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    My surgeon said not before 8 weeks
  2. cbonet

    Puree, blender and baby food

    The magic bullet is good too. It comes with different blades, different sizes blender containers and smoothie jars.
  3. cbonet

    Fall Favorites: Share Your Recipes Here!

    Baked pumkin One small to medium sized pumpkin Cut off top (save top) Take out seeds and hunk I'm cavity put 1/4 cup of fresh garlic in big pieces, about 1 cup of what ever shredded cheese you like,salt, pumpkin spice Put top on Place pumpkin on cookie sheet and bake at 275 for 2 hours Open too and mix it together.
  4. cbonet

    Fall Favorites: Share Your Recipes Here!

    Banana soft serve 2 bananas 1 scoop unflavored protein powder(yarrow) 2 tablespoons greek yogurt (siggis) 1 Splenda Puree in blender (vitamix) Pour into 3 small plastic containers and put in freezer.
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    Fall Favorites: Share Your Recipes Here!

  6. cbonet

    Help me I'm scared

    I had the intense left side pain. The nurse told me to lay on my right side. It hurt to turn but it did help with gas. Also ask someone to wedge a blanket behind your left side. Hang in there
  7. cbonet

    Protein powder

    I have rob Jarrow unflavored whey isolate protein. It's fine
  8. cbonet

    Things I'm looking forward to

    Not worrying about fitting into chairs Not worrying if the toilets are too low or if there's a rail Not being stared at Walking long distances Going to the beach freely Walking up a flight of stairs or 2 quickly Being free of pain Flying and traveling Doing different things with my children
  9. cbonet

    Vitamin Patches

    I'm on them. My practice prefers them.
  10. cbonet

    Favorite Protein Shakes?

    Premier is also at BJs and amazon. I just Jarrow unflavored and made soft serve with bananas, greek yogurt and the protein powder
  11. For 5 days after surgery I was allowed only water Crystal Light and tea. No protein till day 6. I didcusr my vitamin patch from when I got home
  12. I was the 13th. Why not make broccoli soup. I know it's not crunchy but the smell and taste might take the edge off. You could add unflavired protein too
  13. cbonet

    Who's over 50 crowd

    I'm 57 and has the sleeve on 9/13. The first day was hard from the gas but walk, walk, walk. I was in the hospital overnight. By day 3 I was off pain meds. Its important to balance moving with resting, when you get home. Prepare by getting some protein shakes in the house, I got a Brita water filter and sugar Free ice pops. I use vitamin patches instead of pillows. A heating pad on my stomach helped if you have one and a pillow for the car. Be well.
  14. cbonet


    The practice I go to prefers them and they do bloodwork to make sure of their efficacy. They have us use Multiplus from patchmd.com. the days I forgot, I felt tired. I put the patch on now after my morning shower so I won't forget.
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  16. My first day was so much worst than I prepared for. I was able to start walking that night. The nurse told me to turn on my side. It was painful to do but it helped. I also had pillows wedged up under the worst side of my back and that helped too. By day 3 I was off pain meds and getting around. It really does get better every day. Hang in there !
  17. cbonet

    Male Before and After Pictures

    I can't get these to open
  18. cbonet

    Bai Drinks

    Sparkling water is carbonated
  19. cbonet


    Maybe you need to have some blood work to check your vitamin and iron levels. There might be an adjustment needed or an absorption issue.
  20. Back to the young girl. When I was her age I was active, basketball team, volley ball, soft ball, girl scouts..... I was getting heavier and heavier. I was sent to diet doctors, doctors, WW, put on pills, predigested protein, every diet program that came out. I was ostracized, lonely, bullied...... I continued gaining weight becoming an obese adult with health issues, emotional issues and physical damage. As an adult I found a dr who dug deeper, did full panel testing for thyroid disease and found out I had Hoshimoto. I later developed Graves disease. I was tested as a child but the full, complete panel wasn't done so it wasn't found and went untreated. I often think that if it was found as a child, I wouldn't have lived as a fat pre-teen, teenager and unhealthy adult. Your friend asked you because she trusts you. Please find out if the complete testing for thyroid diseases and other possible disorders was done. Alex is right, the child should know she is going to Drs to ensure her wellness, not about her weight. Thank you for helping this child and supporting her mother. I wish all of you the best.
  21. cbonet

    Sugar substitutes

    I use stevia. Its strong you use very little of it. There is liquid and powder
  22. I would love recipes. Maybe start a just recipes thread that people could add too.????
  23. cbonet

    The Losing Battle

    I went from band to sleeve. My weight fluctuated with the band and it was uncomfortable . the sleeve is new to me but I feel relief not having the band and the port
  24. cbonet

    Pumpkin spice anywhere!?

    That was 1 Splenda not 5