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  1. It all really depends on your insurance requirements...I have BS of CA and first appt was 6/20 and surgery was on 8/19. My insurance had no requirements for a supervised diet -- many require 3 or 6 months.
  2. Going2lose

    Omaha, Nebraska?

    @@Kari1985 Thank you! Definitely nervous but looking forward to starting this new journey!
  3. Going2lose

    Omaha, Nebraska?

    I have only met with one of his nutritionist and I was not a fan of her either. Glad to hear you guys are doing good! My surgery is Friday with Dr. Cronk.
  4. I am August 19th and tons of emotions...excitement and nerves at the top. I know I will be able to eat most food again but I seem to be on quite the food funeral with my husband. I am actually looking forward to my 1 wk pre-op diet to force me to stop this. Good luck to everyone and can't wait to watch your journey.
  5. Going2lose

    Still nursing!

    That is awesome! I just stopped nursing because I was afraid of the meds and fluids...good for you (and your baby)!
  6. Going2lose

    Omaha, Nebraska?

    I'm so excited to find this thread !!!!! Made my day I too am in Omaha and will be having the sleeve done by Dr. Cronk next Wednesday. I had originally went to Dr Whites seminar at Immanuel and met with his office once and decided it just wasn't the right fit for me. So far I'm highly impressed with Dr Cronk and his office. How is everyone doing post op? I did the exact same thing! I was approved at Immanuel with Dr. White and everything and decided to meet Dr. Cronk and just felt like it was a much more personable staff and doctor. Glad to find this thread and hope everyone is doing well. I just have my EGD on Aug 1 and then we will schedule the surgery...hopefully end of Aug.
  7. Going2lose

    Insurance Says NO! BSCA

    I had trouble with my Blue Shield of CA and asked to speak to a manager and then they confirmed what I have already found online...only need to meet BMI requirement, psych eval and a suggested 3 month waiting period. I was approved twice (changed doctors) without waiting 3 months. Good luck!
  8. Going2lose

    H Pylori

    I checked with my doctor and they will re-check me after 2 wks of the medicine. She didn't get me a hard answer but said ideally it would be cleared up. So my hope of a mid-Aug surgery is not crushed
  9. Going2lose

    H Pylori

    Thanks ladies...you are at least giving me hope that this is might not be a 3 month wait I guess I will find out tomorrow!
  10. Going2lose

    H Pylori

    I tested positive for H Pylori -- I was hoping to have surgery in 2-4 weeks. Will this delay this?? I am going to call my doctor in the morning but fearing the worst
  11. Going2lose

    Blue Shield of California

    I was approved!!! I meet with my surgeon on Friday to set a date!
  12. I was submitted for approval today too...a bit nervous as I don't know what qualifies as "enough" failed attempts. Even if I am approved I think my doctor will have me wait a few months. I had a baby 9 months ago and they think everyone should wait a year. I understand the concerns but I also don't want to wait anymore!!!
  13. Going2lose

    Blue Shield of California

    Good luck to you too! I went to my first appointment on 6/9 and went to my psych eval on Thur. I don't know when I will have surgery as originally they said I had to wait 1 year after giving birth which is mid-October. They have are starting to back off this requirement though as this is NOT pregnancy weight...so...more to come, but hoping for a mid-August or early Sept date.
  14. Going2lose

    Blue Shield of California

    I finally waited on hold long enough to speak to a supervisor and they agreed that the documents that their agents were using were outdated and the requirements had changed. BS of CA no longer require 6 months supervised diet -- only the recommended 3 month wait.
  15. Going2lose

    Blue Shield of California

    Do you have BS CA P P O or H M O? I have P P O but I am nervous that the 3 month requirement is only for the H M O, but hopefully not!

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