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    ttnurse reacted to katie09/21/2016 in surgery tomorrow!   
    Thank you! I'm a nervous wreck tonight... I don't think I will be sleeping much.
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    ttnurse reacted to Universoul_D in Oficially Banded: Day 1   
    After cursing out everyone in the house the first week of the liquid preop. Then saying screw this and eating those delicious white chocolate macadamia nut Cookies from the mall 3 days before surgery. To spending the day before surgery crying because of a broken heart. And being emotionally numb from it til I woke up in the recovery room today. I must say it worked out fine. My surgery was flawless.
    Now I am about to sleep my first night banded. The incision pain is about a 3. Just enough of a reminder to take it easy when moving around. I am starving though. But I am on clears so I am allowing myself to nibble Jello and sip clear beverages unchecked. Tomorrow I am gonna get some clear beverages with Protein in them to edge off the hunger.
    It's only day 1 and I'm sure the drugs just havent worn off yet, but you know what.... I feel good.
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    ttnurse reacted to stevedallas in After 4 years.....   
    I was 52 in 2012 when I had the sleeve. I was 275 pounds. I lost 90....and have since gained back 5. Yep. After 4 years, I am still 190. My initial goal was 200. Four years later, I am still 190. I have hovered right at 185-190.
    The Sleeve changed my life. I get up at 4am daily and walk 5 miles before work. I still Protein load and carb avoid. I drink a LOT of Water daily.
    For me, the Sleeve has worked.....and continues to work. I was pre-diabetic before. Now, my doc says I have the health of a 30-year-old.
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    ttnurse got a reaction from krazy kat in Surgery tomorrow..   
    I am with you in thoughts and prayers. I too was there once. I'm 3 months post op and today hit the 60 pound weight loss. 9 more pounds to goal..bless you
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    ttnurse got a reaction from krazy kat in Surgery tomorrow..   
    I am with you in thoughts and prayers. I too was there once. I'm 3 months post op and today hit the 60 pound weight loss. 9 more pounds to goal..bless you
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    ttnurse got a reaction from krazy kat in Surgery tomorrow..   
    I am with you in thoughts and prayers. I too was there once. I'm 3 months post op and today hit the 60 pound weight loss. 9 more pounds to goal..bless you
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    ttnurse reacted to Aimee-Belle in Week 1 post op but can stomach solids...   
    Hi All,
    Couldn't find another thread so will just ask...
    I'm exactly 1 week post op and since yesterday (day 6) I've started trying a few 'solid foods' in the UK we're told after a sleeve to have liquids for 3 weeks, then puree for 3 then move to more solid food. But I've always been a quick healer, and for some reason I just knew in my head I felt ok to try something, I've had a thin slice of cheese, a strawberry, a mousse dessert (yogurt) and a small piece of soft potato. All of these I chewed until they basically didn't exist in my mouth before swallowing, but I've experienced no nausea, sickness or cramping.
    I understand I couldn't eat a proper meal as I could over stretch whilst still healing, and I am literally nibbling tiny mouthfuls and chewing until I can't even notice the food in my mouth anymore but is this normal? It's becoming really hard to stomach just Soup and milk etc when I feel ready to eat more solid food. I completely understand the risk of rushing the process and I will allow myself time to heal fully but would like to know id this has happened to anyone else?
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    ttnurse reacted to KindaFamiliar in I miss coffee!   
    No coffee is worth an irritated staple line...
    Imagine that one coffee causing you to need longer on no coffee...
    Stand firm @@PissiChrissi
    YOUR doctor knows YOU best...
    If you can wait the entire six weeks, I'll even shout your first coffee..
    I don't make THAT offer to anyone!!!!
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    ttnurse reacted to JennsJourney in 3 Months Post-Op!   
    I'm finally seeing a difference in my body! I'm 3 months post-op as of today and I'm down 74 lbs. I'm staring to feel "normal" again and I'm loving it. I took a picture this weekend and was finally able to see some of my progress. We have to Celebrate all along the way!

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    ttnurse got a reaction from qtonduty30 in 2 week liquid diet   
    My liquid starts may 4 (tomorrow !!! ). Surgery date May 18 with Dr. Ortiz
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    ttnurse got a reaction from edelc in Mini gastric bypass in Belgium 20th April 2016   
    Bless you and the best of luck to you. I'm praying for you
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    ttnurse got a reaction from New life 2016 in New to the Group/Surgery date 5/3/2016   
    Welcome, I'm scheduled for May 18. I live in Virginia, will have procedure in Mexico.
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    ttnurse reacted to sadams70 in New to the Group/Surgery date 5/3/2016   
    Good luck! I am 1 week post op. My real birthday was 4 days after my surgery. This will be a great year!
    My advice, take pain meds as prescribed the first few days.
    Get your Protein shakes down.
    You'll be golden!
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    ttnurse reacted to Daisee68 in "I didn't recognize you"   
    Anyone else bothered by this statement? I mean, I know the people mean well and I am VERY open about my surgery, but I must admit, this is the one comment I am really having a little trouble with. I checked in at a hotel last week on business and they asked for my ID, and the clerk looked me up and down and finally said "Are you sure this is you?" Um, yea - why would I carry around an ID of some random 330 pound person? Guess it is time for a new drivers license...
    Anywho, I know I will get used to the comments and I know they will even eventually stop completely, but in the meantime, when I look in the mirror, I still see the same face staring back at me (although much thinner/bonier face) so it is hard to hear that I do not look the same to others. Perhaps because I was in complete denial about how I looked in the first place nearly 140 pounds ago...
    PS - Anyone ever stare at their ticker and think "surely there is a mistake and that cannot be mine?"
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    ttnurse reacted to lynnh24 in Surgery 4/26. 5 day liquid diet starts tomorrow.   
    Hi, my surgery is on the 27th. I am on a 2 week liquid diet. The clinic I go to only wants us using their pre and post op shakes and Soups. I am allowed sugar free Jello and sugar free Popsicles that is all.. I wish you luck with the diet and surgery
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    ttnurse got a reaction from B_D in Pre-Op Appointment down, April 26th is right around the corner!   
    I will be praying hard for all of you getting surgery. April 26 seems to be a very popular day for life changes. Best of luck
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    ttnurse reacted to Webchickadee in The pre-op diet is NOT a punishment ... it's an opportunity.   
    Hi guys. I see a lot of you are struggling and worried pre-op about the pre-op diet. It is a HUGE challenge, but for me, it was an important one.
    Exactly 1 year ago, I was in the middle of a 2 week liquid pre-op diet because my BMI was 55+ and I was self-pay in Mexico. Traveling from Canada meant that a reschedule would be A LOT of extra expense if my surgeon had to stop due to an enlarged liver mid-surgery. I had NO CHOICE but to follow the diet.
    It also meant that cheating would increase the chance of complications and a longer recovery (or worse), all because I could not follow a 2 WEEK diet. Really? Here I was, about to take a seriously radical, life-changing step and get 85% of my stomach cut out permanently. But I can't follow a 2 week diet? That's crazy.
    Post-op was going to be difficult for MONTHS, not days. So if I couldn't get my head in the game for the pre-op diet, then maybe I wasn't ready for what was going to follow post-op. I was terrified!
    So I started the liquid diet. And I was STARVING. I was dreaming of all the foods I thought were leaving my life forever. Suddenly I didn't care that I had spent my life morbidly obese, I wanted my comfort back. I wanted to fill myself to bursting at every meal, like it was my last meal forever.
    But I didn't break my diet.
    Because for once, I wasn't going to cheat myself. It was time to grow up (I'm 43....) and take responsibility for my health, my future and my choices. A lifetime of justification, gluttony and excuses brought me to that operating room. Now it was time to face the music and get on with owning my future.
    The first 3 days were HELL. That is when your body is detoxing from the carbs. You are using up the glycogen in your liver (to help "shrink" it) and it's screaming for replacement carbs to fill it back up. You can get through it. After 3 days it gets MUCH better. After a week you start to feel normal and more healthy than you have felt in years. You may be hungry, but you don't have the carb cravings anymore.
    Most importantly, you feel IN CONTROL; and mentally and emotionally strong for battling your demons and winning. This is the first tangible proof in an unsure future that you CAN get through the post-op recovery and that you CAN succeed in losing the weight this time, FOR LIFE.
    Whatever weight you lose during your pre-op diet is really inconsequential. What is important is what you gain:
    - Confidence
    - Emotional and physical self-control
    - The desire to succeed and overcome "impossible" obstacles
    - The knowledge that you are a WINNER as long as you do your best
    Please don't look at the pre-op diet as a "condition" that your surgeon imposes on you (and some surgeons don't require it!). It is an OPPORTUNITY for you to test yourself, to help build your will, character and emotional toughness BEFORE you have the surgery.
    It's like training for a marathon.....you put the blood sweat and tears in before the race to help you finish the race on game day. Without training and preparation, you will likely fail and you can get hurt really badly along the way!
    Use your pre-op diet to work through your demons, build up your confidence and prove to yourself you can do it. If you "fall off the wagon" one day, the next day is a fresh start.
    Aim for excellence. You owe it to yourself.
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    ttnurse reacted to smoothazz in Low BMI - any out there!   
    I was just over 40. I'm a tall man and carried my weight pretty good (learned that over decades of being overweight). I'm so glad I did it. I'll toot my own horn and say I look damn good! I could never have done this without it - I tried for years.
    I will say that I got comments from other much larger patients at the hospital. They kept saying "you don't look like you need this!" I kept thanking, "do I need to wait until I've got one foot in the grave like you before I do something?" Like most people I felt a lot of shame about my weight and this criticism wasn't easy to hear, but in hindsight IDGAF. I feel great, I look great, and I can enjoy the rest of my life without obesity ruining everything I want to do!
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    ttnurse reacted to FocusOnMeNow in NSV crossed over   
    It's official I have now crossed over from the plus/woman's world side of the store back to misses
    I am wearing a "L" top still "XL" pants but getting there. I know these are "good problems to have" or at least that's what everyone's telling me.
    So if I'm normal size does this mean I'm "normal" now? Well I still have about 40 lbs to goal but I haven't seen this size in a VERY long time. Not since 2002. Just thought I'd share so you post ops will know what's in store for you. And the answer to the question is "no" I'm not and never will be "normal" but I'm me. And a happier healthier version of me. And I'm more interesting than normal anyday
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    ttnurse reacted to BlueEyed4u in A Motorcyclist NSV   
    Can't wait to loose this extra weight to ride with my husband snd be more comfortable doing so. Heck, might even buy my own bike at that point.
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    ttnurse reacted to Ryan TN in A Motorcyclist NSV   
    I'm right there with ya. I am still a beginner, last year was my first year, so starting my 2nd year. I'm more confident on my bike after losing 100 lbs.
    Here's my baby.
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    ttnurse reacted to mngreeneyes in A Motorcyclist NSV   
    I am jealous. I missed riding all last summer because my dad needed his knees replaced and he is my driver. His knees are now fixed and I am down 70 lbs, but he won't give me a ride until I am down more than 100! He thinks that is motivating. I am hopeful that I will reach that 100+ lbs before the end of summer.
    Have fun!
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    ttnurse reacted to missricki in Pulling sensation   
    I'll be 2 weeks out this Wednesday and I totally have that same annoying pulling. It gets painful when I have been walking too long, or getting up from a sitting position to much. I wish this shit hurry up and heal! I'm Florida bound this Thursday and I aint got time for this.
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