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    susansusan reacted to Navigating the Wilderness in Revision 12 years later? Band to...   
    I chose it because I did not like the idea of having malabsorption and the related bowel issues that I felt came with it. I also did not want to be on the surgery table for an hour and a half. This is not to say bypass is a bad choice, because it isn't. I just felt it was not right for me.
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    susansusan reacted to Postop in What are the differences between the various Duodenal switch operstions   
    Loop DS, SADI, SADI-s, SIPS are all the same.
    Traditional DS is quite different. There are definitely pros & cons to having the traditional DS (I'm 12+ years postop) as I'm sure there are to the Loop DS.
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    susansusan reacted to RickM in Whats the difference   
    It is hard to tell from the vernacular - traditional/modified/etc. - what exactly you had as surgeons can use such general terms rather loosely. If indeed you had a BPD/DS, that is quite distinct from the SIPS/SADI/"loop DS" which is a very different procedure where some use a DS label for marketing purposes. The "traditional" BPD/DS can be "modified" in different ways - primarily in varying limb lengths and proportions, and the common channel length, but still be a BPD/DS as defined by the CPT codes that insurance companies and Medicare use for billing purposes. The SIPS/SADI is a different structure that resembles a DS in that it uses a sleeve gastrectomy and alters the intestinal tract, but to a different fundamental configuration. It is neither better nor worse than the traditional DS (time will tell on that, given its' newness) but it will have different characteristics in its nutritional absorption and potential side effects. Calling it a DS is somewhat deceptive (that's marketing for you!) and is akin to calling a RNY gastric bypass a "DS with a pouch instead of a sleeve."
    My suggestion would be to have the surgeon explain exactly what he did and how it differs from a "traditional" DS, and to get a copy of the surgical report from him or the hospital. This last point is very important for all with these intestine altering procedures (or any bariatric, for that matter) so that if any problems crop up later in life - including an accident putting you in the ER for emergency surgery - the responsible surgeon at that time can have some idea of what your altered anatomy looks like. Some patients I know keep a reduced and laminated copy in their purse for just such an eventuality.
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    susansusan reacted to Kaylamh in If I had known then what I know now about my DS...   
    @summerset no, it's not impossible, but it's definitely less likely, especially if you stick close to plan. I'm just basing that info on what my surgeon told me. He recommended it for me because of the long term stats associated with it.
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    What is a mini gastric bypass? The name alone is problematic for me.
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    susansusan reacted to robbie&kaitlyn in Having sleeve done on 13 th febuary in Poland going alone   
    Yes went ok thanks
    In little pain
    Very nausea but not sick
    Been up walking around today
    Had a cuppa tea and Water
    Getting there xx

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