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    biginjapan reacted to CammyC in Going back to work tomorrow and I’m scared   
    Hey Machalo,
    Thanks for the encouraging words! I really appreciate it! ❤️
    You know what, I got my energy back last week around mid week. I got my sleeve on 3/3/20 so it took a good 3 1/2 weeks before I felt back to myself.
    Well, no, I have more energy now than I had before surgery. I’m so happy I did this and yes, very thankful a lot of peeps are no longer around at my office—less exposure.
    We’re trying to make it as fun as we can. Now that a lot of people are gone we can act up and laugh loud and curse LMAO! Hey, it’s whatever gets your group through the day, huh??
    Hang in there, y’all will have your surgery soon. And just be very gentle with yourself when you do. Of course, we’ll be here to help you and all others postponed any way we can!
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    biginjapan reacted to CammyC in Going back to work tomorrow and I’m scared   
    Yes!! Some people said I looked so thin. Lol! I was like I’ll take it. I wanted to say but I have so far to go! I’m trying to learn to take a compliment. ❤️
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    biginjapan reacted to Machalo in Going back to work tomorrow and I’m scared   
    Hi Cammy!
    Glad to hear that your building is down to 15 people, that is quite a change I'm sure. My office is down to 2-3 per day (we're on the 3rd floor of our building) with physicians we support coming and going as they need to. One of my co-workers daughter is a pediatric nurse who is, obviously, essential personnel right now. She goes to work for her four 12-hour shifts a week, comes home, and does exactly what you do, she strips in the mud room, puts everything in the wash including her shoes, and then jumps in the shower. All before she greets her children and her parents. You are doing the right things to keep yourself and your mom safe. Well done!
    I hope that your week is turning out well, how is the fatigue? That was one thing I worried about going back to work. Of course, now my surgery has been postponed so I don't have to worry about that for now. Take good care and stay safe! ((HUGS))
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    biginjapan reacted to AJ Tylo in For those of you In isolation - Make a fancy Meal - Here is help   
    Going to do this to my kids this Friday - Going to get them all wound up about a deluxe barbecue meal

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    biginjapan reacted to mi75 in Bought some new protein powder today...   
    Well upon the advice of my bariatric team, I bought some new Protein Powder today. SIX YEARS post op. Yup, it still works though! My surgeon wants me to work on a specific health thing and feels like doing a 'pre op' style diet for a few weeks will trigger my body to do what he needs it to.
    Since I've developed a serious lactose intolerance post op, I'll be using some unsweetened almond milk as a sub.
    I'm actually looking forward to getting this level of focus back in my life. With all the chaos going on in the world around me, it will be good to let me focus on something else....
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    biginjapan got a reaction from CammyC in Going back to work tomorrow and I’m scared   
    I know this would suck, but is there a way for either you, or your mother, to self-isolate within the house while you are back at work? I know some people who still need to work but have vulnerable people at home do this, although I imagine they have homes (upstairs, downstairs) where this is possible.
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    biginjapan reacted to ivy4u in Sandwich Wraps   
    I have not eaten regular bread but i eat wraps all the time. I will eat chicken or steak wraps and don't have any problems with it. When i first tried it, i had difficulties with it feeling like it was getting stuck, but tried it again several weeks later and now no problems. If something doesn't feel right eating it at first, wait 2-3 weeks and try again and it could be different. That is one thing my doctor stressed to me.
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    biginjapan reacted to Djmohr in Sandwich Wraps   
    I am 10 months out and yes I can certainly eat bread, wraps and that sort of thing but it actually feels like it clogs my pouch so I don't.
    I remember when I was post op about 8 weeks, I wanted a sandwich so badly. I missed bread. Until I ate it the first time, then I lost interest.
    I have since tried it a few more times and honestly i just don't feel right after.every once in a while I will have a half a piece of toast and that doesn't bothe me as much but if the bread is not toasted.......
    The other thing is, it is very difficult to get your Protein and veggies in when eating bread so you end up missing your Protein goal for the day.
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    biginjapan reacted to AJ Tylo in If you are bored as I am right now read this Nothing to do with WLS   
    I own a Home Service Company in Naples Florida. Home of the mega Mansions, I inspect new sales of homes, and then maintain them while they are away. These are mega rich people with a 10 million dollar average cost of there home, a million in cars in the garages, and the yacht out back. I take care of the estates while they are off at there many other homes. Fun job
    Like i say all the time! If Peter pan was flying around Naples Florida it would not suprise me! Seen it all with this mega rich people. Ever see a 5500 dollar ice sculpture of a x mas tree for a party? I ordered it.
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    biginjapan reacted to catwoman7 in Pregnancy?   
    this particular situation doesn't apply to me, but I've read that a lot of surgeons want you to wait a year before getting pregnant. And most women become much more fertile after surgery - so you have to really watch it!
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    biginjapan reacted to rjan in Raw vegetables - which ones and when?   
    Thanks, everyone, for your responses. It's very helpful to hear what others have experienced; that's why I love this forum.
    I did low carb often before my surgery, and I don't know how I would be able to do that long term without vegetables. They add such a variety of texture and flavor. I like eggs and cottage cheese and found an unflavored Protein Powder that worked for me, so I've been having no trouble getting my Protein in, but it's been getting a bit boring.
    I tried a little mashed sweet potato yesterday. It was an enjoyable experience, but probably too much carbs to eat regularly. Next I'm going to try a riced cooked cauliflower dish with garlic sauce I always loved when doing low carb before. If that goes well, I'll probably try peeled cucumber sliced thinly at 4 weeks.
    I hope those of you still in the months after surgery will continue to update this thread with vegetable experiences.
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    biginjapan got a reaction from NovaLuna in Raw vegetables - which ones and when?   
    I'm officially 4 weeks post-op today, and in theory cleared for all food (was not given any directives on raw vegetables). I started introducing well-cooked vegetables (not pureed) into some of my meals a couple days ago and have been doing fine with that (zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions). I'm eager for some proper salads, but I want to wait until my stomach gets more comfortable with the cooked veggies for a while before I even try that. I'm going to try some cooked spinach this week and see how that goes.
    I was at the supermarket today and had to remind myself of what I could and could not eat (in terms of veggies) - this thread actually kept me on track!
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    biginjapan reacted to NovaLuna in Raw vegetables - which ones and when?   
    My doctor said no to lettuce for three months because it won't sit well in your stomach. Though cooked spinach is apparently okay (I have stomach issues due to my surgery so I've yet to try it, but it's on the approved list). No peas for... six months, I think? I'm eating carrots, green Beans, and broccoli, but none of them are raw so I don't know how my stomach would handle them. I'm 9 weeks out btw. The only raw veggies I've eaten are Tomato and bell pepper, and I'm fine with those so maybe you'd be fine with the rest as well when you hit your 4 week mark. Though I had to wait until day 31 following my surgery to go to general diet lol. All these doctors are SO different! x'D
    Oh, and part of my surgery is a sleeved stomach btw.
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    biginjapan reacted to Hop_Scotch in Quarantine 15   
    I have almost finished week two post op and am on pureed foods, so no temptations there. I am in state govt mandatory quarantine until Saturday midnight, as I wasn't able to return home before the date set (thankfully I made it home when I did, arrivals into my state now have to go into govt quarantine at designated hotels). I am not allowed to go anywhere or have any visitors. So I have been keeping myself busy cleaning out cupboards, catching up on reading, shows,etc. I have been walking loops around the house and if I have had a particularly lazy day do some slow walking on the treadmill. Won't be long before I can walk at my usual speed.
    Mental health wise, been having lots of chats with family and friends.
    What about yourself?
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    biginjapan reacted to momof3_angels in How often do you weigh?   
    I weigh daily, but I only allow the scale to record the weight if it dropped that day lol... hate seeing my weight chart go up and down with daily fluctuations lol

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    biginjapan got a reaction from NovaLuna in How often do you weigh?   
    I weigh myself once every morning but I only log the weight once a week (every Monday). I find, for myself, this actually helps. I see my weight fluctuate on a day-to-day basis, but overall, over the week it's still going down. I found that when I stopped being regular about weighing myself after I had my sleeve done, that that's when I started to gain weight without noticing. By the time I did notice, it was hard for me to reverse the trend.
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    biginjapan reacted to lisafrommassachusetts in Regret   
    I think the quarantine may be getting to us all. @marvelgirl25 the sorry you're going through all this, and what a scary time to need medical intervention. @summerset is a very helpful teammate... remember we lose tone and nuance in this type of medium. No one wants anything but to be supportive and helpful.

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    biginjapan reacted to CammyC in Going back to work tomorrow and I’m scared   
    Mama and I live in the basement which basically a finished in-law suite that is fully functioning home of its own. The rest of my family lives on the next level so there is now where for me or them to isolate.
    I don’t know what we will do if I or anyone else in our family catches this devil virus.
    But I appreciate you asking. Just praying for health and safety now....

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    biginjapan got a reaction from CammyC in Going back to work tomorrow and I’m scared   
    I know this would suck, but is there a way for either you, or your mother, to self-isolate within the house while you are back at work? I know some people who still need to work but have vulnerable people at home do this, although I imagine they have homes (upstairs, downstairs) where this is possible.
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    biginjapan reacted to CammyC in Going back to work tomorrow and I’m scared   
    I’ve been on LOA since my surgery date of 3/3/20. I’ve asked my surgeon to extend my absence as long as I can and I go back to work tomorrow morning.
    I work at one of those megabanks where people like me - not in the upper echelon - don’t get to work from home.
    I’m considered one of those essential workers that must report to work regardless.
    I’m scared. From what I’ve heard moral is super low at my office due to those of us that are forced to go into work.
    I live with my family and that includes my 74 year old mother who has diabetes, my brother and his wife and their kids—my niece and nephew—who are 6 and 4 respectively.
    I work in metro Atlanta in the same county with the highest amount of cases in all of GA which is Fulton County.
    my sister-in-law were in tears earlier today anticipating me going back into the office where I can bring this virus home to my mother - she is whom we all want to protect the most.
    I’ve been with my this corporation since 2006. They’ve been really good to me and protected me and helped move me when I was fleeing my abuser from my past DV relationship.
    My brother and his wife both have jobs that allow them to work from home. I don’t. I am also grateful that I have a career where I am still going to get a paycheck. So many others are hurting for money right now.
    Im just scared and I wanted to say so. I’ll do everything I can to protect my family. But I’m about to go out into this mess. I wanted to say thank you to all those others in essential fields required to stay open and in operation during this pandemic. I’ve had it good for a few weeks. I wish everyone out there stays safe and healthy. May God watch over all of us and our families. ❤️
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    biginjapan reacted to CammyC in Unsupportive Partner   
    @AliciaBoyles The man you have described is textbook abusive, narcissistic a*****e!! What you have described is abuse. It may not be physical but this emotional, mental abuse is real. Has it become physical yet?
    All counties have a support system for women like you that can help you get to a safe place.

    I know it’s easier said than done to get out of a 5 year relationship, but you deserve better than this!! This kind of abuse will only lead to more trauma for you. And as you stated this is your body!! I think you know deep down what needs to be done. I wish you the best of luck in navigating this situation. You don’t need a man bringing you down when you’re obviously on a great journey to become the best you can be!
    Go back to the questions posed by @Krimsonbutterflies and answer them honestly. You already have the answers. ❤️
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    biginjapan reacted to Krimsonbutterflies in Unsupportive Partner   
    @BayougirlMrsS thank you for the compliment and for sharing your story. I read about it on another thread, hopefully your story will help anyone who reads this and needs it.
    @AJ Tylo you generally crack me up, because you are unapologetic about who you are. We can take it or leave it, I may not agree with you on various topics, but I appreciate your honesty about you being you. Can't say that you didn't warn us, lol.

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    biginjapan reacted to AJ Tylo in Unsupportive Partner   
    nope dumb idea! nope nope nope

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    biginjapan reacted to AJ Tylo in Unsupportive Partner   
    As the only Male I agree - Shape up Mr or i see you on your way to the curb! But i do hope you can fix his attitude and Gosh Darn Ladies there are some tough Females on this site!
    This is why I am single I suck as a husband and suck as a monogamous relationship partner, Funny thing is know it! so i just don't want to hurt anyone so i stay clear of it!
    Maybe a brutally honest in your face conversation, while he chokes down a Big Mac to start!
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    biginjapan reacted to catwoman7 in Unsupportive Partner   
    I agree 100%. This is an abusive relationship. Get out of it.