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  1. VelvetKiss

    Weigh In Corner

    I got weighed yesterday and 1 month out I am down 41 lbs, well 51 lbs with 10 lbs from before surgery. I am now allowed to exercise and have solids, so I am thinking the weight loss might start slowing down, but I hope not. Congrats to everyone, your all doing GREAT!! Thanks for the support!
  2. VelvetKiss

    Atkins Anyone?

    Michelle, You can get Dreamfield's Pasta online at there website www.dreamfields.com , they sell by the case there or they have another site that you can by there pasta by the pack. It will also tell you if any other stores in your area carry there pasta. Tonya
  3. VelvetKiss

    Where the heck has Delarla gone?

    I agree I hope Delarla comes back even if it is just every now and again. She was always very kind to me and her posts helped me alot in many ways.
  4. I am having aftercare issues. I was banded down in San Francisco because I had to have my surgery at a center of excellence to use my medicare and I had to pay the surgeon fee's up front because my surgeon doesnt take medicare, so I paid $6,500 to the surgeon for surgery and for 1 year of aftercare and 1 year of fills. I live in southern oregon so my surgeon is about 6 hours away and his satellite office is about 2 1/2 hours away. The problem is I am 3 weeks post op and I have been trying to get in touch with him for 2 of those 3 weeks, because my port incision is infected and well I needed to have my 2 week post op check. Every time I call his office says he will call you at such and such a time and then I get no phone call, so I call the next day saying he didnt call and they say oh he has been very busy in surgery but this has gone on for 2 weeks now and he cant seem to call me. I feel like I have been left high and dry with this device in me and no real guidance. If it wasnt for LBT I would have no one. My question is what should I do about this? I am thinking of calling and asking them to refund my $1,500 that I paid for 1 year of aftercare and fills and then try to find a local surgeon who will take me on and maybe I will get some real aftercare. I am just so disappointed. I feel like he wants me to fail. Thanks for listening. Tonya
  5. VelvetKiss

    Aftercare Issues!

    Thanks Shawn and NaNa for your advice. Yes I did see my regular GP and he said that my infection is on the surface but hasnt gone inside so that is a BIG plus! So I am on antibiotics and I am to clean the incision with peroxide and then put neosporin on it and then cover and do this for a week and then I go back and see him. So I dont believe any damage has been done to my Band. Sad part is I still have not yet heard from my surgeon. I think asking for my money back is the best way to go, I mean if I can never get a hold of him then what is the point of having him. Thanks for your support and advice it is greatly appreciated! Tonya
  6. VelvetKiss

    Ex still hanging on

    Way to go! Cutting ties is the best thing you can do for your self. It will hurt now, but I promise there will come a time when you will feel so relieved that he is no longer apart of your life. I just went through this situation a few weeks ago, cutting out a man who had been doing the same thing to me for 5 years and I finally said I have the power to STOP this toxic relationship and he too was not happy about me getting the band, but yet only dated thin women, so I feel your pain, trust me it gets easier with each deleted email and each non returned phone call.
  7. I have only been banded 3 weeks, but decided it might be nice to find a local support group for WLS patients, since my surgery was done in CA and I can not attend there support groups. I have not yet attended this support group and I wont be able to till next month, but I thought I would post it for any of our Southern Oregon Bandsters who may want to check the group out as well. WEIGHT-LOSS SURGERY SUPPORT Event Date: Tuesday, August 08, 2006 Department: Support Groups Event Type: Class Details: Pre-op to five months post surgery Second Tuesday of the month, 6:30 to 8 p.m. Five to eighteen months post surgery Third Wednesday of the month, 6:30 to 8 p.m. Starts: 6:30 to 8 p.m. Location: Smullin Health Education Center Contact: jfisher@asante.org by phone at (541) 282-6698
  8. VelvetKiss

    Whippledaddy Has Passed Away

    I remember Ryan's posts and they were inspiring! My thoughts and prayers go out to Patty and his family.
  9. VelvetKiss

    doctors push for GBypass

    I saw do what is best for you and your family. I have alot of weight to lose and chose the lap band over gastric bypass. I have known about 10 different people who have had all the other forms of weight loss surgery, the majority gastric bypass and I did not like the complications I saw them have or there quality of life and eating afterward. My one friend lost weight with gastric bypass so she could get pregnant and her poor son almost died because he was malnutritioned in the womb because of her surgery. So research and talk to people who have had both surgeries and then decide what is best for you based on how you want to live not on what your Dr feels is best. My surgeon too tried to convince me to have another form of wls he said the same thing of you will only lose 50%-60% of your excess weight and still be considered obese. My response to him was I know this and the Band is my choice and if you wish to quote weight loss % then does it not make more sense for me to start off with the band and lose that 50% and then if I am still not happy then I can have it revised to gastric bypass which according to you will give me at least 70% loss of excess weight then netting me a guarantee total of 120% loss of my excess weight, which would put me 20% below my excess weight, doesnt that sound like a better plan? Needless to say he said you did your research and the band you shall get and I did. Just my .02 cents! Good Luck and Hugs!
  10. VelvetKiss

    Food's Question

    I am new to banding and well I am coming up on the Mushy phase and at week 4 will slowly start to reintroduce solid foods into my life. I was wondering how well Bandsters tolerate such foods as Corn, Tomatoes, Cucumber, pineapple, Watermelon and strawberry. Just so I have an idea of what might happen. Thanks!
  11. VelvetKiss

    Medicare certificate of excellance

    Medicare's rules are you have to be banded at a Center of Excellence BUT the Surgeon's who operate out of that Center of Excellence also have to take medicare if you plan to use medicare for your entire procedure. I found in my area that most of the surgeons DID NOT accept medicare, my surgeon didnt, so I had to pay the surgeon's fee's and medicare covered the hospital fee's since it was done at a Center of Excellence. That is a little bit of information medicare doesnt list on there center of excellence listing, they dont tell you that not every surgeon accepts medicare, you have to call each place that operates out of the hospital you choose to see if they accept medicare. Just wanted to share that information.
  12. VelvetKiss

    My first NSV!!!!!!

    Congrats on your first NSV! Way too go! I know how good it feels and you can't help but want more NSV's!
  13. VelvetKiss

    Pause for Hugs

    What a great thread! I am sitting here in Medford, OR enjoying the 70 degree afternoon, our 100's are finally leaving! I am eating my lovely broth for lunch and feeling so much better today then I have about having my Band. I just love this board, so many WONDERFUL members and ALOT of information. I have learned so much and greatful to each and every person who has shared there journey.
  14. VelvetKiss

    Surgery costs mega $$$

    I had alot of pre op test too and if you have your Primary PCP order them your insurance should cover them just like any other testing. I was told I would need to spend 1 night in ICU but I did not have too, so I would say it will depend on how well you do during surgery. Also check with the hospital your going to be using and see if they have a program that may help you pay the up front costs, the one I used had a program for people who needed some help to cover what insurance didnt or if they didnt have insurance at all, so it cant hurt to ask them if they can do anything for you or maybe they can bill you and set you up on payments to lower your out of pocket expense. Good Luck!
  15. VelvetKiss

    Swimming after surgery

    I was told I could go swimming at 4 weeks.
  16. I was baned on July 25th and things seemed to go really well, untill the last few days I have been having trouble swollowing pills and even now the small ones that are smaller then birth control pills seem to be getting stuck and then I have to PB in order to semi feel better. Today that happened on the smaller pill and ever since then I have had a pain in the middle of my chest or I should say where I think the top of my band is and I have had a burning pain in my throat, I thought it might be acid reflux which I have never had and took some chewable tums but that didnt seem to help. Any idea's what I can try? Also I believe my port incision is now infected, my surgeon thought it was just irritated and said to clean it with peroxide and then put neosporine on it and cover it well I did that yesterday and when I changed the bandage it had puss on it and looked like it was indented, so I am going to call my GP on Monday to get an appt to see him since my surgeon is in CA and out of town till the end of the week. I guess I am just disappointed I am having such issues so soon to being banded and I am starting to regret having this band put in because of all the issues. I know some of it is anxiety but it is also a pain to deal with as well. Thanks for listening and any advice.
  17. VelvetKiss

    Port Issue & Chest Pain?

    Thanks for the messages I really appreciated them! The burning and pain in chest luckily went away by this morning, so I dont know if it was just acid backup from the PBing on the pills. I crush the ones I can, but I have a few that dont come in liquid form or a form that can be crushed so I have to learn to swallow them which I am not happy about. The Dr told me the incision is infected but it is just a surface infection from the glue used in surgery and isnt inside the wound so that it isnt bad and I shouldnt be worried. He gave me an antibiotic and said to keep cleaning and dressing it the same way and see him in a week. I am feeling alittle better and I am hopeful that things may get better as time goes on, that is what I keep telling myself. The good news is tomorrow I will be 2 weeks post op and I have lost a total of 32.5lbs, 10lbs of that was before surgery and 22.5lbs was after surgery. So I am still losing even with the problems.
  18. VelvetKiss

    8 days post op and STARVING and WEAK - HELP!

    I was banded about 10 days ago and my surgeon said to get in at least 64 oz of liquid and 60-70 grams of Protein and I have to be on liquids for 2 weeks, mushies in week 3 and can start solids about week 4. What made the world of difference for me was not only the Isopure drinks but I ordered the unflavored Protein powder that has 20 grams of protein in 1 scoop. I added that to my Soup broth, sf Jello, etc and it made the world of difference in how I felt and how much energy I had as well as made me feel full longer. Just my 2 cents worth. Tonya
  19. VelvetKiss

    First NSV

    I had what I consider my first NSV, I have only been banded 8 days, I lost 10 lbs prior to surgery and I have lost 14 lbs since being banded, so that is 24 lbs from my 1st 100 lbs I need to lose. I am a High Weight High BMI patient. My Highest weight was 576 and My Surgery weight was 566 and My Current weight is 552. I am doing it in small goals of 100, but the best part which is the NSV part is I thought I would have to wait awhile after surgery to be taken completely off my Type 2 Diabetes meds and well I am officially off them and for the first time in a year my sugars are normal, like really normal. I cant believe it, I am so happy. To me that is a NSV because it was one of the reasons I had the surgery was to help get my sugars under control as well as my weight. I am testing my sugar 4 times a day right now to make sure they stay in the normal range but so far they are averaging about 110 with food and alittle lower fasting. Just wanted to share my GOOD news!
  20. VelvetKiss

    PB or Something Else?

    I have read the definition of a PB and I am not sure if what I experienced last night is a PB or something else. I am a week post op and my surgeon said I could swallow pills regularly and well I tried to swallow a half of a pill and well it felt like it got stuck and that horrible feeling in my throat and chest stayed for over 4 hours until I decided to try and throw it up, but nothing came up but some saliva. The ER nurse said I most likely just scratched my throat with the pill and that is why it felt like it was stuck but that as long as I was breathing and I could swallow my own spit then I was perfectly fine and the pill was not lodged in my throat or chest. I still dont feel 100% today, but I have been able to eat my broth and Jello and drink and my chest only hurts alittle now. So my question is, is this what they consider PBing? If so I NEVER want to go through that again. Thanks!
  21. VelvetKiss

    First NSV

    I agree Gayle it is about your health. I want to improve my health so that I can enjoy life longer. Congrats on your weight loss since banding!
  22. VelvetKiss

    going for an unfill tomorrow

    Vines, I am glad your band is OK and I hope the unfill helps with your nausea. You are such a strong person and have been such an inspiration to me with all that you have been going through. I wish you luck and hope you feel better soon.
  23. VelvetKiss

    PB or Something Else?

    Thanks Kathy, I thought it was a version of a PB. I will definately try your tips on the applesauce and aloe vera juice.
  24. VelvetKiss

    shortness of breath

    I was banded the same day as you were and I had shortness of breath coming right out of the OR and for a few days afterward. I found out it was excess gas in my lungs from the anesthia (sp?) and some anxiety as well. Using the spirometer helped releave it some for me. Good Luck and I hope you feel better soon!
  25. I was banded on July 25, 2006, the surgery went well and it took a few days of driving to get home, but all that went well. I have been home on my 2 weeks of liquids and well I dont think I am getting enough Calories or Protein in and I am feeling very light headed and sleepy and all that good stuff. I am also taking 3 shots of halerpin a day to thin the blood for 2 weeks after surgery which has caused my Time of the month to come early and so now I am trying to find a way to get extra Iron in as well but I dont know of a good source of iron that is liquid or in a food that can be eaten on the liquid phase. I have tried the Isopure zero carb ready to drink drinks but there too sweet for me, so I ordered the unflavored unjury Protein Powder but it wont be here for a few days so I was wondering if you all had any suggestions of ways I can get more calories and liquids and protein in and some iron. I hate feeling so fatigued and run down. Any help would be appreciated very much. Thanks!

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