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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    Hannah83 reacted to BigDog Bryan in Regretting the sleeve so much and afraid I will die or have serious problems down the road   
    First, Calm down PLEASE. It's been only 2 weeks, and you are still healing internally (it takes 6-8 weeks to fully heal from the surgery). Right now it's real work just to drink enough Protein each day and get your daily Vitamins and supplements in (Not doing so will cause REAL health problems, so be vigilant)
    Second, the hormone that was removed was NOT Human Growth Hormone, but Ghrelin, which governs your feelings of hunger. You will now age FAR more gracefully since your body will not be working overtime to carry extra weight going forward - your knees and hips are writing you a Thank You note right now!
    Third, Gastric Sleeve removes Excess stomach but keeps your digestive tract in place and fully functioning. A Bypass would have reshaped your stomach and reroutes a piece of your small intestines. Your internet research got it backwards.
    Fourth, as far as I have been able to determine, Sleeve surgery will NOT prevent you from having children. Just make sure that your GYN and your General Doctor are aware of your surgery before you try to have kids.
    Fifth, your weight loss will be quick, yes, but not instant. Let your body heal, and your mind adjust to your new stomach. Don't lose your mind when you finally get to solid foods and you suddenly find that there are foods that you just don't like anymore or can't tolerate (Rice, Salami, and pizza in my case). My life isn't over, and I have discovered Salmon!
    Remember that so many people on this forum wish that they had acted sooner for one simple reason - The Surgery WORKS. You are to be admired for your courage and decisiveness to reclaim your health BEFORE serious issues (that could have prevented a future pregnancy, for sure) became a part of your daily routine. Look for a Support Group in your area and talk to your Surgeon and Nutritionist. Again I say BRAVO to you for reclaiming your health and making the rest of your life a LOT better than it looked a few weeks ago!!!!
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    Hannah83 reacted to erp in Workout Regimen Pre Sleeve Surgery   
    Great workout! I can't say you won't still be tired after a hard workout unless you never increase your intensity but you will be able to increase your intensity and more importantly you will look and feel better than someone who didn't workout before and after surgery. Keep it up!
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    Hannah83 got a reaction from jaxmom in Regretting the sleeve so much and afraid I will die or have serious problems down the road   
    Hey Kitty-
    *soft hug* I myself am going to be having the gastric sleeve done this summer. the emotional aspect of the after operation is hard. I've been doing six months of pre op 'weight loss' but because I don't have co morbid issues (I workout like a madwomen) my BMI has had to stay at 40 for the last six months. It's been hard. I've been researching and preparing for this surgery for the last ten months. I would love to write via email to you if you would like to. I myself am going to have to have my meds that are psyche made liquid for the first two months. Hang in there. I echo what others have said, the web is filled with crud. If you cannot find contact information or a link back to the source what is being said is an opinion. rule of thumb I use for everything on the web. take care doll.

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