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    Katieisin got a reaction from FluffyChix in February Surgery Buddies!   
    Hi @kakatlady612. Thanks for your reply and kind words of encouragement. Yes I am I Australia. I will post once done. All the best to you x
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    Katieisin got a reaction from ProudGrammy in February Surgery Buddies!   
    Mine is today , 12th Feb. 2am here and in hospital at 6.30am. This is my nightly ritual as the reflux seems to be so horrible at nights. I will be having revision from sleeve to bypass. Sleeve gave me hideous GERD and did not lose a kg!

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    Katieisin got a reaction from FluffyChix in February Surgery Buddies!   
    Hi @kakatlady612. Thanks for your reply and kind words of encouragement. Yes I am I Australia. I will post once done. All the best to you x
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    Katieisin reacted to nelsonglo122 in GERD   
    I was advised to get the bypass instead of sleeve because of my GERD. My date isn't till December 5th. Hopefully it'll cured it and give me finally relief. It's actually the only reason I'm going with the bypass.

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    Katieisin reacted to luvinamy in GERD   
    I was sleeved in 2012, developed severe GERD along with erosion of the esophagus. My total weight loss from sleeve was 55 pounds. My sleeve was converted to RNY on Dec 6th and as of today I no longer suffer with acid reflux and have lost 25 pounds.. So far so good.....

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    Katieisin reacted to kakatlady612 in Band to VSG or Bypass   
    Bear hugs you look beautiful and confident, make me resolute to follow in your tracks.

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    Katieisin reacted to MonkeyNurse in Sleeve Revision to Bypass in January! Looking for a book...   
    Yep, 7 more days til my bypass
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    Katieisin reacted to superuni1130 in GERD   
    GERD was so bad I tried to get fundoplication surgery for it but my esophagus was weakened and it would not be able to push food through. I also had Barrettes esophagus. My surgeon suggested a bypass to get the acid off my esophagus and it would help me loose some weight too. I had it done on 12/28. So far it is ok. Can’t wait to see what happens after this purée phase.
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    Katieisin reacted to heatherjudson in GERD   
    I chose bypass for my GERD and also a hernia repair which was part of the problem my GERD made me cough all day long. I am now symptom free. It’s great! I highly recommend the bypass.

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    Katieisin reacted to Iconcinnity in Onderland!!   
    Nearly 7 months after surgery I am down 107 lbs and crossed into the "One"derland!!
    Feeling super optimistic about 2018 [emoji123][emoji16][emoji123]
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    Katieisin reacted to bearhugs1975 in Band to VSG or Bypass   
    If you have reflux at all go with rny! I am working on getting revised again. Band 6/2010, vsg 10/2014, rny coming soon!
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    Katieisin reacted to Rhonda Dawson in Sleeve Regrets?   
    @@Katieisin I had my sleeve done in 2013. When they did my lapband, I had 3 hernias that they repaired and the reflux went away. Reflux came back instantly once the band was removed. My husband and I talked about trying the bypass but I am not sure I want to go through yet another surgery. Wish you the best on this journey.
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    Katieisin got a reaction from OzRoo in Greetings from Australia... freaking out!   
    Thank you @ you are precious. I appreciate your help.
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    Katieisin reacted to DSLdiversity in Hello Out There August 2016 Sleevers!   
    Congratulations!!! My Surgery date is August 8th. I also have a band, but my surgeon is doing an all in one band out sleeve in!
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    Katieisin reacted to CelesteMarie in Banana chewed very well?   
    The point is kind of moot anyway because you need Protein first. Banana will just take up room for nothing. I am 2 and a half months out almost, and I still only eat Protein first. That's me though.
    Good things come to good people.
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    Katieisin reacted to Kaze in Banana chewed very well?   
    Soft and semi solid foods will fill you up A LOT in the few weeks post surgery because there is a lot of swelling and restriction. Even a tiny bit of mashed banana will make you uncomfortably full (in most cases) whereas when it's blended up and broken down into a liquid, you'll fare better. This improves week by week. I'd save it just for the fact that you won't enjoy it because it's kind of uncomfortable when you first discover your sleeve "restricting", at least it was for me.
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    Katieisin reacted to judy vsg in Banana chewed very well?   
    I really appreciate all the responses! This forum is amazing in that we can get true to life answers to our questions, as opposed to textbook answers that some professionals tend to use...
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    Katieisin reacted to judy vsg in Greetings from Australia... freaking out!   
    Me too! ????
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    Katieisin reacted to Stephy5 in Revision tomorrow 7/20   
    I'm not sure what you mean step by step. Let's see. I was on 2 weeks of full liquids, the 2 days of Clear Liquids. Checked into the hospital the morning of. Did all my vitals. Gave me drugs to relax me. Wheeled me into the surgery room. They took my band and port out and sleeved me all in under 2 hours. Came out of surgery, my surgeon doesn't allow anything by mouth until 24 hours later. That was rough. Next day I got Water and as soon as we knew I would tolerate that I was allowed broth, Protein juice etc. they released me 48 hours after admission to come home. I see him again on Tuesday to go over the rest of my diet.
    I noticed instantly my band was gone. Felt nice. My port site isn't as sore as I expected. Make sure you walk walk walk. Be slow with hot and cold as your tummy is sensitive now that it's been cut.
    Not sure if there was anything else you were curious about. Let me know. Good luck on Tuesday
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    Katieisin reacted to tohealth in Recovery   
    Hi. I had a lap band for five years and had it removed in May. My sleeve is scheduled for August 24, and I'm very excited. Unfortunately the timing is not ideal as I need to return to work soon after surgery. I'm a teacher. I have two in-service days the following week with no students, and then almost another week of rest. All said and done I will have to work for two days within the 14 after my surgery. My question is how people would compare or contrast the lap band surgeries to the sleeve surgery ? My own experiences with those surgeries were quite good. I did not feel a tremendous amount of pain and was up and moving relatively quickly. My biggest problem was gas, which I alleviated by walking and walking and walking. I'm starting to get very nervous about not having enough recovery time and need some reassurance if possible. Thank you.
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    Katieisin reacted to MichJohn77 in Sleeve to Bypass weight loss   
    Hockeyfan7 you had revision? That's awesome! I would love to lose 36 pounds in 3 months! Keep us posted!
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    Katieisin got a reaction from heather5565 in 114 lbs GONE for good!   
    Absolutely fantastic effort. You look wonderful and should be proud. I hope I have your transformation in 9 mths..
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    Katieisin reacted to heather5565 in 114 lbs GONE for good!   
    I heart you KathyYou're so awesome!
    Hahaha I've been on BP a bit more lately! You'll see more (or less) of me when summer/camping/hiking/biking season is over
    Which here in BC Canada .... might be next week!
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    Katieisin reacted to NYC1992 in August Sleevers   
    My band-to-sleeve revision surgery is August 24th!
    I was very successful with my lap band for the first 2 years, losing 165 lbs (even had skin removal)... ever since last summer, my band has completely stopped working and I gained back 30 lbs within 3 months. My surgeon's office and I worked really hard to see what the source of it was, trying several different fills - sadly I am not able to tolerate anything higher than 5.75 cc. Phentermine helped for a few months before my body developed immunity to it.
    I'm very grateful that insurance has approved my revision surgery and it's very surreal for it to be happening so soon. I've been bad with trying to follow the liquid diet (though nothing other than yogurt and gluten free crackers) and feel guilty about it. However, I had a very hard time sticking to it the first time around and really hope it won't impact me negatively as long as I don't have anything more solid than those options.
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    Katieisin reacted to dustyd in Really Regretting it.   
    I would be lying if I said that I didn't have some of these same feelings so far. I am one week out of RNY and just don't feel good, I feel so thirsty and can't hydrate enough. I just read these boards everyday and cling to the hope that you all give me that it will get better!

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