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  1. highfunctioningfatman

    Not sure surgery is right for you?

    If only I could convince someone at work to use that...
  2. highfunctioningfatman

    Over 200 pounds down!

    I have a friend and his wife that are quite overweight. He is 400+ and she looks like your second picture. I'm glad that I inspired him to lose some weight. He is trying hard! She on the other hand seems completely uninterested in trying. If she shows interest then I'm showing her this thread. You are doing AWESOME! By the way, you are also very cute.
  3. highfunctioningfatman

    From start to finish

    About 3 seconds. So much easier being self pay! No headaches.
  4. highfunctioningfatman

    How much did you lose...

    Old info but here is where I was. I'm 5'7" and my surgery date was 8/29/16.
  5. highfunctioningfatman

    Taking measurements?

    You can go nuts if you want but I stuck with the basics (chest, stomach, waist, biceps, thighs and calfs) I wish that I'd done my neck size too just for my own curiosity.
  6. highfunctioningfatman


    Mmmmm sashimi! Once you are on soft foods you SHOULD be able. Check with your doctor and see what they have to say.
  7. highfunctioningfatman

    Physical activity by day 6?

    Day 7 I went salmon fishing.
  8. highfunctioningfatman

    Getting pregnant

    Try the back seat of a mustang. It worked for several of my friends back in the day.
  9. highfunctioningfatman

    Progress pics! Only 30 lbs to go to reach goal!

    Looking great!
  10. highfunctioningfatman

    Out with the old!

    I wanted to do this New Years Eve but I was unable to, I did this New Years Day instead. I've been donating all of the clothes that I no longer fit except for the ones that had my company logo on them. I decided to wrap up our Christmas tree in the old clothes and torch it in the front yard. There is no way that I'm going to be wearing those sizes again! As it burned I danced around it screaming "my clothes, my clothes, my clothes are on fire. I don't need no Water let those M...........s burn! Burn M..............s burn!". If you are close to my age you may recognize the slightly different lyrics to a song from The Bloodhound Gang. Not the genre that I prefer but the song was appropriate for the situation. [url=http://s178.photobucket.com/user/skylarkgp/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20170101_174510_zpspl57sj1p.jpg.html] [url=http://s178.photobucket.com/user/skylarkgp/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20170101_174553_zpsz0m3tcf6.jpg.html]
  11. highfunctioningfatman

    All things cheese

    Oh no, we're not off the rails by a long shot (nudge nudge wink wink)! Here is my cheese. It is not nearly as fancy as Dub's, but it is what I have. Besides, we have some big mice around here. And as you can clearly see, there is an accessory rail, so we are still on the rails - of some sort, anyway. @ And here I thought you were a wheelie gun guy. You need a wheel gun next to a wheel of cheese you know. You would be correct! A wheel next to a wheel. Hmmm
  12. highfunctioningfatman

    Skin Firming

    Sighhhhh Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App @@hayleyf3706LOL! I'm active enough and quite open about my wonderful wife and our sex life to feel comfortable to post this!
  13. highfunctioningfatman

    Skin Firming

    Astroglide seems to keep my skin firm.
  14. highfunctioningfatman

    All things cheese

    @@LittleBill So you are saying that we could be friends?
  15. I found my adult Boy Scout uniforms and I have to say that they fit better now than they did the last time I wore them.

    1. highfunctioningfatman


      I'm going to wash my uniforms and I will post pictures afterwards. It would be pretty cool if those of us that have our stuff from "back in the day" posted us wearing our old clothes again.

    2. BayougirlMrsS


      My son and grandson are huge into scouts. My son got his wood badge in 2015 and this past week my grandson went on his first "Boyscouts" camping trip. He had a blast

    3. highfunctioningfatman


      I was heavily involved in scouting as well, Eagle Scout, OA, multiple positions in OA including Section vice chief (the section was OR, WA and parts of ID), I was the shooting sports director at Camp Makualla for 6 seasons. Scouts was my social outlet because I left regular schools when I was 12. I was home schooled until 15 when I entered our local community college. I graduated from college the same year that I would've graduated high school.

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  16. highfunctioningfatman

    Out with the old!

    So you're saying I should be in Madame Tussaud's? You're not doing well here, fella. Story of my life!
  17. highfunctioningfatman

    To be a kid again... Wait, I am!

    That backpack went all over the place but usually it was packed much, much lighter.
  18. highfunctioningfatman

    To be a kid again... Wait, I am!

    I've mentioned before that I weighed 225 in this picture and that I was 13. I found this copy of a Boy Scout physical showing my at 5'5", 235 pounds at 14 years old. My BMI would've been 39.1. I'm now 5'7" 226 at 38! My BMI is 35.4! Needless to say, I'm a pretty happy guy!
  19. highfunctioningfatman

    To be a kid again... Wait, I am!

    Yeah, that really has been going on a long time.
  20. highfunctioningfatman

    Out with the old!

    There is a big difference in old and a well preserved treasure
  21. highfunctioningfatman

    A difference a year make

  22. highfunctioningfatman

    4 days post op and I've advanced my diet

    My local Safeway store has hot soup in the store. I would ladle out the broth from their chunky chicken noodle soup (I turned it into super chunky for the next guy!) and I put it in a travel coffee mug. I just looked like your every day coffee freak sipping on my broth. Get back on plan because you really can hurt yourself.
  23. highfunctioningfatman

    It might be a fine line...

    Walking bowser is good for both of you! Your new picture looks nice!
  24. highfunctioningfatman

    It might be a fine line...

    Chloe, our 4 legged garbage disposal loves my meals for just the same reasons!
  25. highfunctioningfatman

    To be a kid again... Wait, I am!

    I have a few big goals coming up. 218 is a 30% weight loss. 212 is down 100 pounds since starting this. 199 isn't too far down the road either.