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  1. Feeling discomfort but blessed that all went well... Amen.... As of me 5 Incision on my stomach they good. But be aware that After days pases it will be like sore but is not that bad you don't need to take pain killers.. I haven't... To Digest the food is sometimes hurtful is actually gases.. But hey is part of the whole journey... Iam very happy that I decided to do this.. Planning in going vegan why not.. I don't like meat on a regular basis.. IDK but that Iam changing it is... So things are going good.. Let me tell you I cook for my daughter that came down from Louisiana and it don't bother me... Is all in the head... Please be Stronger Than What Your Mind Tells You How You Feel...

    I'm stronger than that.... Well have a great day. Yes iam going by what the doctor said Iam very discipline in following orders... Have a blessed day

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  2. Surgery went well....Thanks for your prayers... Walking already

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    Wonderful for you !! Congratulations!! Get lots of rest and keep walking and using the breathing thingy.. I had a good day followed by a few rough days and then it got good again.. This apparently is common.. So stay strong .. I'm 9 days post op and as of Tuesday (1 week from the sleeve) I have felt human.. I'm at the salon now ????
    You go girl I feel you... Well I'm still in the hospital leaving tomorrow..... I've been walking drinking tea as we speak the gas are crazy but my daughter is bringing me GAS-X.... BUT OTHER THAN THAT NO PAIN..amen

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  3. I'm so grateful my surgeon doesn't believe in pre-op diets, lol. But yes, I was very relieved to have a 730 AM case, so I understand why you are so upset. I was a wreck for about a week prior and the night before I was at the point of acceptance of it. Still scared, still unsure of what was to come, but at least accepted it. I'll be praying for you :)

    thank you so Much Susan i just did my hair so im feeling better....im ready ..but is this diet girl smh ....thank you for your prayer

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  4. Good Morning Everyone im from NYC....Finally ....

    I was 232months ago....when i heard the doctor say u need the surgery to better your health i was concern..so did a few research...and here iam ..in the process i was trying to loose weight and so i did to 215. stood on that weight now since the 10days Liquid, iam down 196 as we speak...it hasn't been easy, but in life nothing is easy. So iam relax woke up so early but hey ...Drinking all the Water i cant now...i did pretty Good?what u guys think..

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    You did a great job , congratulations and good luck for tomorrow

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    Thanks still getting stronger each day ....tomorrow finally ...will i sleep?i hope so

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