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    Post op regrets topics - not popular

    A couple things really hit home from your original post. First is that you did a tremendous amount of research pre-op and put a lot of time and effort into making this decision. It certainly was well thought out. The second thing that really struck a similar chord with me is your comment, "I myself am only 9 weeks post op and have had complications so I can't know what my future holds." I want to really key in on this. I didn't really feel alive and vibrant until somewhere between my 2nd and 3rd month. Prior to that the diarrhea, rumbling stomach, weird feels overall, dropping blood pressure and baggy clothes had me feeling strange and uncertain. Then....I found my stride. I found that life was normal. I was eating hearty cuts of succulent Protein........and then I was given the go ahead to have coffee.....blessed coffee. Things began getting back to normal....a new normal that was much better than any I'd known in decades. It continues to get better each week, too. Now....if I want, I can have the diet Dews and diet Cokes that I used to love.....and yes...I can even have them with some mixed nuts & cheese (one of my all time favorite snacks) so long as I stay within my daily calorie goals. I've yet to have the diet sodas simply because I have been without them for the better part of a year and don't miss them. I'm good with Water and coffee and an occasional diet Snapple or similar. I ask that you trust in your pre-op homework and demonstrated diligence. You put in tremendous thought into this back then. You've been through a major series of changes since and are truly at the infant stages of your post-op living. You are only 9 weeks out. I'll wager that in a few months you'll resist this thread with an update and I hope that it's one where you've found that things have normalized and everything is falling into place. Hang in there and thanks for being open, supportive and honest. That's the only way to roll. I have read several of your posts and feel that you are genuine in sharing your experiences and prospective. I am 57 had the band 7 years ago and having the sleeve on 9/13. I am second guessing myself everyday. Always asking myself why do I need to go to such an extreme. I've lost and gained my whole life. I have always been obese. I haven't told my family or friends yet. Today I told someone I know who takes care of my mother. She's about my age and lost 70 pounds.,5 years ago. Has gained some back. Her response floored me. She said don't do that, you know what you have to do. Stop eating, excercise just do it. I've done that for 57 years.now I am again second guessing, fearing the whole process and permanence. I am so sorry that you are having all of those complications, but I have to say I LOVE everything you had to say and the way that you said it. I recently voiced my regrets about having this surgery and got blasted by the sleeve fans on this site. It is not a popular opinion, but someone should voice it. Thank you! Sent from my VS986 using the BariatricPal App
  2. Maybe you can help me figure things out. I have surgery in one month to remove band and do sleeve. I keep second guessing why I just can't do this without the sleeve. I really don't know. I'm scared. Sent from my VS986 using the BariatricPal App
  3. Wow. I can only pray that I will have results like all of you. I am 57 and feeling 90. I can't go places if there are steps or chairs with arms. I have missed soooo much with my now grown children. I haven't told my kids or any family members yet. I know they will be critical and judgmental. They are cross fitters and can not and never have related to my weight or struggle. I don't think I can take the comments about just eat right and go to the gym. I know I've done that, Atkins, pills, starvation, liquid Protein, nutrisystem WW, band surgery..... I will be doing this alone and I'm feeling so scared and lonely. Surgery is Sept 13. Sent from my VS986 using the BariatricPal App
  4. cbonet

    2 yr mark in 2 weeks!

    I'm getting my surgery date tomorrow. Seeing your rmtransformation is really helpful. Continued success!! Sent from my VS986 using the BariatricPal App
  5. cbonet

    Hudson Valley sleevers

    I went to 2 night sessions and 1 morning session. I thought it soul be different. Maybe I'll try one more time. Sent from my VS986 using the BariatricPal App
  6. It would be lovely for the forum to be a positive supportive channel with the opportunity to diiscuss, question and share experiences. Here's to physical and emotional wellness. Sent from my VS986 using the BariatricPal App
  7. cbonet

    Surgery in Mexico

    Please put in for an appeal with your insurance. I did and it worked. Good luck Sent from my VS986 using the BariatricPal App
  8. cbonet

    One week Post op update

    Thank you for sharing I have to have the band removed too. Did they see the severity when you had the endoscopy. I see my dr on Monday to get surgery date. I am scared and excited. Mostly scared. I guess thats normal. Good health to you. Sent from my VS986 using the BariatricPal App
  9. I am the same. I just got approved I'm going to the dr on Monday to schedule date. I'm 57 years old woman and divorced. I need to do this to get a life back. My life is wrapped around food. I'm hoping after weight loss my life will be active and I won't miss food. Best wishes to you Sent from my VS986 using the BariatricPal App