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  1. rebecca wills

    Advil? Tylenol?

    Thanks for posting this question, I’ve been sick with flu like symptoms and headache and have to work. So I’ve been taking Tylenol arthritis and fever reducer.
  2. Well as an older woman who has a year post surgery I want it noted that my doctor was kind enough to go the extra mile. Repaired my hernia and fixed adhesions. So initially more pain but didn't have long term damage. It has made a world of difference in the appearance of my tummy. Flat and no bulging when I sit up. I'm back to work nursing full time again! Lost 65lbs!![emoji1319]
  3. I've been talking to friends and acquaintances who have told me crazy stories about what they have heard about getting the Sleeve done. When they hear that I had the surgery there fascinated and are stunned because I appear normal and healthy. Why? Because I am!!! Stop believing the negative hype!!! More and more people are getting it done. Remember the successes move on with their lives, because it's better for them. The negative stories are few and only appear on sites like this to scare you. If you are Sick of Being Sick and Tired!!! Take A Leap Of Faith!!!! It's worth the sacrifice of a two month liquids and soft foods. Do It!!!!!!
  4. rebecca wills

    Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

    I've also found that keeping my TSH level at 2.5 or lower keeps me in the burn, and feeling well. I take D-3 every day, and prenatal vitamins with a B-12 sublingual.
  5. rebecca wills

    Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

    The stomach is a hormone processor, hunger hormone (Ghrellen) is a culprit in causing Leptin resistance. That is why we couldn't lose weight no matter what. Insulin resistant=leptin resistance = obesity Research and a long chat with my doctor brought me to this decision. The studies showed that Leptin resistance needs a huge block in Ghrellin production. Google it's very compelling.
  6. rebecca wills

    Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

    I had my TT done in 2014 for Graves. I got my balance on Natures Thyroid medication. However, my weight did not go down, why? Hormone imbalance! Once I had the sleeve I lost 55 lbs and feel amazing. No more debilitating pain and fatigue. I'm never starving, I eat what I want. Your taste do change as many have said. In June it will be 1 year. I'm still losing weight, and I can say with confidence there is no regret. I take 2 grains of NT. And that's my only medication. There really has not been any major complications. Weighing out everything in my head last year I weighed 230lbs at first weigh in. Today I weigh 168, and wear size 11 jeans. Weight is no longer my concern, good nutrition is.
  7. rebecca wills


    I posted a story, "Never Again." I had made frozen drink and drank about 5 sips and went into what's described as Dumping syndrome. Sugar+alcohol =HELL I walked around in agony! I had spasms from my throat to my bottom. The cold triggered it, sugar, and alcohol exasperated it. Relief came after I got into a hot shower, and after put a heating pad on my tummy. I did not have other gastro issues some might imagine. Just pain that I couldn't even stay still. June will be 1 year and white wine works for me. Vodka knocks me on my Butt. Red wine is too acidic for me.
  8. Before surgery I was one of those people who always bought the magazine with the newest diet. Recipe books, my I-books has uploads of books on weight loss. For years I've had clothes in my closet that were; "One day" clothes. Incentive outfits for the spring! Fall! The thought process was Always to GET THIS WEIGHT OFF!!!!!! Imagine the hours, days, weeks, months and years wrapped into that mind set. I've Been Set FREE! Today my thought process is on what I CAN DO, no longer do I hesitate. That is for me the victory! The ONE DAY clothes I've worn and shrunk out of. If your thinking about doing the sleeve, imagine freedom. Thyroid removed hypothyroid and I am free![emoji7][emoji1319][emoji1319][emoji1319]
  9. rebecca wills

    Note to Self: NEVER AGAIN

    Agreed no can do! White wine sips is my thing when in Rome[emoji6] aka with my girls.
  10. Tonight I did something very stupid! I made a Ham dinner with roasted vegetables. Which I ate my 3 oz portion and as many veggies as I could manage. After cleaning up My mom kept saying for weeks we never have drinks any more. So I made Pina Coladas. FROZEN I don't know if it was the alcohol, or the frozen part. Or the dinner and drink combo. Which I thought I waited long enough. But I was in agony, I couldn't be still the pain was so darn bad. My surgery was 6/30/16. I went into my shower and found some relief in the hot water. My heart was racing and my back felt like I was stabbed, I couldn't breath. So shower felt better. My husband was with me at that point. So I got him to plug in a heating pad and I laid down with the pad on my tummy with a pillow on top of it. IT WORKED THANK GOD! Spasms we're happening! Please learn from my stupid mistake. P.S. I have had drinks before but never had this happen. Awful
  11. rebecca wills

    11 months post-op and looking for buddies

    I snack too at night so I found some ice pops I just am obsessed with. They are sugar free slush pops. Walmart sells them. They are a peach and pink color. They sell slush pops also that have sugar. So use caution, I combine one of them with two Popsicle brand s/f Pop that is 15 calories and it keeps my cal. Under 100.
  12. Hope to meet my own personal goal of 145.[emoji1317] Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  13. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App

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