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  1. biginjapan

    Fit Goals????

    I'd also like to get back into hiking. My weight, my knees, and my feet have all prevented me from going places that I either used to hike, or would like to. As I get more fit and active I'd like to work towards a really big goal, like doing the Camino de Santiago or climbing Kilimanjaro.
  2. biginjapan

    1 year anniversary

    You look great! What an inspiration - I hope I am as successful as you a year from now!
  3. biginjapan

    Cold Turkey Anyone?

    I struggled with the no drinking 30 min before and after eating during pre-op, mostly because I'm such a creature of habit. Now, even if I pour myself a drink (water), I'll let it sit in the kitchen and will only go back for it once my 30 minutes has passed. I do chew until there is nothing left to chew, but I'm still eating and drinking faster than I probably should be. That said, I feel full for a good long while afterwards. I'm on vacation now, but I know once I start back to work I really will have limited time to eat, so 20-30 minutes to finish whatever is not going to cut it, especially for snacks. But I'll worry about that when the time comes.
  4. biginjapan

    Feeling slightly discouraged!

    Are you drinking any Protein shakes? What stage are you at? I'm at the end of 3 weeks, 4 weeks begins tomorrow which means I can introduce regular foods (slowly), although I started 2 days ago with chicken breast. I usually hit 80-90g of protein a day. I always have one Protein shake, which I make with soy or almond milk, plus Protein Powder (20g). That can get me between 25-35g of protein, depending on what I put in the shake (sometimes I also blend greek yogurt or a small block of tofu into the shake which also ups the protein even more.) I also try to have one or two eggs a day, and I usually have some string cheese as a snack as well (sometimes 2). When I started purees I ate canned tuna (with a little cheese) or the ricotta bake for one of meals. I also added unflavoured powder to blended Soups. This is all really protein heavy, but it gets me to my goals. Now that I'm starting with regular foods, I will be adding more veggies, when I can, and will try to cut back on the cheese, so that my diet is more balanced.
  5. biginjapan

    (NSV) Gasp! I bought WHITE pants!!!

    What a great NSV! I can't wait to be able to wear white pants! And tuck in a shirt!
  6. biginjapan

    After I Eat (sadface)

    I'm worried about this as well, but I seem to be handling cheese and yogurt okay. I don't use milk (and haven't for years) - I make my shakes with almond or soy milk, although I've noticed that I have issues with soy now that I'm post-op. Unfortunately it's hard to find almond milk here in Japan - my local supermarket does have it, but in the tiny 200ml juice box size.
  7. biginjapan

    After I Eat (sadface)

    I'm 3 weeks post-op and I basically have liquid poo coming out at least 3 times a day (occasionally it's more 'formed'). Based on everything I've read here I was expecting constipation, so I guess I should be relieved about that. That said, I do sometimes have to be careful when I cough or sneeze.
  8. I've lost a housecat since surgery, a cinderblock including pre-op diet, but my total goal is to lose the average adult woman.
  9. I'm going through something similar. I had my sleeve done on Feb. 9th, lost 11 pounds in the first 10 days, and haven't lost any in the past 10 days. I hit my water intake, protein, and calorie goal every day. Like others have said, stalls are normal, and I know that, but as you and others have mentioned, it's frustrating not to see the scale move. That said, mine appeared to be wavering this morning, so maybe I'll see some progress soon.
  10. biginjapan

    3 week post op loss ?

    It's probably the dreaded 3-week stall, although I have never heard of any plan allowing rice or bread, especially this early. I'm also 3 weeks post op and haven't lost for over 10 days now - all I have lost post op is 11 pounds. The only carbs I get are from almond/soy milk, and tofu occasionally when I add it to a shake.
  11. biginjapan

    Worried and confused

    I was/am the same way! I had no pain or nausea in the hospital. When I was finally allowed to drink Water I could drink as much as I wanted (though I tried not to). I've been on purees this week, which includes soft foods like canned tuna or eggs. Anything liquid (like a Protein shake) goes down with no problem, but I do admit that I am getting full with the foods. I started real foods a little early (yesterday) with some chicken breast and spinach, and while I didn't feel any restriction, I kept the portions right (3 oz. of chicken, 1 oz. of veggies). And that satisfied me completely. So far I've no problems with nausea, food aversions, painful restrictions, getting my liquids in, or constipation. If I didn't have the scars on my stomach I would seriously question whether or not I had the surgery at all! In fact, when I was day 3 post-op I had a total meltdown in the hospital when talking to one of the doctors. I felt that my surgeon hadn't cut enough of my stomach away! Seriously - everyone on my floor had some problem(s) and I had none. I felt great, I was moving around a lot...it just didn't seem right. So she showed me a picture of my excised stomach (it's pretty long) and told me not to worry about it, that I should be happy that I am one of the few that feels great after surgery. So I'm trying to remember that regardless of how I feel, I should follow the plan and the portions to help me stay on target.
  12. biginjapan

    Liquid diet - weight loss.

    The pre-op diet is not for weight loss (although that usually happens) - it's to shrink your liver. That said, while I was not on a liquid diet - I was allowed 2 meals a day with lean Protein and veggies - and I lost 22 pounds over 3 weeks, so just over a pound a day. And now I'm almost 3 weeks out from surgery and I've only lost 10 pounds since then.
  13. The 3-week stall is real...no weight loss over the past 10 days! :(

    1. biginjapan


      Actually, Japan is like that too. I just read an article that says Japanese are the worst for taking any kind of paid vacation - less than 50% of what they are owed (which is about 2 weeks). Even school teachers don't get much holiday time, since they are often involved with sports and other club activities throughout the summer, plus PD. Luckily, I work at a private university, so I don't have to worry about things like that.

    2. Newme17


      Really? So Japan isn't all great in that area either huh? Well, you enjoy your private institution then! If my work ends up becoming too stressful for me in any way, I will be leaving. So far, it's not. I'm a one man show these days with the bosses showing up occasionally. So it's good. But my husband carries all the weight anyway, I work to stay busy. :) Do you plan to stay in Japan indefinitely?

    3. biginjapan


      I'm not sure - probably (even though my Japanese is terrible). There's not much in terms of full-time work back home for teachers like me (all short-term (4 month) contracts). As long as I can keep getting long-term contracts with lots of vacation time, then I'll probably stay.

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  14. In my experience, young people have no problem with tattoos (I teach university students). But they admit that their parents and grandparents do - I've sometimes been asked to check the English on a "No Tattoo" policy that a student's family is putting up. Puts me in a difficult place as I want to help them, but not for something like this that is discriminatory. At the moment, if you have a small tattoo, you may be given a smallish bandage to put over it while you are in the onsen. Of course, the only reason you would have that bandage is because you have a tattoo... One option if you really want to experience an onsen is to book a private one. In any event, I'm not a huge fan of onsen -- the water is never as hot as my own bath, I don't find it relaxing to bath with other people, I don't like people looking at me because I'm a foreigner/fat, etc. (not that they do, but I feel like they do). I've done it because my friends like to go, but none of my current friends are into it, which is a relief.
  15. biginjapan

    Hospital attire?

    I changed into loose fitting sweats and a singlet with a long-sleeved t-shirt over top for most of my stay. Everyone on my floor changed into their own preferred clothes, only 1 person remained in the hospital gown the entire time (but she was pretty sick). You can unhook the IV bag and put in through your sleeve. But...I guess a lot depends on what your hospital prefers.
  16. This is a big issue here in Japan, as tourist numbers keep rising. A lot of people have tattoos, and want to experience certain aspects of Japanese culture, like onsens, where tattoos are usually a no-go. The government is suggesting that these places allow tourists with tattoos in, but I don't like this concept since it discriminates against the average Japanese person who does have tattoos and is not yakuza. If you live here, there are other concerns, like using swimming pools. I don't really use either, but after I lose weight, I may want to more, so getting a tattoo will be a big decision as it will impact me a bit living here.
  17. biginjapan

    What is most important to weight loss?

    Yes I did, on the 9th. I've been doing great so far. I lost 23 pounds on the pre-op diet (3 weeks) and I've lost 9 since surgery (2 weeks ago today) but the scale is holding steady at the moment. I just started purees and am doing fine. Surgery itself was a non-event for me. Got wheeled into a room where they gave me some medication through the IV -- that's all I remember before waking up in my room. Had no gas pains or nausea post-op, and until recently I was walking 10-20,000 steps a day (I now have a cold, possibly (mild) pneumonia, so I don't want to spend too much time outside where it's pretty cold).
  18. biginjapan

    Fun subject: pooping!

    I've been pooping every day since about day 5 post-op. Usually 3 times a day. It's mostly liquidy, but sometimes (maybe once a day) I'll get something a little more substantial. I just started purees, so am not sure how that will affect things. I've started taking extra fibre, because the 'liquids' can be a problem when I cough or sneeze.
  19. biginjapan

    What is most important to weight loss?

    The question is not about losing weight - it's about keeping the weight off. I think everyone on this site has had plenty of experience in losing weight, but the fact is, most of us cannot keep the weight off permanently. If you try to lose weight through exercise and diet alone (diet is more effective) you have a less than 5% chance (in some studies it is less than 1% chance) of keeping the weight off permanently, whereas permanent weight loss is much higher (at least 85%) after bariatric surgery. Here are some reasons why bariatric surgery works (in comparison to diet and exercise): VSG/GP - removes the part of your stomach which produces the hunger hormone gherlin. Although some form of hunger will come back eventually for most bariatric patients, not having to deal with real hunger issues as you lose weight is very helpful in the first year after surgery. Also, removing this part of the stomach seems to have an impact on bile production and other hormones, which almost always positively affects other metabolic conditions like diabetes. Diabetes often goes into remission, and people have a reduction in meds for cholesterol or high blood pressure, etc. These improvements are not necessarily due to the weight loss (as first thought), but due to the surgery itself. Your metabolic rate will change as well. Trying to lose weight through diet and exercise alone can actually screw up your metabolism - look at what happened to the "Biggest Loser" contestants that they studied recently - their metabolisms (even for the ones who kept the weight off) were much worse after losing weight than before they started. Your body has a "set-point" that it likes to stay at. Basically, it likes where it is and will fight you tooth and nail to stay where it is. So if you start eating less, your metabolism will slow down so you don't lose weight. If you start exercising more, your metabolism will slow down so you don't lose weight. This is built into our bodies to prevent us from starving when times are lean; unfortunately most of us never really have to worry about not having food available to us 24 hours a day, so we are always well-fed. Weight loss surgery is not a quick fix. Basically, it takes away all the handicaps your body has set against you for losing weight. So you get about 1-2 years where you can diet and exercise AND lose weight AND keep it off without fighting your body every step of the way. But if you want to be successful, you still have to eat well and exercise. If you go back to your old habits, you will gain back the weight. The surgery acts like a 'reprieve', giving you a real chance to lose and keep the weight off. This surgery (especially sleeve) is not any worse than having your appendix or gall bladder removed. All you are doing is decreasing the size of your stomach with additional metabolic effects. I've learned a lot about this from many different resources, both online and in books. Unfortunately I can't find all of the resources online (I may not have bookmarked them all), but here are a few links: Why You Shouldn't Exercise to Lose Weight Why Weight Loss Surgery Works When Diets Don't Bariatric Surgery Misconceptions The Mechanism of Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery Mechanisms Responsible for Excess Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery (this link just takes you to the abstract and resources, but the resources are very good, plus you can read the full article if you like) ___________________________________________________________________________________ Walter - when all is said and done, it's up to you. If you are not ready for the surgery, maybe you should wait. In the end, it should be something you do because you want to do it, and because you know it's the best option for you. If you can't say yes to either of those, then maybe you should talk to your doctor about other options.
  20. I had my surgery on February 9th in Tijuana with Dr. C@brera and had no problems whatsoever. No nausea, no gas pain, nothing. I was in the hospital for 2 nights, and in a hotel for one night both pre and post-op, where liquids (SF popsicles, broth, etc) are available to you, plus a driver if you want a little tour of the city. It's almost been two weeks and all of my incisions are healed save one (which held the drain - but it's almost healed). I've had good support both pre- and post-op. Like you, I had no problems other than my high BMI (mine is much higher than yours) but even within a week a week of starting the pre-op diet I started feeling better all around.
  21. biginjapan

    BMI ticker isn't working

    I only want my ticker to show my BMI, but ever since the update, it only ever shows my weight. I've deleted and remade it many times and it continues to do so.
  22. @Owl Party: I too do not need to take sips of water. Ever since I started drinking liquids I haven't had any problems. I don't "swig" but often drink probably more than I should. I feel a little restriction at times, but it passes quickly enough. However, now that I am on full liquids, I find it harder to get everything in and I am slowing down and drinking less at a time, because the feeling of fullness afterwards is not that comfortable.
  23. biginjapan

    Vitamin/protein gummies when?

    I was told to start taking vitamins in the 2nd week post-op. There's no requirements about gummies or not, but I bought a whole bunch in anticipation of not being able to take larger pills post op. In actual fact I can take most pills, but I'm going to start with the gummies since they won't last that long here in Japan in the summer heat - so I might as well finish them now while it's cool.
  24. Me too! (They're actually something that needed to be done before surgery, so they are first on my list regardless of whatever else I need).