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    I was banded in Dec of 06 and have lost about 60 lbs.
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    Making jewelry, reading, working with children
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  1. Happy 28th Birthday faithfullybanded06!

  2. faithfullybanded06

    On Faith and Weight Loss

    Follow my emotional journey with Lap Band, from a faith-filled perspective. http://myjourneywithlapband.xanga.com/
  3. faithfullybanded06

    Does weight gain make your band tighter?

    Sounds to me, like what I went through. Concentric pouch dilation... Not pretty. (Can lead to band slippage, but doesn't have to.) I live in Redding and would be happy to meet up with you (also moved to California from Texas recently, and was banded in Texas - have been banded for 3 years). My blog describes a little about dilation... myjourneywithlapband on Xanga it's basically what happens after your stomach adjusts over time to the overeating.. the upper pouch stretches to accommodate and the results can be terrifying.. anything from the esophagus actually dying to band slippage or band removal. Would love to chat, send me a message if you want to meet up- Anjuli
  4. faithfullybanded06

    My mind wants my body to stay fat

    robin, can say that i know what you're going through. feel that subconsciously i am doing the same thing... lost 90 lbs, and gained 40 back and due to complications but psychologically, I wonder if I didn't sabotage myself because the attention was too much to handle. think that the best thing is probably what 123crod recommended, some good ole soul searching, and counseling to see what lies we are believing and how to replace them with truth. freedom is always better than bondage. here's to freedom for you and i, sister.
  5. I tend to think we are able to eat less in the morning due to our bodies swelling at night. Total guess though. I think most of us have that problem though.
  6. faithfullybanded06


    I definitely remember that feeling, it IS miserable when nothing will go down. Whenever that happens to me, I go on like a 3 day liquid diet to open the band up a bit. You may need a bit of an unfill if the problem is consistent though, good luck!
  7. I have the same problem! I always thought it was due to bloating, but who knows?
  8. This is the link to my diary that I kept before, during, and after the life-changing surgery! myjourneywithlapband's Xanga Site