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  1. Betje


    Hi, everyone anyone know how big of how many fills a midband accept. Thanks, Betje
  2. Betje

    long time

    I think i eat about 1000 or 1100 cal a day. In the morning i eat always 1 eeg, lunch a piece of fried chicken and dinner a piece of fish. I eat them with out vegetable, because im very thigh nothing else go in. But on weekends i ate ice-cream. I walk every day 1 hour. But i think the ice-cream and the fried chicken is my problem.
  3. Betje

    long time

    Hi everyone, It have been a long time. But im still on a plateau. Its about 8 months. I will have my 3rd fill next week. I think my problem is sugar and i eat every day 1 piece of fried chicken, but thanks God im the same weight. But i will work on it. Any suggest because this is very dissapointed. Thanks Betje
  4. Betje

    Surgery date April 10!

    Congrats for the good news!
  5. Betje

    Pita Bread

    Hello to everyone, I eat today a peace of Pita Bread, wonder if someone on this forum eat this bread. Is it true that it is very healthy bread. I stuck a little with it, but slowly it go down. Thanks for your feedback.
  6. Betje

    Looking for November 2005 Banders!

    Hello, i wish all a happy thanksgiving. Im ver happy with my band, but i have about six month that im stuck on the same weight. Last thursday i had a fill, i feel that it's a good one. I have lost in one week 5 pounds. So now im 210 now, operation date was 286. (November 8, 2005) So, im a complete different person now, i wish you all the best. I hope that before Christmas we will lost another 5 or 10 pounds. Thank you all and keep it up.:clap2:
  7. Betje

    One Year!!!

    Hi, i just become my first year too, im so happy with my band. I just got my second fill, and i feel that this will really work. I lost 77 pounds till have to lost 30. But im really happy.:clap2:
  8. Hello ik ben Bettina en ik woont op het eiland van Aruba. Ik heb de band vanaf 8 november 2005, de midband. Tot nu toe, heb ik geen enkele probleem God zijn dank! Ik was 131 kilo en nu 94 kilo, en alleen 1 keer heb ik fills gedaan. Zo ik ben heel heel blij met de band. De operatie had ik het gedaan in Caracas, Venezuela. Ok groetjes
  9. Betje

    Why did you choose a midband?

    Hi, i have the Midband too, my surgery was in Caracas, Venezuela with Dr. Sanchez and dr. Raaz. The day of surgery we were 5 people me and 4 ladies from texas, they flew the day day before for the surgery. My surgery was november 8, 2005 No problem at all with my band thanks God. I have my first fill last month. And im down now to 210. So i have lost 76 pounds im very happy. My first fill i do it just here in Aruba. Anyway succes with the surgery.
  10. Betje

    Novemeber 2005 Bandsters

    I'm so sorry about your father. I lost 71 pounds till now, i had my first fill till last month. But i have more than 4 month that i dont lost nothing. But im happy with my band, hope that now that i have my first y will continue now to losing weight. Congrats with your weight its amazing!:clap2:
  11. Thanks Telly do yo know how i can search for that tread. Because i'm not so good for manage this forum yet. Thanks
  12. Hi, to all. i'm sure i saw that tread about lapband, tummy tuck and bypass altogether. he put it on the before and afther pictures too. He was a man. Thanks and bye
  13. Why i never get answer on my treads, is my english so band.
  14. Hi everyone I'm looking in the treads before for one bandster that make the lapband, bypass and tummy tuck al together. I think that i read it ones. Do you guys know in which tread was it? Or Who he was? Thanks in advance for the information.
  15. Betje

    Looking for November 2005 Banders!

    Hello i'm 33kg down. But wont to loose a a another 10 or 5 before Christrmas or before my 1 anniversary it's 8 november 2006. I have 1 fill that i did 7 september but i dont feel the difference. What do you guys can we make it???? Bye love u all.

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