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  1. I just started the process of getting approved for weight loss surgery last month. I went to my first diet class last month too. I have Anthem BCBS and am required to complete a 6 month diet program where I successfully lose weight. Tonight’s my 2nd diet class and weigh in. I weighed myself this morning and I’ve gained 5 pounds in a couple of days time. I’m starting my cycle and I always bloat like this beforehand. Will this gain keep me from getting approved? I’ve been told that I have to show I can lose weight- but what if I gain weight at one of my weigh ins? Thanks in advance for the replies!
  2. I was set to get my surgery in June, then we found out that our house had termites and there went a good portion of my surgery fund! I was nervous mainly because I had already paid my $500 deposit to have the surgery. However, Bill was very understanding and quickly got my deposit refunded. I still hope to have surgery as soon as I can save the money back up, but I was very impressed with how this company handled my situation. They could easily have just taken my money and ran with it or told me that I had to make it work but they didn't. They are not out to get your money! From booking to having this unfortunate situation arise, I have had nothing but positive experiences with BariatricPal! Thank you BariatricPal TeamMX! Not only do you have one of the best bariatric surgeons in Tijuana, but you are a team that I know I can trust- a team that has its patients' best interests at heart!
  3. Since you've started your journey, what has been your favorite NSV (Non-Scale Victory)? I am just starting my journey and a thread like this would be really encouraging at the moment. Surgery fear is starting to kick in, so I am trying to keep my mindset positive. For me, I can't wait to ditch the spandex underclothes & be able to run around the park with my kids & take them to the pool without hiding. Yesterday I realized how much time I spend every day tugging my clothes away from my body & sucking it in... I really can't wait to not worry about that all day anymore. It's hard to wrap my mind around how much different my life will be in a years time. It doesn't even seem possible!
  4. I'm probably not the best to respond since I am still pre-op but you post really got to me. I am so sorry that you've gone through all of this. Have you thought about revision surgery? I have seen a few people on these forums who had regain or didn't lose as much as they wanted. They did a revision to the mini gastric bypass or full gastric bypass and had a lot of success with it. Of course I don't know if you meet the BMI requirements or not for that. I've also seen people do a "pouch reset" where you go back to what you were doing in the beginning right after surgery. Liquid diet, then purees, etc. It's supposed to help regain some restriction. I really think you should try seeing a therapist too. They can help with the depression you have & even help with the binge eating problems. Are you exercising? Using a Fitbit helped me a lot. I thought I was active but I was gaining weight. Then I tracked with my Fitbit and was actually only getting around 4,000-5,000 steps a day when I'm supposed to get 10,000.
  5. What is their reasoning for dropping you? I don't see how the surgery has any effect on them. Shouldn't your pcp be supportive of you trying to better your health? I would switch doctors. This is 2017. Medical tourism is something a lot of people do every year now. As long as you've found a reputable surgeon your pcp should be understanding and supportive.
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    Should I start any vitamins prior to surgery? Like Biotin to help prevent hair loss? What vitamins will I need each day after surgery? Thanks in advance
  7. I've tried premier protein shakes and genepro powder. I can't stand the taste premier and could even taste genepro though it's supposed to be tasteless. More than that they both made me so sick. Nausea and a burning pain in my stomach for the rest of the day after just a little bit of them. Anybody else have this issue? I'm nervous about getting enough protein in after surgery if I don't find something that's easier on my stomach.
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    My surgeon recommended bypass for me over the sleeve since I have GERD. They said they could do the mini gastric bypass if I wanted something with less malabsorption. I'm still going to go with the sleeve though because bypass scares me. I didn't have GERD issues before gaining weight so I'm hopeful that it will subside with weight loss or remain manageable. Worse case scenario I'll have to have a revision.
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    I don't think anyone is comforted by thinking that sleeves stretch. To me, it's more of a reason to follow guidelines to make sure that this works and I don't mess it up. I think it's important to know that the restriction won't stay the same, that I will be able to eat more and I need to be more aware of it. I don't want to go in thinking, "Oh my stomach will never be able to hold much food again so I have nothing to worry about!" It goes much deeper than that with obese people. That's the whole point of this thread right? Issues with food ruining results? Why would anyone need an excuse to make themselves feel better about failing? If you keep overeating and sabotage your results isn't that still your fault?
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    I did read the second link about the stomach. The stomach is still the stomach even if you remove a portion of it. It is still made up of the same tissue, tissue which expands when you eat. You also still did not answer where you got your information from. Every surgeon I've spoke to, every person I've talked to that's had the surgery, everything I've read says the stomach is able to stretch to hold more food as time goes on. It's biology. That's how the stomach tissue is made to work, its elastic. The sleeve is ONLY a tool. Just because you have one experience doesn't mean everyone else does and from the sound of it, it seems as if you are following post op guidelines and not frequently forcing food to the point of being sick. Eventually your body will get used to your eating habits and they will catch up to you if you keep over eating. If the sleeve got rid of all elasticity in your stomach then failure wouldn't even be a possibility. I may be in the pre-op stage, but I have been researching this surgery for two years now and I have plenty of family and friends who have been through it. I guess we will have to just agree to disagree.
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    What I was wanting to know though is where did you get this information from? Modified sleeves aside, I have a hard time believing that highly regarded US surgeons who have performed thousands of bariatric surgeries can't properly form a sleeve. I personally know two people whose sleeves were ineffective because they refused to change their dietary patterns and they no longer feel any restriction. I know other people who used the exact same surgeon and have had great results. Also the stomach is elastic. It does relax and expand when we eat, and just like with most things if you continuously stretch anything to its max it's eventually not going to snap all the way back. Maybe the proper term isn't stretched, but becomes more elastic? Able to hold more? I do not see how a stretched sleeve is a cop out for surgeons. With that logic if you're not eating proper portions is it the surgeons fault that you're able to eat bigger portions? Are you saying that anyone who does not have success with Bariatric surgery is a victim of medical malpractice? I don't think so. Any surgeon will tell you the sleeve is a tool and it will not work if you don't work with it. The stomach does expand to hold more food over time. If it didn't then we would physically be unable to eat more as time passes without experiencing dumping syndrome. A couple of things I found from a quick google search: "If you continually overeat, the stomach may stretch. If your stomach stretches, you will not benefit from your surgery." http://www.northwestdavinci.com/health-library/hw-view.php?DOCHWID=hw252781 "However, when we prepare to eat, our brain sends a signal to our stomach that food is on the way. In anticipation, the stomach muscles relax and the stomach gets ready to be filled with food—a process known as "gastric accommodation." While eating, the average human stomach can stretch up to five times its normal fasting state. "The human stomach can actually hold 48 ounces, or roughly one liter, at its full capacity," says Leslie Bonci, a registered dietitian who works with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Kansas City Chiefs." "Rather, eating patterns change the amount of food the stomach can expand to hold. Think of it more as "increasing stomach elasticity" than "permanently stretching your stomach." The scientific term for this is "distensibility"—defined as "the ability of something to become stretched." http://www.stack.com/a/does-overeating-actually-stretch-your-stomach-the-answer-might-surprise-you
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    I recently watched a surgery on here of a sleeve conversion to a mini bypass. The stomach looked obviously bigger than sleeve surgeries that I've seen and the doctor noted how a little stretching like that over time was normal with the sleeve. How do you explain a visibly larger sleeved stomach like that if stretching of the stomach isn't possible? Not trying to be rude or say that you're wrong, I'm just curious where your information is coming from. Especially when surgeons who perform these surgeries and physically see the stomach over time in situations like this claim otherwise.
  13. Your friends situation is what I'm afraid of. I've gained about 60 pounds since having kids. My skin wasn't really loose considering but I got a ton of stretch marks from pregnancy. Luckily I haven't gotten anymore from this weight gain. So I'm worried about if everything else will bounce back. Getting extra plastic surgery for those would take a while to save up for. I hope I end up like you!
  14. Mommy Makeover [emoji2] It's a tummy tuck and breast lift/augmentation.
  15. My current weight is 210 pounds and I'm 5'4". My goal weight is 130 pounds. I'm 29 so I'm hoping age & being at a slightly lower weight might be on my side with this... is there anything else I can do to prevent loose skin? I'm particularly concerned with my arms and legs. I'm already planning on a MMO so the tummy area doesn't bother me. It's already beyond hope after having kids lol Exercise? Laser treatments?