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    deb2571 got a reaction from show1980 in Two month post op appointment, need more protein?   
    I eat a Protein bar for one of my small meals. It helps me get my Protein requirements in along with my meals without drinking shakes...I hate shakes.< /p>
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    deb2571 reacted to clc9 in very disappointed   
    I don't think it's about people understanding, it's about your safety. It has to be incredibly hard. If you need more time to tackle your habits one at a time, then take it. But to second guess why you're doing any of it because your doctor wouldn't jeopardize your safety isn't logical. Sent from my iPad using the BariatricPal App
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    deb2571 got a reaction from Zedzed in Diet Coke   
    I had Rny on 8/8. I was a major diet soda drinker for years. It was the hardest thing to give up, but I did it and I feel so much better! You can do it too! Diet sodas are so bad for you for so many reasons. There's so much out there to choose from it you don't like plain Water.
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    deb2571 got a reaction from Seraya in GERD and Gastric Sleeve   
    I know bypass seems a little scarey but it if you have reflux you really should consider it. I went with bypass because of acid reflux.
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    deb2571 reacted to shedo82773 in Trying to decide VSG vs RNY   
    The one thing I would say first off is "Only you and your Surgeon can make that decsion. But I had the RNY and I am 3 and 1/2 years out. I lost 132#'s in 6 months. Now I think some of that loss was due to STRICTURES (basically scar tissue) I ended up needing 5 Endoscopes and 4 Dialations. I was so insulin resistant and I took 100unitsn of insulin and 500mg of Metformin. Now I take 0 I no longer am considered Diabetic. I use to take 12 different medications, now I take 4 plus my Vitamins. So many people say that the Sleeve is less invasive but you know that they take at least 80% of your stomach out and there are that need to be revised to a RNY later down the road. One thing that I told myself I am 57 years old (60 now)so I better go big or go home!! I felt that at my age I sure don't want to go back for a revision. But as I said before it is your choice. Congratulations and which ever one you choose it is up to you to make it, as our WLS is a tool. We still do the work!!
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    deb2571 reacted to Redmaxx in Trying to decide VSG vs RNY   
    From what my surgeon told me it was a no brainer for the RNY. sleep apnea, hi BP, high cholesterol, GERD, and diabetes.
    From what I was told, RNY loses weight faster, and has a better success rate of keeping the weight off. I was told that sleeves have a 33% chance of gaining all the weight back. I am proud to be a kangaroo!
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    deb2571 got a reaction from coconutlemongrass in Stabbing pain at incision site 1.5 months out   
    I will get discomfort if I lift something such as Water cases that weigh almost thirty pounds. The discomfort is on my left side . I'm 5 months post op. Rny. Your probably just fine but are right to check with your Dr.
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    deb2571 reacted to White Sale in Crying on the bathroom floor   
    Was it a complaint or was I expressing to you how your post made me feel? I didn't bad mouth you, I didn't insult you or put you down; I was hoping to have you reflect on how your posts may be received without you realizing it.
    I chose to send a private message to avoid "public" drama, but to still have a discourse with you.
    It is sad that I had/am having an emotional outburst on a message board? Yes, yes it is. I wish I had someone here with me to vent to, but I don't.
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    deb2571 reacted to Redmaxx in 3 Month Post Op Appointment   
    The doctor said I am way ahead of where I should be at 3 months. 62% body fat is gone and I only have about 40 pounds left to go. I am very happy.
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    deb2571 reacted to sgc in Posting about fast food and unhealthy junk   
    I don't see what is so wrong with that post. I would just offer up advice and leave it. If they are willing to accept it that is up to them. I'm just amazed at how personally upset people get when someone doesn't seem to be receptive to their advice.
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    deb2571 reacted to Mindy78 in Posting about fast food and unhealthy junk   
    I eat fast food, a whole lot less than before. Things I think "I want" normally one bite and nope don't want it like before. I never understood picky eaters before. I get it now. It is almost like my throat closes and says nope....not eating it.
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    deb2571 got a reaction from Wonder WomanNJ in Fast Food Questions   
    I'm 5 months post op gastric bypass. I do go out to eat but I make smart choices like salad, chicken, Soup. Lite choices on the menu. At this stage I couldn't eat something "bad" I don't have the room in my pouch. Also I'm trying to teach myself not to think of food as a reward. I know when I get to maintenence I can ocassionally have a bite of something off of my plan. I was and still am a food adict. I will always have to be careful not to fall back into that behavior. My brain is a fat girl brain in a thinner body. Surgery can't change that.
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    deb2571 reacted to Greensleevie in Fast Food Questions   
    No, I stay away from fast food as a rule because that was part of the reason i was fat.
    What newer post ops don't seem to understand is capacity increases the further out you get, so making better choices is key to keeping the weight off.
    I'm almost 3 years out and would be able to eat almost a whole hamburger. That, along with a slower, more stable metabolism from maintaining my weight for 2 years would cause gain.
    Instead of the whole fast food hamburger with bun, I'll eat just a burger patty, no bun with veggies. No fries because they offer zero nutritional.value to me. These choices have allowed me to keep the majority of my weight off for almost 2 years, and I intend to keep it that way.
    I'm fighting a small bit of regain from dipping my toes in the pool so to speak of "just a little of this and that". It just doesn't work that way in maintenence. I just have to keep doing what worked, or it won't.
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    deb2571 reacted to catdaddy in Alcohol?   
    Hey guys,
    It's now to late for me because I'm now an alcoholic. Just to let you know it's intoxicatingly easy to fall into it if you go that way. You really don't want to do this. I've read that a GBP patient can easily fall into it but I ignored it. Now I have to figure out how to fix it. No need to preach because I'm not ready for that. I just wanted to let you know for me it was way to easy to fall into this.
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    deb2571 reacted to SeaShells82 in Alcohol?   
    All of the reasons you list are valid but there are 2 other big ones that should be mentioned:
    1) Especially for bypass or DS patients, the re-routing that occurs during surgery means alcohol hits your bloodstream very quickly and will be very undiluted when it gets there. 1 drink can easily lead to unsafe blood alcohol levels and severe impairment because the normal absorption pathway has been altered. Sleeve patients aren't immune either because of the small volumes of food their sleeves can take. They're basically drinking on an empty stomach - all the time. Not a good (or safe) scenario for anyone, regardless of the type of surgery they've had.
    2) It's also really easy to swap one unhealthy coping mechanism for another when food is no longer something that can be turned to in times of stress. There are even some studies that show an increase in the prevalence of alcoholism among post-op WLS patients. This obviously isn't an issue for every patient but it is a very real problem for a lot of people who choose to set foot on that slippery slope post-op.
    All in all, drinking is not something that most surgeons support (generally not for the first year or so in sleeve patients and not ever for bypass and DS patients). Every surgeon is different though so if you have questions about your particular plan, I'd check with your team.
    Hope this information helps.
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    deb2571 reacted to Alex Brecher in BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!   
    Who's not allowing you to get off this site. Your outrage is quite comical. Go ahead and just delete our app and don't visit this website again.
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    deb2571 reacted to Alex Brecher in BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!   
    Let's think about things logically for a second.....
    Do you think this was a personal vendetta against a few members? What do I or BariatricPal have to gain from banning some very active members? If we are all about the mighty $, don't you think it would be in our best interest to keep things status quo and not make waves?
    BariatricPal is supposed to be a safe place for the weight loss surgery community and my mission in life is to keep it that way. I started BariatricPal the night I came home from my own weight loss surgery. It started off as a hobby for me and I literally spent hundreds and thousands keeping it going for many years without any financial support. It was my way of giving back to the community that supported me through my WLS. We've grown quite a bit over the last 14 years and I've recently launched a few businesses to serve the community and support our growth. It's an awesome feeling being able to help people and make a good, decent and honest living. It's living the American dream.
    2017 is going to be a great year for the BariatricPal community. We have some really interesting projects that are launching in a few months. We're done with the rudeness, disrespect and bullying. Failure to follow the Forum Rules will lead to consequences included lifetime bans from BariatricPal.
    PS: Check your records. You received FREE SHIPPING for every single order you placed at the BariatricPal Store
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    deb2571 reacted to Alex Brecher in BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!   
    I've been running BariatricPal in one form or another since 2003. I can count on one hand the times that I've had no choice but to log in to a members account to read through their PMs. One of these cases involved a suicidal member who called me a few weeks after an incident to thank us for saving her life. It takes a lot for us to go into an account and read through PMs. Privacy means a great deal to me. What "trumps" privacy though is member safety. Our members need to feel safe here. I'd love to post screenshots of the PMs that were recently discovered but our policy is and always has been to keep all member information private. There was a coordinated effort to make fun of members and another to bully them because they didn't conform or agree with certain members. I have three kids, two dogs and a pretty busy life. The last thing I find entertaining is reading through member PMs. Yes, we have full access (even to deleted PMs) and we've never hidden that fact.
    We currently have 310,273 members. Do you really think it's going to impact our membership levels if I delete 10-20 accounts? I think not. I'm not deleting your accounts on principle. You are more than welcome to WALK AWAY and never come back to this website. Nobody is forcing you to return. You can click on UNSUBSCRIBE from the forum as well as the store emails you might receive. We have never shared our email list with others and we don't ever plan on doing that.
    I knew this purge was going to cause a mini uproar but I think it'll benefit BariatricPal in the long term. I'm tired of seeing members bullied in the name of tough love or whatever twisted logic some members come up with as an excuse to terrorize others.
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    deb2571 reacted to Middus in BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!   
    No you all are just annoying. I've never heard people make this much noise about leaving an internet forum..
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    deb2571 reacted to Middus in BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!   
    If you want to leave kindly leave and stop behaving like whiny children. For people who claim to be so selflessly willing to help, your whining betrays a lot.
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    deb2571 reacted to White Sale in BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!   
    I think the level of vitriol in this thread speaks for itself.
    If you're upset and want to leave the site, then move along so the remaining members can do the same.
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    deb2571 reacted to summerset in BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!   
    @@john925 I couldn't have said it any better. I absolutely agree.
    PS: If it's really true that users on here made plans on how to ridicule and bully other members then that's just sickening and the ban is well deserved. Don't these people have lives to live?
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    deb2571 reacted to White Sale in BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!   
    I am also in agreement with Alex. Although I am quite green on this site, I have experienced some of the issues he mentioned. I wasn't sure if it was just me or a site-wide problem.
    I, for one, am quite disappointed that many veterans, and therefore their experiences/knowledge, are leaving the site.
    On the other hand, I didn't care for the way some veterans responded to myself and to others. Perhaps that was never their intention, but posts on a message board are usually taken quite literally and as such, one's tone should be considered.
    Hopefully, things around here can head more toward the positive. If one finds themselves getting upset or irritated by the posts of the more uninformed members, perhaps take a few days off, or choose not to engage such people.
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    deb2571 reacted to john925 in BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!   
    Sorry but everything Alex said is true! There have been a few posters on here that even though they may provide some good information their tone and demeanor on here is downright inexcusable... Acting like they are gods gift to Bariatric patients... As he states in the rules this is a safe place and no one should be talked down to for doing this and that. I am fortunate to have a medical background and know the rules and what could happen and all that jazz. But some of these posters even though their questions about doing/eating this and that may sound "dumb" the truth is they most likely really don't know better hence why they're asking for advice on a support page. (Health literacy... look it up). This then turns into a viscous cycle of others commenting and putting them on blast when really they don't know better and probably think they are making decent choices. These posters need help and education, not to be scrutinized by bully tactics. This is your own personal journey and what works for one person may not work for another and just because you deviate from one persons plan doesn't mean your a failure or going to fail. Pretty sure none of these people are credentialed to be giving out medical advise anyways. I have been personally very successful in my WLS journey and you better believe if I posted some of the things I have done I would've received backlash from posters on here...even though everything I've done is on MY plan. It just may not be on others, therefore with these posters mentality I would be wrong.. and fail... and everything else they like to say if you don't follow their rules. Anyways that is my little rant. Happy Saturday
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    deb2571 reacted to sc101071 in BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!   
    it's a petty and cheap shot to denigrate this site for commercial gain. Why would anyone expect free apps and message boards and no way for those pulling it together a way to profit? Also, I would trust a hospital abroad more knowing it's been vetted. So what if there is financial gain. That's what keeps the world spinning.
    I hate to see so many people upset and the "mass" exodus. But people have not been treated right on this board since I have been here by some. I have no doubt that many people don't feel welcome or safe to ask questions without ridicule. We should all recognize that many people with weight issues that get us to a point of surgery are more fragile than most.

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