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  1. ForeverLabradorFan

    Soups and Stews for cold weather and sickness

    Thank you all for your replies, you've made a sick guy very happy! Yes, I had the gastric sleeve (and it was the best decision ever). As far as I know, I still need to wait 30+mins in between eating and drinking. My NUT hasn't said otherwise, but again, she really isn't the most helpful as she just stares at the monitor rather than look at me. I do see my surgeon again next week for my follow-up, I will ask him for his thoughts on this. As I am right now, I eat my Protein first, which ranges from 3 to 4 ounces, then I eat a little veggie, and then some carb, which is either brown rice, whole grain penne, or quinoa. I really cannot finish everything except the protein, which has been stressed as the most important. After that, I feel like I am very full so I usually wait an hour before I drink anything. I'm averaging about 1200-1300 calories a day right now, been told to try and push it to 1400-1500, which is going to be a challenge.
  2. Hi everyone, how are you all doing tonight? I'm 8 months out from my surgery and so far I can handle just about anything with little to no issue. I have a question, though, regarding soups and stews. I'm currently sick and I have this insane craving for homemade chicken soup, but I am too nervous to even have it because it is both a liquid and solid meal. I've been doing very well at not having liquids with my meals till 30 to an hour after eating. How do I do this? Do I eat the chicken and veggies first, then sip the liquid later? Or should I just not do this till much further down the road? For stews, I don't really drink the liquid, even before the surgery. Would beef stew be okay or would that be too heavy a meal to eat? I would ask my NUT these questions, but she has been very unhelpful in regards to food ideas. She repeats the same basic information whenever I try to ask for information on what I should/can have. For my homemade chicken soup, I add chicken, carrots, celery, swanson low sodium broth, and I would add some small noodles. I would then add a few oyster crackers to my bowl. I know I will have to nix the crackers and change the noodles to whole grain. I greatly appreciate any help whatsoever, thank you!
  3. ForeverLabradorFan


    Yes. I had my surgery done on May 11th and I've only now recently started to feel depressed. I'm currently on Stage 3 of my diet, which is soft foods and it is extremely demoralizing. Nearly everything I try (that I am able to) has affected me negatively. I've felt nauseous, uncomfortable, and anxious for several hours after trying something. This is really starting to get to me, especially to the point where I feel like I made the biggest mistake of my life. Before the surgery, NOTHING affected me, I wasn't allergic to anything, and I could try something and know I would not be in for 4 or 5 hours of pain. Now? I am scared to eat something that isn't turkey breast, whole wheat Pasta, or a banana. I miss my chicken caesar salads, my grilled cheese, but most of all, I miss my air-popped popcorn. Man, I really want my popcorn back. I've tried to talk to my family about how I am feeling, but they dismiss it and tell me to "oh well". It's really frustrating to be around them, watching them eat regular foods and I am nibbling on something that isn't what I want. I made the choice to get the surgery. I accepted that something needed to be done about my life, and that I needed serious help. But it is one thing to know about the changes and limitations, and to actually experience them. I probably wouldn't have gotten the surgery had I know exactly how I would feel a month afterwards. I just want to be able to eat a salad again. To be able to make myself a sandwich with cheese (as of right now, cheese and other dairy products cause me discomfort and irritable bowel). I really just want to be able to have my popcorn as a snack again. I wake up every day, sad, knowing that my Breakfast shake is going to make me feel sick for a few hours. Knowing that my lunch is going to be a slice of turkey breast and some broth, which will also be my dinner. No one I've spoke to warned me about this part. Will it get better? Will I ever be able to have variety again without getting sick?