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  1. Trishadish

    Daily News!

    Happy Bandiversary! Mine is coming up this week. Gosh, its been FOREVER since I have been here. I have not had the success that I expected. :thumbup: I let old stresses (and several new ones!) and whatnot take my focus away from me being a priority. But, I hope to turn things around. Certainly, seeing all the successes here helps! Great job everyone!
  2. Wow, it really has gotten quiet in here. I'm going to try to get back more and leave my non-bandster stuff to facebook activity. I have been doing awful!!! Need to get back on track BIG TIME! Glad to see some of you still here. Anyone else ready to come back?
  3. Trishadish

    NJ 2009 Chat - Jan, Feb and March

    Hola everyone! I'm baaaack too. Party's over. (sort of). I have a few commitments through Wednesday that will make being really good an impossibility, but then on Thursday its back to shakes and salads I think just to jumpstart things.
  4. Who's up for a small exercise challenge this week? I am going to walk for at least a 1/2 hour for 3 of the next 5 days. (Need to get back to the simplest of exercise). Who will meet this challenge with me? Report back on Friday!
  5. Trishadish

    NJ 2009 Chat - Jan, Feb and March

    I'm just checking in too! Sorry I have been so quiet on here. I think I just needed a break from LB. The LB process has consumed me this year and I had hoped for a better outcome. Not giving up, but I needed a break from thinking about it. Back to reality....:confused:
  6. Trishadish

    NJ 2009 Chat - Jan, Feb and March

    Kat: Great news about your daughter! I'm so happy that things now have a better outlook! Diane: I'm lurking a little. Not too much to add. I go for a checkup this week with my band. Not looking for much success to show. Actually, I've been stuck more time these past few days than I ever have. Awful feeling! I am spending more time on facebook because I can update with family and friends more quickly. I don't say anything about the lapband though...I save that for private messaging on there. PM me with your email address and I'll send you an invite. Betty: Yes, I guess the monkeys should be let loose. Everyone else.... hello!
  7. Trishadish

    The BIG Debate - Do I or Don't I?

    You will surely be able to eat. The band helps control the amount you eat, but in my experience I can eat anything. So, there will always be alot of attention that you must give to not letting the head hunger or eating addiction continue to rule you. THAT's the hard part...not the restriction. The positive...if you let the band do its job, you will still be able to eat the things you like, but in moderation. Weight loss in this way is slow, but if I was a person who could follow all of the healthy eating rules, I wouldn't have needed a band! Make sense?
  8. Trishadish

    NJ 2009 Chat - Jan, Feb and March

    OMG Kat, {{{{{Super Big Hug}}}}} I am so sorry to hear all that is happening. I am glad your Kinsey is doing better. Prayers, good thoughts and healing for your daughter. Please stay strong and keep us informed. Hello everyone else. Yes, I've been hanging out in facebook lately...it is quite addicting! Lots of fun and nonsense--just my speed and a great escape from everyday stress! Come sneak a peak at FB Diane and Betty and other LB buddies!
  9. I really need to get my "rear in gear". Literally! How sad that I laid down my initial challenge in the beginning of the month and have been almost silent ever since. Just a blah month, bad weather, busy schedule...hmmm, what else can I come with as an excuse... I'm really going to try this weekend.
  10. Trishadish

    NJ 2009 Chat - Jan, Feb and March

    SAME here. I did get my fill last week. I have 5ccs in a 10 cc Lapband APS band. I swear it makes a tremendous difference for oh, about, 2 days! I really have to work on the head hunger. :mellow:sigh....
  11. Trishadish

    NJ 2009 Chat - Jan, Feb and March

    Hi Bandana! Happy Bandiversary! What an awesome accomplishment....86 lb loss! We're a little quiet here lately, but join in...we'll be getting back on track and so will you.:thumbup:
  12. Trishadish

    NJ 2009 Chat - Jan, Feb and March

    Sounds as if we all have had a few things that have gotten us off track...at least as it pertains to posting! I've just been a little more stressed than usual...this week work was extra, extra busy; my Mom had to have a Pacemaker put in (dr told her she needed it on Tues and it was put in on Thurs. Apparently a 24 hr holter monitor revealed that for several hundred times her heart rate averaged 20-30 beats per minute. THAT's bad!); I refinanced my mortgage on Tuesday (that was good news, rate dropped 2 points to 4.875!) and then the nice long weekend I was looking forward to started out with one son with 102+ fever (he's just starting to feel better, that means his twin or I will get it next!) Oh well...I shouldn't whine! My fill is coming up on Wednesday afternoon. I am thinking that the scale will be up a few pounds when I check in. :huh2: This week will be another busy one! Then next week I will start teaching again 2 nights a week. (I'm trying to get some extra funds together to help me plan a vacation for my 50th this summer. I'm trying to put a positive spin on it!) Oh well, hope everyone has a good week! Please post when you are able! Trish
  13. Trishadish

    NJ 2009 Chat - Jan, Feb and March

    Well, I had a long overdue short girls' weekend escape this weekend and ate waaay too much! It was in Lancaster, PA (Amish PA Dutch country) and we saw a concert (an imitation ABBA group from Sweden...excellent job!), shopped and ate, ate, ate! Smorgasboard dinner on Friday night (I did fine with dinner, but overindulged on dessert!) and of course, had to bring home cinnamon rolls, shoo-fly pie and whoopie pies (they are like hostess devil dogs) for the family. Ugh!! It's hard to visit that area and not eat!
  14. Good job! I just purchased the Wii "My Fitness Coach" (it was on sale last week for $19.95!) and you don't need the balance board. I'm going to check it out today. I'll let everyone know how it goes!
  15. Trishadish

    NJ 2009 Chat - Jan, Feb and March

    You'll do great, Sherry! I finally gave in and made an appointment for my 3rd fill. I haven't had one since mid-September and I don't think I've ever hit that "sweet spot" that everyone mentions. I was hoping to do this by myself and hold out the major band tightening for "maintainence", but that's not happening. I had success the first 6 weeks after surgery and it has been at a standstill ever since. There is definitely no restriction if I can eat a 6 in subway sub and regularly eat most of a restaurant meal. Steak...no problem! So, this has got to change. This surgery was a big commitment and I need to see the success! So, fill coming up in 2 weeks and I'm going to start participating more in follow-up group meetings and regular office visits. There, I said it!:thumbs_up:

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