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  1. Hazel_eyez

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    Taken in Feb for my 3 wks of a birthday celebration! I am loving life even more, so I had to celebrate even bigger!
  2. Hazel_eyez

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    My 1 yr, I am still losing but much much slower because I haven't been as disciplined. [emoji136]🏽‍♀️
  3. Hazel_eyez

    African American vsgers!

    Aww thank you![emoji173][emoji173][emoji173]
  4. Yes, lady keep it up[emoji7] I have a little extra tummy skin as well and my boobs are non-existent without a push up bra but I may get surgery for them. I will see what muscle gains can do first. [emoji1]
  5. I'm sorry, I am barely on here anymore. I do a low carb diet with no more than 20g of carbs and I try to keep my protein up with protein drinks, chicken, fish, and bison mostly. For "sugary" snack quest bars, sugar free jello (splenda), or kind bars. I also munch on celery, grape tomatoes, carrots, sunflower seeds, cucumbers and sometimes broccoli. If you want to talk in more detail or get more detail you can follow me on FB @ https://www.facebook.com/soulfullyliving/
  6. Hazel_eyez

    African American vsgers!

    8 mos post-op and 113 lbs down, 17 lbs to goal weight
  7. Hw: 298 Sw: 278 (11/25/16) Cw: 186 Gw: 165 Lost 112 lbs total, -92 since surgery
  8. Hazel_eyez


    As of 5/5/17 Cw: 199
  9. HW: 288 lbs Sw (11/25/16):278 lbs Cw: 202 lbs Since surgery I have lost 76 lbs.
  10. I did for about a month. I take a crazy amount of Vitamin B ( multivitamin and B-50 complex pill) including biotin gummy. It is back to normal shed.
  11. Hazel_eyez


    Goal Weight: 195 Current Weight: 202 Today's Date: 4/30
  12. Hazel_eyez


    Is it too late to join. I liked the last one. If it isn't here are my stats: Goal Weight: 195 Current Weight: 205 Today's Date: 4/22
  13. I find for me to lose weight I have to keep my carbs around 20g. So I count everything including any carbs in the shakes and vitamin gummies/chews. All carbs not net. It has worked well before and after surgery. I am down 82 lbs total.