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  1. QueenOfTheTamazons

    Old clothes? What did you do?

    I sold a few pairs of jeans, gave some to friends and donated the rest. I'm in 14/16 now so gave away all your 20-28s Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. QueenOfTheTamazons

    NO Carbonated beverages- FOREVER!

    I have had a few Oz of soda since the surgery. I find that the most I can have on an empty stomach is about 4oz. After that I get the uncomfortably full feeling. I try to stay away from it most of the time but will have a few sips when really craving or having a rare cocktail with friends. I am 8.5 months post op and 130lbs down. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. QueenOfTheTamazons

    One year post op!

    Congrats to you! We were at similar sizes. I was also a 28 (thou 385 sw). I'm almost 8 months post op. I've got 65 -75 more to go Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using BariatricPal mobile app
  4. It's been quite some time since I was active on the boards. My new job has me working extra hours so there never seems to be enough time. I am 7 months post op at 125lbs down. I am 259 (sw 385). Peter (my husband) is 3 months post op and 80lbs down. I am the lowest I have weighed in over a decade. But that is not the record I am talking about... Today I walked 21665 steps or 9.88 miles. My fitbit recorded 120 min of activity. I've gone from an average of 2500 steps a day to an average of 10000. Peter and I pick walking as an activity (like hiking along the local levy) rather than being lazy (like circling a store parking 3 times to find a closer spot to park). I know this is quite self congratulatory but I am so happy with the changes in my life and excited to share them. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using BariatricPal mobile app
  5. Do you have access to a Sam's Club? I pay $16.50 for a 12pk of Premier RTD.
  6. There were quite a few things that I liked prior and changed afterwards. Several sugar free items became waaaay to sweet. It's not tied to a specific sugar alternative though. I love a few Splenda items and can't stand other. Loved pickles and now they make me horribly nautious for hours. Many companies like GNC and Sam's Club allow you to return protein if you don't like the flavor. Take advantage of that so you don't get stuck with $100s in unused protein. Try different add ins to vary the flavor of your base protein (like pb2 in chocolate) so you can vary the flavors.
  7. QueenOfTheTamazons

    Random Bariatric Thought of the Day.

    I went with Dr. Richard Nguyen at Lifestyle Bariatric in San Jose. His bedside manner is great. His staff worked with us for months as we fought for insurance approval. The only flaw was it took hours for discharge because of his busy schedule. For most it wouldn't be a big deal but we had a 4 hour drive. I don't think that the surgeons need to have been through bariatric surgery but they do need to treat us with respect and dignity. We stopped by the hospital where we had surgery to check in with our bariatric nurse. Our program gives us access to her for 2 years post surgery. Good Samaritan has an section just for bariatric patients. The nurses were so happy to see us. They help all the patients post surgery but never get to see the successes. If you had a good relationship with your nurse, you should stop by and show off your success.
  8. Today is the 6 month anniversary from the start of my preop diet. Ive lost 110lbs and am the thinest I have been since I reached drinking age. I went from a size 26-28 to a 18-20. Yesterday I had to take two links out of my fancy fitbit bracelet and its still loose. I am no longer a diabetic (thou still pre diabetic for now). I dont have to use my bipap for sleep apnea. My tendonitis in my elbows has resolved and my knees no longer hurt everday. I went from zero minutes of exercise a week to a min of 210. I have been seen in a swimsuit... in public... without a tshirt and shorts covering it up. I am working with a trainer and lifting weights. Its amazing what this surgery can help you do. What is your proudest scale and non scale victory?
  9. QueenOfTheTamazons

    Non candy easter basket ideas?

    I was teasing you. Lol
  10. QueenOfTheTamazons

    Non candy easter basket ideas?

    @madmanpbsgc pervert! Lol! And thanks. Thats an old pic too. Everyone else... thanks for the suggestions. I didnt realize how spoiled he is. Most of your suggestions we already get for him... but i am going to use a combo of your suggestions.
  11. QueenOfTheTamazons

    BCBS Ca weight loss management

    I think it depends on your starting weight and BMI. If you are close to 40, it might be a possibility but those in the high 40s and 50s prob not. Honestly, i didnt try to lose weight in my 6 months... it case that was an issue. I dont know what your stats are but i think 4lbs a month, while a good start, isnt going to put a huge dent in your weight unless you have a low bmi.
  12. QueenOfTheTamazons

    Feel like a failure

    Most people think that they stretched their sleeve out but its pretty much impossible to do. What it is is a combination of your stomach naturally allowing more food (from healing) and slipping back into slider foods. chocolate, chips and other junk foods are slider foods which make it easier to gorge on. I get the cravings. Try to plan for some small ways to indulge so you dont feel deprived but still stay on track. Check in with your surgeon or primary too. You never know if something medical is pulling you off track as well. I had been gaining and losing the same pound for 3 weeks despite exercising everyday. I realized my edema was flaring and went back on my water pill. Ive lost 8lbs in 3 days.
  13. I want to make an easter basket for my husband but not sure what to put in it now that candy is off the table. What would you guys suggest?
  14. I have never had a problem with dumping from fruit juice. I drink it fairly regularly. I have an issue with plain water making my stomach cramp. Crystal light, mio or even fresh fruit added to water does bother me. Its weird but my surgeon says it not an uncommon occurance. The milk and juice help get the fluids down and provide a few calories when most people are having a hard time getting much down.
  15. QueenOfTheTamazons

    How is this even possible?

    I am used to stalls... have had many. This one was just refusing to budge even with the typical stall breakers. @grrlann I dont "workout" workout every day. I judt try to get at least 30 min of exercuse a day. Sometimes its just a decent walk with hubby. Most days its an aqua aerobics class. I havent really started weight lifting yet.

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