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  1. HiHoSleever

    For those in a dreaded stall...

    Almost the same story here, lol, stalled at 30 lbs, down 40 now, surgery on 8/11. I started lifting weights at 6 weeks out and boy, has that made a huge difference. Like you, I feel so much better, I wouldn't care if I didn't lose much more. Still hoping for another 20 lbs, but so far, this has been the best thing I have ever done for myself.
  2. Way to go, Kel! I am shocked at what a difference it is making. I do cardio on the weekends when I am watching football.
  3. Hey gang, I am about 2 1/2 months post op and wanted to chime in about the road so far. I went from 226 to 191, stalled at 5 weeks and the scale didn't budge for 3. Didn't panic, but decided to focus on lifting weights instead of cardio as I noticed I was really soft/flabby and losing a lot of muscle. I have a free workout joint at my work and now take a 45 min lunch break to lift weights, alternating upper and lower body. The gym is cold and I don't get sweaty so I can jump right back in to work with just a minor touch up. I have read that one of the best perks about WLS is that when we work out, we will quickly begin to see a noticeable difference. I've gone from a size 20-ish down to a 14. The smallest I have ever been is a 12, so I am pretty dang chuffed about the progress. in the 6 weeks of weight lifting, I have lost 6 lbs, but, wow, what a difference in my size and how my clothes look/fit. Even better, I have more energy, sleep less and even took up playing the guitar again. I feel like a new person. It's amazing how much time I have now to do other stuff. Weights seem to have been the post op magic bullet. After getting burned out on gyms and the hours I had spent spinning my wheels, it amazes me that 45 mins 4-5 days is all I need. Who knew? (If you are going to start a program, get with someone about proper lifting techniques as form is crucial. And clearance from your docs. So worth it!)
  4. HiHoSleever

    Muscle Loss

    I drink at least 1 Premier Protein Drink a day (30 g) and eat mostly lean Proteins like poached eggs, fish, chicken or pork. I am having trouble with weakness/fatigue with physical activity (especially in the morning) so I am trying to get some carbs in. Still only able to eat about 2-3 tablespoons of food at one time.
  5. HiHoSleever

    Muscle Loss

    Hey family, I'm 6 weeks out and getting daily exercise, just starting back with some weights, too. I have always been well muscled and an exercizer. I am down 21 lbs since surgery and really surprised at how much muscle I have lost. Lookin' kinda doughy, really. Maybe this is all part of the process but since I have been exercising and getting my Protein in, I'm surprised to be feeling kinda mushy. Anyone have a similar experience? Maybe I should focus more on weight training rather than mainly cardio? Thoughts, wisdom appreciated... Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  6. Thanks for the replies! Will look into this a little more and hopefully remember to report back.
  7. I did a search and didn't find much, so... Does anyone get their doc to write scripts for their Vitamins or supplements to be able to use your Flexible Spending Accounts through insurance? Being early post op, mine are pricey (Celebrate, Bariatric Advantage). My FSA indicates I can use it if my doc writes scripts. Just curious if anyone has any experience with this. Also, when were you able to switch to using regular old OTC vitamins? Do you take more than the recommended dosage? Thanks in advance, fellow losers! ~ HiHoSleever
  8. HiHoSleever

    Exercise Plans

    I was cleared at 2 weeks to do whatever I want (just this week). I have a spin bike at home but I am not killing it. Just 30 mins of a light sweat. Also trying to get 10K steps in a day. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  9. HiHoSleever

    Help with stall

    I was sleeved on 8/11 and stalled after a week, only down 8 lbs in 14 days. I was hoping that I wouldn't stall for a few weeks. Everything I read here says hang in, don't weigh often, stay the course with protein/fluid, get moving. My body is supposedly hard at work even if the scale is a bust. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  10. Back after 1 week. I walk/stand a fair amount, but mostly sitting. We don't have sick leave and it comes out of our vacay. I could have gone back after 5 days, but enjoyed taking a "me" day. I also love my job and wanted to get back into the swing. Had my 2 week f/u yesterday and doc cleared me for any physical activity I want.
  11. HiHoSleever

    Caloric Intake ~ 2 Weeks Out, Onward

    For sure. I have been averaging about 70 grams. I could up it. What are your main protein sources?
  12. HiHoSleever

    Caloric Intake ~ 2 Weeks Out, Onward

    Thanks for the replies! I think I am in the right zone.
  13. 13 days out and doing fantastic, came back to work after 1 week, could have gone back earlier. No problems whatsoever, minimal pain, energy is good. My 4 little holes are already healed. This has been a breeze so far and I am very thankful. Got clearance from doc today to do any and all activities. My partner asked me if I asked my doc if I could have sex, lol. I said he said no, but that she could. LOL (We love to joke on each other.)
  14. Hey peeps, sorry if this has been asked a lot... I am 2 weeks out and now cleared for soft foods for the next 4 weeks. I am drinking shakes and blended homemade high Protein Soups, getting in an average of 600 calories a day. I am tracking food/exercise in myfitnesspal. Getting my 10000 steps in plus 30 mins of light cycling. I had my 2 week post-op visit today and they didn't really have a caloric range, just told me to focus on eating. Fair enough, but I can drink a lot of Protein drinks (Premier Protein, mostly). I am 5'8", now 213 lbs, down 13 from before surgery. Doing chewable Vitamins with no problems. Can anyone share how many calories you aimed for at this stage or what your doc recommended? Thanks in advance, HiHoSleever
  15. HiHoSleever

    Sleeve or Bypass

    Yes. I have a good friend who opted to have the bypass because she was afraid she would "overeat" the sleeve. She had about 100 lbs to lose and has done remarkably well with it, no complications. I have less to lose (right now anyway) and decided on the sleeve. My doctor also felt this was the best option for me. Good advice above to talk with MD, psych and NUT). Best wishes on your journey!