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  1. vannababyy22

    Scared out of my mind

    I was so scared I literally made myself sick over it, it’s worth it. The death rate during and after surgery is sooooo low. You won’t regret your decision trust me!
  2. vannababyy22

    No regrets guys!

    Yessss, atleast 5 days a week. Now I’ve lost 267 total. I lost 100 pounds post surgery
  3. vannababyy22

    No regrets guys!

    Here ya go [emoji5]
  4. vannababyy22

    No regrets guys!

    Extra skin, stretch marks and cellulite. But I’m down 267 pounds, 267! I don’t regret a thing.
  5. Down 230 pounds ya'll feeling amazing!! [emoji4] wouldn't change my decision for the world! Sent from my SGH-M919 using BariatricPal mobile app
  6. Just sharing my progress with you guys! Hope everyone is doing great!
  7. vannababyy22

    Post your progress pics!

    8 months out 202 pounds down total, 170 since surgery! [emoji1320][emoji1320]
  8. vannababyy22

    7 month post opt with pictures.

    No I have lost 160 pounds since surgery. 190 total.
  9. vannababyy22

    7 month post opt with pictures.

    I had the sleeve done
  10. vannababyy22

    7 month post opt with pictures.

    Exercise, and don't give up. Stalls really suck and they can really bring you down just remember it's just a stall and the scale will move again, be patient with your body.
  11. Down a total of 190 pounds, sometimes I still can't believe it! [emoji1320][emoji1320]
  12. vannababyy22

    5 month post opt pictures

    I lift every day, not heavy lifting though. I take 10 pound weights and do all different types of arm workouts, squats and leg presses for my legs.. and much more.
  13. vannababyy22

    5 month post opt pictures

    Just follow everything the doctor says and exercise I try to work out at least 5-6 days a week. It really sped up the process for me! Good luck! I'm so happy for you, you'll do great!
  14. vannababyy22

    5 month post opt pictures

    I am 5'8, 377 pounds was my starting weight I am down to 223 today.
  15. vannababyy22

    5 month post opt pictures

    You will do great! I was terrified, but I am so glad I did it, my quality of life is so much better!