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  1. Please don't be discouraged. We're in this for the long haul and it definitely isn't a quick fix. I'm three weeks post op and to be frank with you, I don't focus on the scale. The last time I checked the scale was when I had my two week follow up appointment Thursday of last week. But my goal for now is to hit my water and protein intake and of course incorporate a healthy dose of exercise. So,just from personal experience don't just focus on weight lost. Maybe weight yourself every other week or once a month. Best of luck!
  2. TexasguyEP


    Thanks everyone
  3. TexasguyEP

    Two days post-op

    I've noticed that I have a huge, huge craving for spicy/sour things!
  4. TexasguyEP


    You definitely did. I'll make sure to bring it up with my surgeon and nut, see what their thoughts are.
  5. I recently tried premier protein, it's pretty good in taste.
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    Just venting

    Thank you
  7. TexasguyEP

    Just venting

    Thank you. I just got off the phone with my surgeons on call nurse and he gave me some instructions, hopefully my stomach will ease a little and nausea symptoms go away.
  8. TexasguyEP

    Just venting

    Thank you, we are trying to tackle it day by day. I'm of the same opinion regarding overnight hospital stays. I know the staff is qualified and she'll be ok, but my mom would still get anxious and that would cause respiratory attacks is what they told us was happening. Thanks for your words.
  9. TexasguyEP

    Just venting

    She's been great, very gracious. Her boyfriend and her arrived last night. Today they've helped taking people to breakfast and lunch, we've had quite a few visitors from out of town. So she's been helping with that, today wasn't too great. No protein in whatsoever, threw up a couple of times already. Feel hungry but nauseous and don't want anything. I've had maybe 32 oz of water. Sister is spending the night with my mom. However, she has to leave tomorrow due to work AND she's pregnant, so every little thing she does is much appreciated and loads of help. Hoping to feel better tomorrow and to be able to get a full nights rest.
  10. TexasguyEP

    Just venting

    Thanks everyone. My sister arrived last night, she's been a lot of help already. Today I woke up super nauseous and not hungry, unable to put anything down. I've been able to tolerate some Gatorade.
  11. TexasguyEP

    Just venting

    But we definitely understand each other. Thank you!
  12. TexasguyEP

    Just venting

    Definitely. Add on top I'm the only one driving my father to visit mom. Sister is on her way. Hopefully that'll be some relieve.
  13. TexasguyEP

    Just venting

    It definitely helped. Even if no one acknowledges, just putting it out there helps.
  14. How's everyone doing? I'm a post op gastric bypass patient. Had surgery on the 13th, discharged on the 15th. Returned to the ER on the 17th for my mother. I've been a week post op and it's been nothing but back and forth to the hospital. To make matters worse, I live 30 miles away from the hospital. That is the closest hospital and 30 miles is only one way. Two nights ago my mother started suffering anxiety attacks at night and her oxygen goes dangerously low. She's on a bipap as now and even then has issues with her oxygen going down. Anyway tonight is my turn to spend the night with her, she's already had one attack tonight and someone not being with her makes her anxious. To make matters worse, she was moved from a private room to an A/B room, and because her roomie is a woman I can't fall asleep in the room. I can only come and go from lobby to her room. Yay! Hope someone is up to keep me company lol. Sorry for the rant guys, just needed to let it out.
  15. I use nectar sweets by Syntrax. Everything flavored I've tried by them was really good, they do have cookies and cream, definitely worth looking into