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    Hannah83 reacted to KimTriesRNY in New Puppy (Help)   
    I don’t really have any tips but just wanted to say congratulations.
    I love my pets and find them to be a joy. Nothing is as comforting as hugging my fluffy friends!
    Good luck with Bella!
  2. Congrats!
    Hannah83 reacted to mi75 in Shout out to all Vets- scale is moving again   
    WHOOP WHOOP!!! 4 years post op, I am finally getting the scale to move again and my regain is officially gone.
    I was doing some Keto type eating, but now I'm trying to cut back the fat so it's more like a 'bariatric' type eating, just a low carb, high Protein thing. I had been losing nicely for a long time then the scale completely stopped. What I THINK was happening is that my body had adjusted to ketosis and I was probably taking in a little too much dietary fat so I wasn't burning my own fat.
    Now that I've tweaked it my regain has dropped off and I'm back 'on the move'!!!!
    Hoping for a good 7-10 lb loss over the next month before I have some medical testing
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    Hannah83 reacted to Matt Z in New Puppy (Help)   
    Best advice is to go out with her when you are trying to show here where to go, lead her to the area of the yard that'll be ok for her to use all the time. Just keep doing that and in a few, she'll do it on her own. You could also get her a vest if it's really cold.
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    Hannah83 reacted to nicole99 in Still uncomfortable   
    I am 11 months post op, to say this has been a difficult year would be an understatement..I have found post op I have struggled a lot more mentally than physically. I’m 20 year old and lived my whole life over weight. I was 102kg pre op and now 11 months later I am sitting at 56kgs. Astounding difference I’m aware, but I can’t seem to stop losing weight. When I sat at 70ish kgs I was so happy and comfortable with my body but now I can’t seem to feel the same way. I look extremely underweight and unhealthy, I’m struggling to fit into size 6 clothing and it’s so disheartening to feel the same way about myself before I did the op.

    Does anyone feel the same? Does anyone struggle with not being able to stop losing weight, and reaching a weight size with is much much below your target goal? How do you deal with this, any tips?
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    Hannah83 reacted to Matt Z in Still uncomfortable   
    Start adding in some complex carbs, breads, etc. Calculate your BMI and then eat that amount + whatever you burn for the day for exercise, if total burn = total intake, the result will be zero weight loss.
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    Hannah83 reacted to FluffyChix in SMH   
    @JessLess, black tongue=iron supplement (I use chewable Iron from Celebrate. My tongue turns black cuz I dissolve it rather than chew. LOL. )
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    Hannah83 reacted to Heazza in Rny vs sleeve   
    Hey everyone! This is my 1st post here. I have just started my journey for Wls. I was originally going to do the lap band but after some research I have seen and heard nothing but horror stories about it. So I have decided to nix that and go with another surgery. My question for all of you is which do you think is better? The sleeve or the RNY? Why did you choose the surgery you chose? If you had to choose again would you still pick the same thing? How has the recovery from surgery been? Any advice for this newbie?
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    Hannah83 reacted to elcee in Rny vs sleeve   
    Whichever surgery you choose the key to success is EDUCATION. Those that research beforehand and know what to expect seem to be a lot more successful than those who don't. Read the forums, read your surgeons info, follow the instructions that you are given and remember that ultimately WLS is only a tool, it cannot work without someone operating it
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    Hannah83 reacted to S@ssen@ch in 5 things I've learned 5 yrs out   
    I cannot thank you enough for posting this. I'm only 5 months out instead of 5 years, but everything you said rings true with me.
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    Hannah83 reacted to karyn2018 in 5 things I've learned 5 yrs out   
    Great post!!! Thank you for sharing!!! I’m post op day 5. I have anxiety and depression. I went to rehab for my eating disorder and mental health issues in April 2018. This is after going to psychotherapy for over 6 years. Rehab was one of the best decisions I made. I was finally able to embrace my issues. After rehab I made the decision to put my self 1st and I scheduled my Gastric sleeve. I was always worrying about others opinions and didn’t trust my own judgement. I am so grateful that I am in a mentally better place. Dealing with my core issues prior to surgery has given me the freedom to know that this is the beat thing I could have ever done for myself.
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    Hannah83 reacted to Cara-Lea in 5 things I've learned 5 yrs out   
    Thank you so much. I did a LOT of work before surgery to work through my mental illness issues and my eating disorder. I am only a couple of months post-op, but I had already done the work to learn balance is key. I find it very disturbing on here, so many vets who post regularly say so many things that suggest highly disordered eating behaviors and it worries me what newbies who haven't gone through all the therapy I have are learning.
  12. Sad
    Hannah83 reacted to fluffy562 in 5 things I've learned 5 yrs out   
    EXACTLY what i needed to hear. I'm only 2 weeks out but the future sounds worth it all. Thank You. Sadly, I've already lost one friend of 16 years from jealously I think? Sad, but I'm staying strong and moving forward.
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    Hannah83 reacted to Orchids&Dragons in 5 things I've learned 5 yrs out   
    Thank you, @sharonintx! Wisdom from a vet is always appreciated! Congrats on 5 years worth of success!
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    Hannah83 reacted to sharonintx in 5 things I've learned 5 yrs out   
    Hello fellow sleevers. I have been on this site very little in the past couple of years but have logged in today to respond to a question. Since I'm here, I feel obligated to tell you all the things I've learned after 5 years.
    1. The people that told me my approach to living life with the sleeve was all wrong and that I would fail, gain weight in a few years, stretch my sleeve, and regret my actions are mostly gone now. I have seen a couple of them around but the most are long gone. Do not pay much attention to the know-it-alls. They know no more than anyone else and are just as likely to fail.
    2. Obviously you want to follow your Dr's instructions but don't get too hung up on strict rules and diets. If you make reasonable decisions and balance your good and bad food choices, your sleeve will do most of the work for you. I have eaten anything I wanted since day one. I try to pay attention to Protein etc., but I do not deny myself anything. You have the sleeve for a reason. Let it do it's job. Don't force it to hold more than it can and do not deny yourself the things that make you happy. Balance - just do it.
    3. WLS is much more than losing weight. It is getting to the bottom of the issues that cause us to compensate with food in the first place. Pay more attention to your mental well being than the numbers on the scale. Your long term success depends on it.
    4. Know that even after you reach your goal weight you will still be the same person with the same insecurities. Being thin changes nothing. If you did it for health reasons then hopefully those will no longer be an issue, but the person you are and how you feel inside doesn't change from losing weight. That has to change on the inside. No way around it.
    5. Know that once you have made the necessary changes inside and out there will be some people that don't relate to you the same or just plain don't like you anymore. Also know that what they think is completely irrelevant . Physical and mental changes for the better intimidate those with small minds. Don't give them a second thought.
    Thanks for reading.

  15. Haha
    Hannah83 reacted to SleeveinIL in So embarrassed...   
    I have a funny story that happened to me that I wanted to share because I can't tell anyone I know about this! So I ran 2.5 miles and was all sweaty. Afterwards I had to go to the bathroom so I proceed to do my thing, sat down and slipped off the dang seat because I was so sweaty. All I could do was laugh at myself because I never saw that coming. My coworker (was at fitness center at my office) asked if I was okay and all I could do was laugh and choke out that I was fine, just embarrassed. I waited for her to leave the locker room before I made my exit from the stall. 😆
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    Hannah83 reacted to Skinnygirl1984 in Weight watcher after 1 1/2 years   
    Weight watchers is great for accountability, weigh ins, and learning good information about exercise and health. You will need to modify the program though. I actually go to meetings but I do use calories instead of the freestyle program.
  17. Haha
    Hannah83 reacted to Rainbow_Warrior in OCTOBER SLEEVERS CHECK IN HERE   
    I find less of a problem ... or FEWER problems.
    I'm just choosy about where I eat out.
    I have also learned to take a number (usually 3 or 4) ziplock bags to bring home uneaten food. I sometimes remember to put a so-called "chinese" container into my carry bag when I go out.
    All this helps me have a second AND/OR third chance to eat some purchased restaurant/cafe meals.
    But, nine times out of ten, I know where I am going and I either know the menu or have looked it up on line and have a contingency plan for what I will order or what I will ask for.
    For my interstate trip, I will make a carry card that says I am "Dr Exxe's" patient with a "special condition" and make it look official to hand out to any officious looking "maitre de" or "floor manager". <GRIN>
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    Hannah83 got a reaction from Frustr8 in Out-of-the-blue disaster   
    (soft hug) I don't have words to offer and I wish I could reach through the screen and hug you tightly, be kind to yourself indeed as others have said. Take time for you, if you can. I myself have been in a dip of depression recently and old habits of spitting out food after chewing it have crept back, working out at 2 am etc. Disordered things I thought long buried have become zombies now that the chips are down mentally so I understand being frustrated with yourself. Hell, I've even had ice cream swallowed it only for it to come back up in the trash can. It worries me because of the purging aspect of it, and another unhealthy coping thing. End my own rant to say I in some way understand.
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    Hannah83 reacted to rs in Out-of-the-blue disaster   
    @sideeye I am so sorry about your friend and her family, and the struggles you are having along with it. I can't imagine how hard this must be on you emotionally and I can see how it's become extra challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It sounds like you've recognized that you've veered off the track on healthy eating and are now making a more conscious effort to course correct. Good for you. Be kind to yourself.
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    Hannah83 reacted to Lyngolean in It's not fun anymore   
    It sounds like your new job has helped a lot- 7000 steps daily is nothing to sneeze at in and of itself! Woot! Woot! How you get there is nothing compared to the determination to get there. I remember in my pre op prep, we met with a physical therapist who reviewed all kinds of research about exercise and its role in long term weight management. The piece of research I have seared in my brain is that research of large number of people who lost a considerable amount of weight and kept it off at least 5 years, they averaged 250-300 minutes of physical exercise per week. There are as many types of exercise and combinations of exercise as there are people, so I'm glad you are experimenting to find the ones YOU enjoy! For me, I LOVE exercising outdoors. Living in Minnesota makes that challenging during some months of the year. I am very iffy about going outside for any length of time if the mercury doesn't hit at least 10 degrees, and of course it requires proper clothing. I have to laugh thought that now I have not one, but two gym memberships (both inexpensive, thankfully, and one reimbursed by health insurance as long as I got at least 8 times per month)), a full wardrobe of work out gear, 2 different gym bags- one stocked for morning workouts (all the gear I need to get ready for work), and one that is smaller, more lightweight, in case I am exercising AFTER work. Most recently, I purchased 10 lb dumb bells for use at home for when I just don't feel like going to the gym. Years ago I had picked up one of those big exercise balls for use sitting at my desk at home, and I'm going to bring it upstairs from the basement for use doing abdominal strengthening exercises at home. You will find what works for you! Way to stick with it!
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    Hannah83 got a reaction from wjgo in It's not fun anymore   
    wjgo yea I am thinking weights might not be a 'thing' I like to do ither...meh, I do workouts at home now let my gym membership go, but before I crash land from after work I do pop in a DVD and workout that way I've gotten it in...again I think it's just my body finding it's 'new normal', working has actually helped a lot of things, purpose for one...two I like the 9 to five routine and I'm sleeping better then I have in a long time...so my body just might need some extra time catching up I do lift weights at home, and calisthenics are my own body weight so I've got body definition, on the whole, I feel better now that I am working along with the workouts
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    Hannah83 got a reaction from Lyngolean in It's not fun anymore   
    thanks, guys for your replies, I've been in a contract job and love it! It should lead to another Info Tech job within the system I am working for now. I get about 7000 steps a day and when I have the energy I lift weights, usually, it's eh. But you know what I mean. My mood has improved thanks to the full-time work that is engaging, challenging, active and pays decently.
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    Hannah83 got a reaction from wjgo in It's not fun anymore   
    wjgo yea I am thinking weights might not be a 'thing' I like to do ither...meh, I do workouts at home now let my gym membership go, but before I crash land from after work I do pop in a DVD and workout that way I've gotten it in...again I think it's just my body finding it's 'new normal', working has actually helped a lot of things, purpose for one...two I like the 9 to five routine and I'm sleeping better then I have in a long time...so my body just might need some extra time catching up I do lift weights at home, and calisthenics are my own body weight so I've got body definition, on the whole, I feel better now that I am working along with the workouts
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    Hannah83 got a reaction from Christabelle in I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)   
    good job backtofit The first three are from the past year, the last three are this evening.

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    Hannah83 reacted to wjgo in It's not fun anymore   
    Lifting weights just might not be for you. I need about 2.5 hours to get all the muscles groups/routines in. I split it into 3 consecutive daily (almost daily) gym visits of one hour each (sometime shorter), but every visit one can do abdominal, backs and torso. So, it can take time, and that does not count travel time!
    Consider doing a "Couch to 5k" running program. It's typically a 30 minute workout, and all of it is good and calorie burning!
    It's simplier than what you think. I using a 12 week program. It's interval training and the jogging part gets longer and the resting part gets shorter as you go along (basically). The basis is if one can walk 5k (3.1 miles) one can jog it. It's a matter of building up some ankle/foot and leg muscles for the jogging impacts and such and learning how to breathe when you run (you can naturally learn it on your own as you do it). For example, I thought I would die when I was supposed to go from 2 minute jogs with 30 sec walk rests to 5 minute jogs with 2 minute walk rests. It was easy! In a week, I go to a single solid 20 minute jog. Then a week of that, I move to a 22 minute jog.
    So, this is shorter time, will burn a lot of calories, and gives you a skill everyone should have, running a 5k. And once you do this, you can try doing it faster, or doing it longer.
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