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    Hannah83 got a reaction from KatFight in OCTOBER SLEEVERS CHECK IN HERE   
    Hello, fellow Oct. 2017 slevers! I am down 53.1 pounds from October's 261 now a svelt 207! I like the slower loss, it's a good pace a 'just right' pace if that makes sense. I am doing better headspace-wise, thank god (I don't wish a depression relapse on anyone) My mood is stable and I'm not irritable 'happy Hannah' slowly but surely returns...I can breath better, do more push-ups, sit-ups, ex-ups, wall-sits, squats, burppies etc, per set and not feel exhausted after a workout. I'll update more as I progress.
  2. Haha
    Hannah83 reacted to Creekimp13 in Bitchy grammar rant   
    Danny...psst! (waste).
    dragging myself away from keyboard......
    Must....not...succumb....to red-penning the internets!
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    Hannah83 reacted to Creekimp13 in Bitchy grammar rant   
    LOSE........what we hope happens to our fat. We want to lose it.
    LOOSE.....how our clothes fit after we LOSE some weight. My pants are loose. The neighbor's dog is loose. The only way I could loose fat, is if I thew a can of Crisco out the door...and I'm guessing it would still be pretty contained as it isn't very ambulatory.

    I know...I know...spelling isn't an indication of intelligence. It's not a big deal. We all make a million spelling errors. Myself included.
    Just ranting.
    Lose....when something is gone.
    Loose...your butt with diarrhea.
    Lose....when you don't win.
    Loose...when you're friendlier in the sack than you oughtta be.
    Lose....your car keys.
    Loose....your kid's baby teeth.

    I'm sorry. Thank you. I feel better.

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    Hannah83 reacted to Frustr8 in Beware of becoming a Walking Advertisement   
    I am having an unhappy mind blip. My PCP, as he was leaving exam room, it was Tomkitten's appointment, not mine. He looked over his shoulder at me and said You Will Be The Oldest Person I. Have Ever Known Seeking WLS At 72 and shook his head in a negative manner. Now it is getting close to my surgery time and maybe I'm over-sensative, but I felt he was telling me I am a silly foolish old woman for doing this. Odd isn't it that I thought to this point he was totally supportive in this endeavor? Maybe he thought this was a whim I would soon discard? No Never Mind, I am still going to have it, I have spent too much time and suffered too much grief on its behaft to stop suddenly now. As my mantra goes
    Right Time
    Right Surgery
    For The Right Results
    Done by the Right Person
    At the Right Location
    For the Right Reason
    For the Right Person- ME!
    And H***,High Water and a PCP with faulty logic and support will not impede ME now!
    Onward Onward toward the Conclusion I Go!😷& 😛🏣
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    Hannah83 reacted to Creekimp13 in Beware of becoming a Walking Advertisement   
    At a real life support group meeting, we talked a little about how different doctor's groups offer such WIDELY VARIED advice on nutrition post surgery.
    Some programs have folks eating tiny amounts for extended times, no carbs, give strict weight loss goals, have no flexibility on diet choices, run to being extreme.
    Some are extremely lenient to the point of passivity. Don't worry about calories. Don't weight yourself, we won't weigh you. Just listen to your body. It's all good.
    Most are somewhere in between.
    So who's right?
    We had three dietitians at our meeting who had worked for different clinics...who had some interesting comments on this.
    The gist of their concern......was that some clinics push hard...not for the health of their clients....but because the faster they can make their fat clients skinny....the more business they'll attract.
    Yeah...seriously. How sick is that? You get put on a brutally demanding plan that might not be in your best interests....to be a walking bulletin board for your clinic.
    The consensus was that the vast majority of clinics are NOT like this...and do a good balanced job with nutrition....but that each of these women had encountered this situation in their careers (or had known someone who had)....where they felt pushed to advise people to push too hard for the sake of the clinic's image.
    Your clinic should listen to your concerns, offer flexibility, choice, and sound nutritional practices.
    I'm so damned glad I went to a clinic that serves an international clientele. Our nutritionists do a great job with supporting different global eating styles and have awesome educations, attend current conferences, etc. Beats the hell out of a "nutrition consultant" with a stack of printed rules for everyone...regardless of their gender, health issues, etc.

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    Hannah83 reacted to BajanSleeve in Appetite back with a vengance!   
    Doing really good. Lost 3 lbs! Treadmill was fixed and I have been doing 45 minutes per day since Friday.
    I increased my liquid intake, not that I thought I was dehydrated but one thing that I did do was I stopped taking liquid Vitamin B daily because I read that it increases appetite. I have definitely felt a difference! My Multivitamin has in B Vitamins but I was taking additional for energy
    The mushes I was making was what was recommended to me by the hospital to make i.e. sweet potatoes pumpkin with a bit of pea AS A DIABETIC. People have all kinds of views and opinions about things and some things you have to take in stride in a public forum.
    I've been enjoying smoothies that are under 200 calories with lots of nutrient dense stuff including Greek yogurt in them as I am not a big yogurt eater.
    I tried eggs again tonight and YAY I was able to eat one scrambled egg with two tablespoons of cottage cheese. It hurt only slightly but nothing at all like before which means my tolerance for eggs is coming back.
    Did my first large grocery shop today since surgery and on my own. Was successful in getting good things except for my hurricane supply box and buying non perishable items. I do have Protein Bars in there and some crackers, tinned stuff, Lets hope that on more than one level I don't have to use them!
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    Hannah83 reacted to wjgo in It's not fun anymore   
    Find hobbies or activities to participate in that benefits by going to the gym or other training.
    I've started Krav Maga and HEMA (sword fighting) martial arts classes and a Couch to 5k. Also decided to train for GoRuck.com obstacle course "races." I don't go to the gym to loose weight, or get stronger or bullk up, I go to the gym to enhance my performance on those activities. The Couch to 5k helps more for endurance. I know going to the gym and training helps loose weight, but the real end goal is for my activities. Even just going on 2-3 miles walks helps me in my photography club when we go on photowalks. I may be going to some of the cardio classes at the gym, and to me, that's so I don't get tired as fast in a sword fight bout, and will help me stay in a GoRuck course.
    Find an activity you would like to do, that makes you want to go to the gym.
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    Hannah83 reacted to sillykitty in SMH   
    Honestly, I hate asking my Dr. or his staff about things. But honestly most questions are just common sense.

  9. Haha
    Hannah83 reacted to Matt Z in SMH   
    Right there with you!
    HELP ME (but I refuse to provide you with the required information)
    HELP ME (I'm going to post the exact same question in several places)
    HELP ME (I refuse to believe what you've told me)
    HELP ME (My opinion of your facts mean that your facts don't matter)

    I'd call myself a vet at this point... Banded and became a member here in 2011, Bypass in 2018, So, 7 years on this site... 2 WLS surgeries and lots and lots of failures...

    But, you can lead a horse to Water, but you can't force him synchronize swim with you.
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    Hannah83 reacted to Gundy in Appetite back with a vengance!   
    Hi Bajan,

    I apologize. After reading one post, I respond, and then read another and respond again. I just read about your autism, struggles, and depression. If you had opened with your history, people would have been kinder and more understanding! Myself included. I haven’t walked in your shoes. We all need to remember kindness and compassion and seeking to understand.

    It must be really hard to find foods that will keep you satiated given the intolerance for solid meat. Two things, tuna with light mayo or Salad Dressing OR Wendy’s chili (or a homemade version) were the items that saved me from starving. My NUT joked with me that she will look at the food diaries of post surgery patients and has to tell them that they can’t have chili for Breakfast, lunch and dinner!
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    Hannah83 reacted to Gundy in Appetite back with a vengance!   
    Hi Bajan,

    Given your diabetes, none of these foods seem appropriate for you or any Bariatric patient for that matter! How could you not be hungry with these high carb foods messing with your blood sugar. The diet shows so little Protein, no wonder you’re famished. If you can’t handle solid meat, eat tuna, canned chicken, rotisserie chicken or hamburger.

    It is so important that you change the types of food you eat. I would suggest a Keto diet to get you back on track.
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    Hannah83 reacted to BajanSleeve in Appetite back with a vengance!   
    I am truly sorry to hear of your struggles. Honestly, my heart goes out to you. I did the bulimia to anorexia thing when I was 14 to 16. Rejection was at the root of a lot of it.
    I'll stand in agreement with you for your FREEDOM from all the cycles. My recent changes have been a huge step from years of bondage from weight connected to self rejection and pain. I can relate to some degree of the struggle
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    Hannah83 reacted to BajanSleeve in Appetite back with a vengance!   
    There were a couple posts made on this thread referring to a spa treatment center from a google search. I have been to NUTS when I qualified for health care. The last one I went to was in 2015 when I first considered this surgery. I also saw one through the program I went on following in 2015. We do not have stand alone food therapists here unless connected with a treatment center.
    It may be something I can look into again when I am employed
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    Hannah83 reacted to VanessaKaye in Appetite back with a vengance!   
    And I'm not perfect but excuses are excuses.

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    Hannah83 reacted to BajanSleeve in Appetite back with a vengance!   
    I don't think I am ready to eat snakes ehehehehe
  16. Haha
    Hannah83 reacted to BajanSleeve in Appetite back with a vengance!   
    I cant eat meat yet !!! The Protein I am getting right now is from Protein Powder and I get 90 grams EVERY DAY. I use crystal light pure, a Vitamin pack and protein powder in my Water every single day but unable to get to 65 ounces a day yet. For Christmas sake I could not even drink that BEFORE surgery. That will take TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I cant eat eggs!
    I am getting frustrated with this thread too. I said that I ate the stuff left around the house from my parents visit and that was here pre surgery during the last 2 days. Sheesh...…….I said I am fighting hunger pangs and NOT emotional eating. I am not craving any food in particular I just feel HUNGER. I know the difference between trigger foods and emotional eating.
    Here is my dinner. Blended chicken with spinach, pumpkin and peas. Well, the later end of it. This is the kind of thing that I have eaten for the last 2 weeks but with different variations
    I have taken an acid reducer omeprazole as was suggested that acid can mimic hunger and hopefully this will help. I have not had acid or heartburn but who knows what is going on in that tiny pouch so i'll start using it in the morning every day again and pray it works wonders

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    Hannah83 got a reaction from TakingABreak in Appetite back with a vengance!   
    Huge amen from me! We have to kick our own ass sometimes...I am going through adjusting to my meds still and I'm 9 months out! I had no honeymoon period. It's been hellish, but I steamroll forward how bad do you want health? Bad enough pissed off enough to get in the game? Or continue to piss and moan? I am so glad I waited two years before I had surgery, I don't regret surgery and I'm 1000 percent committed to my success. No matter how long it takes.
    Take an honest look at your food, write it down by hand if you have to, I log my food via bearatastic app on my phone, and never skip a day Everything that passes my lips is logged even late night snakes. I log each weight lifting exercise, cardio I have fail-safes in place meaning no excuses. I rotate from workout DVD's working out at the gym, walking out hell anything sometimes just walking in place in my room. How driven are you, and how bad do you want this?
    Not enough obviously.
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    Hannah83 reacted to Orchids&Dragons in Appetite back with a vengance!   
    Where do you find the nutritional info for these? LOL!
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    Hannah83 reacted to FluffyChix in Appetite back with a vengance!   
    With your insulin jumpin' all over the place and your sugars spiking I'd be amazed if you had a thimble size tummy and weren't still starving. In short, there is ZERO bariatric surgery that is going to help you. Zero. Sorry. Don't mean to harsh your mellow.
    I'm only pre-diabetic with an A1c at last check of 5.3. Whah??? Yep, cuz I control it with my diet and now with exercise and it continues to go down. If I ate like you, it would not be long before my A1c was back well over my 6.9 that was when I quit low carbing for a while and started back eating SAD. It would probably be a lot higher, more toward the 8's.
    I would want to sacrifice small animals and people to satisfy my ravening hunger and appetite.
    So you have two choices. You can either start being part of your solution, or you can let this "magic bean surgery" help you about as much as it can/will...which may not even meet the national or international averages.
    You can allow the tool to help to its capacity, but more, you have to adopt a proper diet and not that BS diabetic diet spouted by the ADA or whomever you listen to...if I were in your position, I'd get this guy's book and read it, then internalize it and live it. Within 4 days to 2 weeks you will turn your life around. Your hunger will diminish so much and start to come into alignment. And finally, you will be maximizing the opportunities provided by your new tool.
    This is one of the smartest diabetologists I've ever seen. He pioneered the concept of eating to your meter, and pioneered and helped develop the home glucometer.

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    Hannah83 reacted to FancyChristine15 in Appetite back with a vengance!   
    It sounds like you expected the surgery to do all the work for you. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. I wish it did. We have to work to reach our goals. You are eating a lot of carbs and things that don't fill you up, so that's why you're hungry a lot. I eat almost all Protein, and I eat 800 calories a day, on average. I'm almost never hungry. I'm a little over 3 months post op. Drink Protein Shakes that are low in sugar and carbs but high in protein. Eat meats, yogurt, cheese, etc... Stay away from carbs. I eat no more than 30g of carbs per day. A few questions for you too:
    Are you tracking what you eat?
    Are you getting in at least 64 ounces of Water?
    Are you eating/drinking at least 60-80 grams of protein every day?
    Are you exercising?
    Are you taking your supplements?

    All of the above will help you in losing the weight.

    Another thing, you've got to change your attitude. You keep saying that you can't do this and you're going to fail, well, yeah, you will with an attitude like that. We're all rooting for you and want you to succeed, but we can't want it more than you do.

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    Hannah83 got a reaction from TakingABreak in Appetite back with a vengance!   
    get your head out of your plate and get your attitude out of your ass...as a person thinks, so are they...clearly you need a positive outlook, my pm box is open should you need to talk.
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    Hannah83 reacted to Frustr8 in Need a little support   
    BURDEN NOT BURGER, Although at 7:15 pm that sounds better than it should!
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    Hannah83 reacted to Lyngolean in Need a little support   
    I think that is normal. My joke was that first I was an infant with 2 naps per day. Then I was a toddler with one afternoon nap per day. Then I was a preschooler with just an afternoon rest. My first 3 weeks back to work I was so tired ( and that was after a 3 week leave) that I did NOTHING outside of go to work, eat, exercise, and personal hygiene on work days. After that, my energy has returned to normal. Except for last week I was tired for about 4 days. Most of the time I'm fine now. Please give yourself time to heal. It doesn't help being on a clear liquid diet either. When your intake expands that helps with energy too.
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    Hannah83 got a reaction from TropicalBeachDoll in Need a little support   
    also, I highly recommend staying off Facebook and social media, log out often. It's helped me so much.
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    Hannah83 got a reaction from Lioness815 in OCTOBER SLEEVERS CHECK IN HERE   
    A non-weight loss personal goal I had was this Victoria's Secret nightgown I haven't ever fit into this night I finally fit into comfortably without buttons bulging. I'm almost at 199.9, everyone is different and their journeys are as well. But, this did make me smile. Just thought I'd share. Sometimes it's the little things.

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