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  1. @DavidCornDC @realDonaldTrump He thrives on the drama

  2. I ate the heck out of low fat refried beans with low fat cheese and a little salsa - still do 5 years out And the small salad shrimp - that's my snack alot of nights
  3. Yep ce la vie thanks. And I too ate cake and pizza to excess to get up to nearly 275 at one time. I went down to 105 when I was much younger and then slowly; heart disease, menopause, thyroid cancer, starting my own business and never leaving the house to work 18 hours a day all caught to me and I found that I was up to 172 so I chose to have the sleeve and thanks to the sleeve I was able to get to my goal. Thanks to my choices since that time I have been able to stay there. Say "never" if that's what works for you or you think that's what your future holds. Personally I didn't have the sleeve to stay on a strict diet 24/7/365 but hey ce la vie right? I don't eat cake and pizza every single day, that would be flat out stupid but if I want it once a week or month then it's not going to get me back up to 172 overnite and since I don't continue to eat crap it won't either. Once I hit back to 105 I stayed there. If I eat cake or pizza or other crap one day then the next days following I grab my 65 - 80 grams of Protein and eat under 30 grams of carbs which is usually how I eat. Deprive yourself - that's fine if that's what works for you. I didn't have this surgery and change my ways 99 percent of my waking hours to never eat things that I enjoy. Later - I'm done. But hey what do I know? I've only kept all of my weight off - yep every single pound - for 3.5 years (took me 6 months to lose it so 4 years total) @@Beck90 drink all the pop you want, before and after. Really. Seems as though you want what you want and don't care that not only is carbonation hell on the sleeve but the sodium, carbs and just garbage in general yuk... I can't imagine how I ever drank it anyway. Plus the no caffeine "rule" that my doctor told me to follow. Soda has tons of caffeine. https://www.tijuanabariatrics.com/blog/2015/03/28/drinking-soda-and-gastric-sleeve-156433 http://www.thinnertimesforum.com/topic/57912-carbonated-drinks-after-gastric-bypass-and-vertical-sleeve-gastrectomy/ http://blog.riversidesurgicalweightloss.com/blog/bid/324869/5-Post-Bariatric-Surgery-Diet-Rules-You-Can-t-Break http://www.thinnertimesforum.com/topic/67532-exactly-why-cant-we-have-carbonated-drinks/ http://www.thinnertimesforum.com/topic/8588-does-carbonation-really-stretch-our-pouches/ Nite all - have a blast - I'm out. People ask for advice and then get shi&&y when they don't like it lol Unbelievable
  4. Wow did I say that was the ONLY reason? No but it sure doesn't help.
  5. ladyinsouth

    Fu*%ing awkward

    Wow maybe because he is offended you didn't fall at his knees and beg for him to love you? What a jerk!
  6. ladyinsouth

    Why do people bash weight loss surgery?

    I've NEVER hidden the fact that I had it not before or since. I honestly don't care. It's a simple matter of MY BODY MY CHOICE STFU - that usually does it
  7. I smoke and like it or not I was smoking right after surgery. Is it good for me? DUH no. Will if impact my weight loss? NO! If others don't want to smoke that's fine - don't. As for soda which was the actual question here I was a major soda addict prior to surgery 4 years ago - I have taken a sip now and then to maybe equal a full can over the course of 4 years and it's nasty to me now. Booze is empty calories but I stopped drinking in 2000 anyway so that wasn't an issue. Never heard any issue on the NSAIDS and I do take those occasionally for an inflamed sciatica that would totally disable me flat on my back on the couch for weeks at a time if I didn't. I also eat cake *GASP*. Come to think of it I eat anything I want now and have lost and maintained a 72 pound weight loss. I just don't eat the whole cake but if I want cake or ice cream I'll have a small portion. I'm making steaks tonite for dinner which is a once a month occasion too. There are some people that say to newbies or potential newbies that they can NEVER have cake again or NEVER have a steak again or NEVER have a hamburger or whatever... and it's annoying. Moderation is the key. One slice of pizza isn't going to make me gain my weight back nor will it lead to me getting to the point of again eating a large pizza in one nite. But soda? I have never heard any doctor say it's ok and I have 7 friends who have had the surgery since I had mine. Well come to think of it one does still drink gingerale but she hasn't lost her weight either so ..... there ya go