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  1. LolaSerena


    I went through kaiser options in Jan 2016 and went toKaiser Cadillac in May 9 2016. Since starting options I have lost 105 pounds.
  2. LolaSerena


    I am in Simi Valley. Do you guys get together or go walking?
  3. Hey Martin, Yeah, if family were more supportive and understanding that it is a disease and not something where we wanted to be this way then it would be easier. maybe your sis will see the light now that you've done it. Much success in your journey! LS
  4. http://www.obesityhelp.com/articles/surgery-is-not-the-easy-way-out-a-bariatric-surgeons-perspective LS
  5. LolaSerena


    Wow, that was uncalled for. Time for you to explain to your hubby that you know what you are supposed to eat. He can be suppportive but not to be an @$$. LS
  6. I love my brain. I also love my hips and my butt. Even at my highest I like that my butt was round and pretty high up. I like my face as its thinning out and my long fingers that are less fat now. LS
  7. LolaSerena

    Any May Sleevers yet?

    I had my surgery May 9th as well. Hope you are doing well. LS
  8. Wow Heidi your mom sounds like a horrible *****. My mom has offered me money, a new wardrobe, so has my father, they even included one of my brothers in the "if you lose weight you get crap wagon". Sorry you're having to go through all that shit. I guess I would just get a job and my own money and tell her to stick dad's money where the sun don't shine. You can later use a lawyer to get the money if you are the sole survivor of you are still wanting it. But darn I can't even imagine. Much success in your journey! LS
  9. I wonder if our mothers are related. Lol LS
  10. This is hilarious and I am thankful I only told my hubby, bestfriend, a cousin who wont say a word, and the lady who inspired me to do it because she had hers done. However, I did hear from my mother when I mentioned one time that I was debating on it. She said told me I could lose the weight by exercising and eating healthy. She also told me why didnt I just sew half of my mouth cause I eat too much. Before I got married she told me he would never marry me because I was fat and his parents wouldnt like me (BTW it was my second marriage and I was in my late 30s maybe early fortys and my husband was in his fifty's). When I started to lose weight on the preop diet she said "see you didnt really need surgery you just needed to eat healthy". Like I hadnt been eating organic for years now. I have heard her say surgery is the easy way out. Theres more but I think I better be done with my rant. LS
  11. Lol i love this reply. Maybe I should use it if I ever tell anyone. LS
  12. She shouldn't have asked. Hopefully she doesn't push the issue later if she does you could tell her what someone else said about HR. It's hard especially if you had confided in her in the past when talking about your kids which is why you felt bad. However, dont feel bad as it is none of her business. LS
  13. LolaSerena

    Protein shakes

    My favorite is Quest Protein shakes. They taste delicious. My favorite is the vanilla milkshake flavor. I bought the salted caramel flavor too and it was delicious as well but its not one I can do every day. I plan on tasting some of the other flavors they have. I do drink the Vanilla and chocolate premiers as well. LS
  14. LolaSerena

    So I finally heard it tonight!

    That sucks. She should know better than to say that. The surgery isn't easy, and the work is never over. I know most men don't usually express how they feel but it might be good to discuss this with her. LS
  15. I'm pretty much on the same boat as Diana except my mother started the criticism when I became a teenager. I didn't tell anyone in my family and I never will. I had my surgery May 9th and my husband was there for me. He was supportive and told me it was my decision whether or not I wanted to tell my family. My mother makes everything about her. When I initially mentioned that I was participating of weight loss classes and that if I didn't lose enough weight I would consider the surgery she went off on a drama queen attack. It helped that my closest family member lives 400 miles away and my parents are 4000 miles away. LS

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