for 20-25 minutes, it taste like lasagna without the noodles, both these dishes make a tone of servings and are delicious! also baked Beans with guacamole and taco seasoning, a puree turkey meatball, sugar free applesauce, mushy eggs, canned tuna and light mayo, grits, oatmeal, salmon, white fish
  7. Good for you!! I also had surgery the 16th and am down 20 pounds I'm only 23 so maybe the age does help lol Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  8. OhHeyMarina


    So the holidays are literally here! How is everyone handling it? Pretty much all of us aren't eating solids yet, but for any of us that are on puree or soft stage, what do you plan on making yourself? and how is it going being around all the food! ugh this is either the smartest decision or the worst we ever made to get it around the holidays, haha just kidding, but seriously the temptation is there! Watching my family bake all the Desserts, my weakness Plus how is everyone doing with their weight? on December 2nd my pre op diet i started at 227, on surgery day December 16th I was 226 and today December 23rd I'm 207! I know a lot of people have probably lost more but I'm so happy with my number!
  9. OhHeyMarina

    Surgery day!

    Thank you everyone!! Everything went great!! I was the first one of the day yesterday at 7:30am! I only needed 4 incision instead of the normal 5-7, not really sure why I'll ask doctor when I see him today but it could be because maybe I shrunk my liver to a great size nurse said he wrote in his notes I was one of the easiest and fastest surgerys he ever done, I was only in there for 30 minutes!! And I've had no gas pain just one incision hurt and it hurts in my chest when I swallow liquid because it's still tight, but that's about it. I keep doing laps around the floor since 3 hours after my surgery yesterday and everything I actually just got done doing 8 laps now and it's 5 in the morning by me lol it is going way better than I ever thought I hope you all get as lucky, cause I know I really am!!! I'm swelled up about twice my size lol but I think my incisions look great! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  10. OhHeyMarina

    Surgery day!

    It's 4 a.m. And I'm on the way to the hospital, so freaking scared!! I was all excited up till this point! Hope all goes well! Wish me luck please!
  11. OhHeyMarina

    Dates here!

    Just let them know it is a public calendar for anyone on MBP, and that it is separate. You are doing a good job. GOod luck on your upcoming date @OhHeyMarina thanks I'm trying!! lol and you to!!!! your the day before mine i believe correct? I'm the 16th your tomorrow?
  12. Every who has had surgery already, how are you feeling?! How was your experience? And to everyone waiting for their surgeries, are you excited?! Hows pre op going? I'm assuming most have started by now and if not are you dreading starting like I was?! haha, i have 2 more sleeps till my surgery and I'm so ready for it to be over with!!!!
  13. OhHeyMarina

    Dates here!

    @@Large2Ncharge i know that I'm part of many of them! lol but that has nothing to do at all with what I'm saying all I'm saying is a lot of people also on that calendar that you linked aren't part of this partially group that we are talking on and I'm getting messages from people asking about the calendar and that calendar link that your posting has nothing to do with just this group because anyone has access to it "which is great, i loved the purpose of it! thats why i also added my name to it when you posted the link on the general fourm the first time "but this group had been around before that calendar was made and some people now are thinking that by adding their name to that calendar i can see it and thats how I'm suppose to get their date but since not everyone on that calendar is part of the group i can't go off that calendar cause the calendar i made was made to be a place for support from people specifically part of this partially group, not any other group out there, I would love to be able to show everyone who has a surgery in December support but that would be way to crazy there are hundreds of people! so thats why i did the surgery date support calendar for the group, just specifically for this group, even though i know there are tons of groups out there! when i made it, i keep track of when people send me their dates and join the group, I'm just trying to get people to understand i can't go off your calendar cause half of those people don't belong to the group lol
  14. OhHeyMarina

    Pre-op diet and weakness

    weak and dizzy i think we all pretty much feel when first starting out so i would say thats normal but it days get better! I'm on day 9 and thats gone away for me! it gets better! I'm not even hungry anymore or craving anything, yes i see my family eating burgers, eggs, steak, etc and its making me want some but not cause I'm craving it just cause i miss it haha and 8.6 pounds in 2 days?! good for you! I'm on day 9 and only lost 10! lol
  15. OhHeyMarina

    Surgery day question- girl stuff

    im so happy someone asked this cause I'm 7 days away from surgery and i can tell my period is coming so if i literally don't have it today or tomorrow I will either be on the last day of it or on it during surgery and that sucks! "and I have pcos and hardly even get my period, so what a time to -_-"

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